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"Reflections of Terror"

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By abiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
"Reflections of Terror"
Photo by alex mihu on Unsplash

Alice had always been fascinated by the supernatural, and when she stumbled upon an old antique store in the heart of the city, she knew she had to go in. The store was filled with all kinds of strange and unusual objects, but it was the old mirror at the back of the room that caught her eye.

It was a large, oval-shaped mirror with an ornate, gold-leafed frame. It looked like it had been around for centuries, and Alice could see that the glass was slightly warped, as if it had been subjected to extreme heat. She felt drawn to it as if there was something inside the mirror that was calling out to her.

The shopkeeper noticed her staring at the mirror and walked over to her. "Ah, I see you've found our most prized possession," he said, a gleam in his eye. "This mirror is said to be haunted, you know. It's been passed down through generations of my family, and there are stories of strange things happening to those who look into it."

Alice was skeptical. She had heard stories like this before and didn't believe in the supernatural. But something about the mirror drew her in, and before she knew it, she had purchased it and was carrying it out of the store.

When she got home, Alice hung the mirror on the wall of her bedroom, admiring how it looked in the afternoon light. But as the day turned to night, Alice began to feel uneasy. She couldn't explain it, but she felt like she was being watched.

The feeling grew stronger as the night wore on, and when Alice looked into the mirror, she felt like there was something else there with her, something that was not of this world. She tried to shake the feeling off and went to bed, but she couldn't sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw strange figures lurking in the corners of her room.

The next morning, Alice woke up feeling exhausted. She looked in the mirror, and to her horror, she saw that her reflection wasn't quite right. It was as if she was looking at someone else, someone who looked just like her but was slightly off. Her reflection's eyes were darker, and her smile was twisted.

Alice tried to shake off the feeling of unease and went about her day, but things only got worse. She started seeing strange things out of the corner of her eye, and when she looked in the mirror, she saw that her reflection was moving on its own. It was as if it had a life of its own.

Over the next few days, Alice became more and more afraid. She started to see things in the mirror that she couldn't explain: strange figures moving in the darkness, whispers that seemed to be coming from the other side of the glass. And every time she looked in the mirror, her reflection looked more and more like a stranger.

Alice knew that something was wrong, but she didn't know what to do. She tried to ignore the mirror, but she couldn't stay away. She felt drawn to it as if it was calling out to her.

One night, as Alice was getting ready for bed, she heard a strange sound coming from the mirror. It was a low humming noise like something was vibrating on the other side of the glass. She approached the mirror cautiously, her heart racing.

As she looked into the mirror, the humming grew louder and louder, until it was almost deafening. And then, suddenly, the glass shattered.

Alice was thrown back as a wave of glass fragments flew toward her. When she looked up, the room was empty. But she knew that something had changed, that the world on the other side of the mirror had bled through into her own.

Over the next few days,


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