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Reflections of Terror

The Haunted Mirror That Opened a Gateway to Another World

By Shoaib NisarPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Samantha had always been fascinated with antique furniture. She spent her weekends browsing through local thrift stores and garage sales in search of hidden treasures. One day, she stumbled upon an old, ornate mirror that caught her eye. It was a beautiful piece, with intricate carvings and a sense of history that seemed to radiate from it. Without hesitation, Samantha bought the mirror and brought it home.

As soon as she hung the mirror in her bedroom, Samantha noticed something strange. When she looked into it, the reflection she saw was slightly distorted, as if there was a haze between her and the glass. She thought it was simply a quirk of the antique piece, but as time passed, things began to get even stranger.

One night, as Samantha was getting ready for bed, she caught a glimpse of movement in the reflection of the mirror. At first, she thought it was her imagination, but as she looked closer, she realized that there was something behind her in the reflection. A figure, shrouded in darkness, was standing just a few feet away from her.

Samantha spun around, but there was nothing there. She looked back at the mirror and saw only her own reflection staring back at her. She shook her head, convinced that she was just tired and seeing things. But as the days went by, the strange occurrences continued.

Every time Samantha looked into the mirror, she saw something different in the reflection. Sometimes it was just a flash of movement, other times it was a figure looming in the background. She started to feel like she was being watched, even when she was alone in the room.

Then, one day, Samantha realized that the mirror was revealing an alternate reality. The world she saw in the reflection was different from her own, but the differences were subtle at first. The colors were muted, the lighting was dimmer, and there was a sense of foreboding that hung in the air.

As the days passed, the alternate reality began to bleed into Samantha's world. The air in her bedroom became thicker, harder to breathe. Shadows seemed to linger longer, and objects shifted on their own. Samantha started hearing strange noises at night, whispers and shuffling that seemed to come from the mirror itself.

One night, as Samantha was brushing her teeth, she caught a glimpse of the alternate reality bleeding into her own. In the reflection of the mirror, she saw a figure, dark and menacing, standing behind her. She spun around, but there was no one there. When she looked back at the mirror, she saw the figure staring back at her, grinning.

Samantha knew then that she had to get rid of the mirror. She tried to take it down, but it wouldn't budge from the wall. She tried to cover it up, but the cloth she used simply fell to the floor. She was trapped in her own bedroom, with the alternate reality bleeding into her own, and there was nothing she could do.

As Samantha sat in front of the mirror, trembling with fear, she saw the figure step out of the reflection and into her world. It was as if the mirror had become a portal, a gateway to another world. And now, that world was spilling over into her own.

The figure reached out, and Samantha knew that it was going to take her. She closed her eyes, bracing for the worst, but when she opened them again, the mirror was gone. In its place was a blank wall, and Samantha was alone in her room.

She never found out what had happened to the mirror, or where the alternate reality had gone. But she knew that it was out there, waiting to be discovered by someone else. And she vowed never to go searching for antique furniture again.


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  • Grz Colm6 months ago

    Hey, thanks for sharing! 😊 I have read and hearted your piece. Good luck. 👍

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