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Reality Of Paranormal Games

by chandan chakraverty 2 months ago in supernatural
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People often do not take paranormal games seriously. Because they feel that there is no such thing as a ghost. Often the things that people do not understand. Or for which there is no explanation. People either skip it or postpone it. I hope today's story clears all your doubts.

If seen, paranormal game is not any kind of game that you took out mobile from pocket, connected internet and just start playing your game. Paranormal means beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding means things which are beyond the understanding of science. Therefore, before performing any paranormal game or ritual, one should understand its rules well and then proceed further in this type of game.

In fact, if seen, human nature is full of curiosity and this is also true, that is why we are so far ahead in today's time. In technology, in science, in clothes in everything, but due to this curiosity, we have to bear a lot of losses too.

Like nuclear and more recently a pandemic like covid which has put almost the whole earth in trouble. Now you take an example that there is no permanent solution to covid yet, this vaccine we are being given to you, this is just to strengthen your immune system so that covid does not worsen health quickly. We all know covid One is the result of curiosity.

Which is overwhelming almost everyone in today's time. Curiosity looks good up to a limit but it doesn't take long for curiosity to form nightmare. In the same way, it has been seen mostly in paranormal games that people in a hurry summon demons, devils and spirits through virtual paranormal games.

But many times, knowingly or unknowingly, some mistakes are made by them and the result of which the whole family has to suffer. Let me tell you an incident. I had a friend. I will not name him because it is a matter of privacy. That friend always used to ask me one thing that man, tell me one thing, are all these ghosts and demons are for real.

Because I was schooling at that time and I had never realized all these things, I casually told him that maybe! because I have been interested in all of them from the beginning.

So my friend told me back that man you always read something about all these things but you don't know be definite yes or no. Had to answer something, that's why I told him yes. My friend tells me how so I explained to him that if you believe in God then there are also demons. If you believe in the day, there is also night. If you believe in the light, then there is darkness too.

Everything in this world is connected to each other, just a medium and a source are needed. To connect with that thing. Maybe somewhere he was convinced by my words. From that day onward he did not show me even went home but I would return from outside. I went to his house just to see what happened that my friend met me for a long time, otherwise one day I reached his house. When the bell rang, aunt came out, I asked where is my friend, she did not even come to school for a long time and did not even meet me. Aunty's behavior seemed a bit strange because often aunt used to ask me to come inside as soon as she opened the door.

But today aunt avoided me by saying that hey son, his health is a bit bad, as soon as he gets better, he will come to you. It has been almost 2 months since I was seeing my friend. But one day suddenly I saw someone who seemed quite familiar. Stranger ask me in a extinguished voice, What happen Bro you Forgot me or what?

I had realized by now that this is none other than my friend. Thin lean body and a strange smell of filthy rotten flesh came from the mouth. There was a strange fear on his face, which I had never seen before. The hair was scattered as if I did not know how many nights my friend had not slept. He told me in an extinguished voice, man, let's drink something. I joined him and went to the shop and asked shopkeeper with two bottles of cold drink, that shopkeeper was staring at both of us as if he had seen a creature from another planet.

Well, after taking cold drink, we both sat holding a side table. And the conversation started, but still the smell of rotten flesh was coming from his mouth. I did not pay much attention, I asked what has happened to you bro. You were never like that, what happened? He told me.That after meeting you. I went to an internet cafe that night and I took out the most ancient method of summoning spirits from the internet, now my curiosity was awakened, I asked then he told me that he made only one mistake by using that method was summoning.

There was a method of summoning , but due to haste and time was over, he could not see the method of sending the spirits back. After saying this, he got up early and started leaving, I asked him that hey man, where are you going, sit for a while and tell the whole thing, then he said that bro, mom must be getting worried in the house, I should leave now but come home, you will get your answer.

I also had the curiosity to know because the 10+2 exams were done, so we had a lot of time but due to sickness, my friend could not sit in the exam. Well I had decided that I will help my friend in clearing the exam. So I reached his house the next day after having breakfast etc. This time the aunt opened the door and said come inside, son I went inside and sat on the nearby chair and asked the aunt

Where is my friend?

When the aunt saw the picture placed on her right, I also saw that the ground has slipped from under my feet because the picture was not of anyone else but of my friend who was garlanded(DEAD). I asked when this happened, aunt told that a month ago I thought to myself that how is this possible. We just sat down yesterday and enjoyed cold drinks. Not a word came out of my mouth and aunt said that son you know that the last thing he asked for you , maybe my friend wanted to meet me and tell something, now I understand that the shopkeeper and the rest of the people standing in the shop why they are staring at me ?

I finished my tea and quietly I left and from that day onward my friend never appeared back. But from that day onward my interest in all these paranormal studies, cursed object, paranormal games, cursed books increased 10 times. And perhaps this was the reason that I made the first Paranormal News Website in the country and the world. Well very soon I am going to make a series of paranormal games. But this is the request from all of you.Just enjoy the article, it will be better if you do not perform it.

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