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Quarantine Movies in the dark

by Deej S. 2 years ago in movie review
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These are movies I would not watch with my 10 year old but do you boo

Quarantine Movies in the dark
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We are in one heck of a messed up this situation. A pandemic right into a new year, hundreds of million people affected around the globe. From conspiracies to toilet paper hoarding, Tiger King, and the mess at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, what do we do next? Easy! You start by grabbing your kids' goldfishes because they are delicious, making a Quarantini ( the savages should be asleep by now), a toilet paper fort, and lots of pillows because, Honey, you are going to adult my way!

After making your snack bin, commandeering the 2019 Halloween candy, and entering your adult fort, it is time to party like you have no life. Seriously. No life. So I am here to give you some of the scariest movies I have watched in the dark to make you feel better about your circumstances. Grab the partner or scare the greatness into your spawn. Whatever! Just don't forget the snacks!

Starting at #5 we have Case 39

Case 39 Is an absolute suspense filling nightmare. Zellweger does a fantastic job being the compassionate sympathetic social worker who assumes custody of a little girl named Lillith. Soon Emily ( Zellweger) finds out why Lillith was rejected by her parents.

#4 Hostile

Set in the post-apocalyptic U.S Juliet must survive a night of terror. I am sure this has become a favorite of mine. So far in my file of "scary" movies, I can rate this as E for engaging because I did not want to stop watching. I watched this last night and I am not over the story line. There is nothing like a good moral in a story. Truly, I was not expecting the ending. It is a bittersweet-like horror that will make your partner reach over for your quarantini.

#3 The girl with all the Gifts

Yep! I am mentioning another apocalyptic movie. The movie is worth every minute of your time. This happens to be another original storyline I have yet to stumble across. I bit my lip the whole time I watched in wonder. Some quiet moments give your mind a rest. I found that in the silent pockets of this movie, I did some critical thinking on the "What-ifs". It is also worth mentioning that seeing Glenn Close in character was awesome to enjoy. I forget how talented the woman is. Watch it for Glenn close if you need an excuse. This movie is so darn good it has become a personal favorite.

#2 Hereditary

This movie gave me the creeps, the willies and I am almost sure is why we have a pandemic. I have to say I am not easily spooked but this movie calls for a quarantini-smudge party if you're brave enough to watch this at night. Get your homies on the phone, drink to the righteous and send the creepy energy out of your home and into the COVID19 air! Once you are done, All I have to ask is... do you have a few nightlights in your home?

Numero Uno already?!

Well, Do not be disappointed because it is one you have probably already seen but it is Paranormal Activity. What?? That movie sucked? tsk tsk

Katie: I feel it. I feel it breathing on me.

Ew. Let us think about this for a second. You can not see the threat but you can feel it. Sound Virusy enough for you to re-watch it in the dark? NO distractions! I can see why some of you would hurumph and probably want to take to the streets about my number one pick here but I must say that returning to this movie is a gem. This will always be the best of the saga, the cream of the crop. Watching Katie stare at her bf for hours just bothers me so much. The picture above the bed? ugh.

So there you have it peeps! A quarantine mess for the best! Come by next week and see what I may drop in the nest for you. I will be posting every Saturday night for now on. If you have any recommended movies you would like me to watch or review send me an email or follow me on Twitter @DloveDiana. Enjoy! xo

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