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Premonitory Dreams Vs. Regular Dreams

by kaley holmes 4 years ago in psychological
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And How We Can Further Interpret the Two

Where do I start?

I guess It all started when I was young. Dreaming... There are dreams that you feel awake, there are some that you suddenly wake up from because you feel like you're falling off of a cliff, to the nightmares, to the dreams that feel so real you can't tell the difference between real life and the dream itself, to the ones you can't run or punch anything when in a compromised position, to the ones that you know you're dreaming so you decide to be the bad ass you've always been but… slightly more dramatic I guess.

It wasn't until I started analyzing my dreams that it became so evident that they aren't just rare phenomenons. We can obviously all have our varying ideas and perspectives on what dreams are and further interpret them but this doesn't take away the fact that there is an inner working of something much deeper than just sleeping and waking up. Something crazy and beautiful happens in between the two.

I got so fascinated that I tried to dream more and more. More than just what the regular schedule of dreaming would exhibit each and every day when I went to sleep at night. I would try to mimic this experience and have more control over it through the practice of lucid dreaming or astral projecting. It seemed to only work for me when I wasn't trying although the whole overall study of It is very cool to me.

Except one time, it was a little scary. I had come home from a friend's place and was a little tired so I decided to camp out on the couch to take a quick nap. I laid on the couch and drifted away. It wasn't until I experienced being outside of my body and looking at myself sleeping on the couch that I wanted so badly to be back inside my body. I was terrified. Sounds like a cool experience but I could not for the life of me figure out how to get back into my body and I was right beside myself. From outside of my body I tapped myself and screamed in my own face to wake up myself up but it didn't work. I was screaming; “HOW DO I GET BACK IN?”

To the right of me was my body that had fallen asleep on the couch. Around me was my house and just above my head was the television I didn't want to stare into for too long because I strongly felt something around me and that I wasn't alone. The best way I can explain this experience is that my soul was outside of my body while my carcass was on the couch sleeping. I entered into a plane where unknown entities exist and this feeling that overwhelmed my soul at the time had me wanting to get back into my body as quickly as possible.

Your hear of so many people glorifying astral projection experiences as so fun and limitless. Except you never hear about how f*cking terrifying they can be. I was f*cking terrified, I will tell you that.

Although that experience was very unexpected and I was very inexperienced with my beliefs about the universe and how to ground my energy and protect myself, I wish It would happen now. My first experience I just told you about was about six years ago and I am in a much different place now than I was then. I fear much less now and that may have a huge impact on the overall experience. The fear I was feeling in that exact moment could have been projected fear of myself, me being scared of my own power revealing itself as fear in the unknown of what else is out there. All in all, I finally woke up in my body, in awe of what had just happened, still terrified but in awe. I sat there on the couch unable to get up for a few minutes just looking around the room for the energy revealing itself in the forms of what I had seen in movies before.. But nothing, guess where I went? Out f*cking side, real quick.

I have always been very sensitive to energy ever since I was young. I was scared to be in my house alone, but it wasn't just my house, it was any house. I felt like something more was there with me and I felt it everywhere I went. It was sometimes in the form of energy I felt like I could be potentially compromised by but a lot of the time it was a very subtle energy that just existed—it was just present observing. I couldn't see it but I often stared off into the hibis as if something was there, existing as raw energy.

I won't lie. It scared the sh*t out of me. I hated it. It happened everyday. I felt like I was not alone to the point where I would rather be outside closer to the houses around me then to be confined in my house with whatever it was. I felt safer around other people. I think I was predominantly so anxious that maybe, just maybe, the more I stared into the direction of the energy that it would reveal its true form but a part of me also knew it probably wouldn't do this around other people.

I would hide under my covers and even run from my bedroom door into my bed once I shut my lights off. Even now, 20-years-old, I am just starting to feel comfortable walking to my bed from turning the light off and feeling less compromised in the dark, in the basement and being home alone.

I would be lying if I said the unknown didn't scare me because it did. But you know what? It fascinates me now. I want this energy to reveal itself to me. I am open to the energy because it is around me for a reason. I can either help it or it can help me. I am a good person, overall, I would like to think. I am spiritual, I am kind, I am aware of karma, I am healing, why would something want to take over my body? It's the first thing that jumps into some of our minds because it is what is predominantly displayed in horror movies. This is also where you need to be careful though because similar to how there is light and dark, there is good and evil and often or not evil is attracted to the purest of souls so we must be mindful and ground ourselves especially when playing around with this kind of stuff. I truly believe I could potentially be a channel for these energies to move on from a place of purgatory or even help them reveal truths to other humans on Earth, similar to how a medium would.

It feels nice not being so scared anymore.

Now to directly touch on dreams and my experiences in and out of dreams:

I love dreaming, I love all the kinds and variations of dreams that I listed in the beginning of this post. Let me tell you that the more you can interpret your dreams the more you can understand yourself and your path, what is to happen, what the future has in store and what your current state is regarding your personal transformation and what not.

Some of the scariest dreams in the form of nightmares can actually mean huge breakthroughs in the material world; in our actual lives here on Earth.

So when you begin to see things this way, dreams are a huge “in.” An in to the inner workings of the interconnectedness of the universe.

I am going to share with you a few incidences where my dreams impacted my life drastically and I will first start off with defining and briefly explaining the nature of premonitory dreams.

Premonitory dreams are defined by dreams that often have a traumatic theme or nature. This isn't always the case but more often than not is. Another great way to identify premonitory dreams in contrast with regular dreams is by the intensity of your memory in correlation to these dreams. For example, if you wake up remembering the finest of details regarding that dream, it is most likely premonitory. These premonitory dreams are well known for predicting future events, while regular dreams are much more random and often depict what is primarily on our minds and in our subconscious.

The first premonitory dream I had was about a year ago. I had just read an article on the nature of premonitory dreams days previous to this dream. It was a fresh idea in my mind and at first I assumed the dream was just regular due to its dominating theme being death. I only thought it was regular and normal because I had just watched The Purge Movie a few days before and it had really emotionally messed with me. I am going to tell you about that dream now and how it manifested itself into my reality just a week after having it.

In the dream, I was in the mindset of it being very real. I wasn't aware in this dream that it was just a dream. It felt so real because my whole environment was exactly like it is in real life. I was walking home from work like I normally do every day in real life. I had just walked through the door of my house and I proceeded to the fridge like I normally do. I was grabbing some food when there was a knock on the door. I went to go answer it because everyone in my house was upstairs doing stuff. When I answered the door it was a woman letting me know that tonight was the annual Purge. I thanked her for letting me know and she started to walk away. I abruptly closed the door to go notify the rest of my family and create a game plan. As I attempted to close the door it just wouldn't shut properly. I slammed it over and over and the latch that fits into the door that firmly locks it just wouldn't go in; it was protruding out preventing it from locking until the latch itself actually broke off. I started to panic because... Well, isn't it obvious? My door was broken and The Purge was going to begin soon. Don't laugh. I don't quite know door forensics and terminology. However, I quickly opened the door to see if the woman was still there, she was and I told her my door was not closing properly and it wont lock because of this. I asked her if she could please have us stay at her house instead so we could hide out and be safe during The Purge. She said and I quote “Sorry but that is not how it works” and walked away. She knew our secret and I got the vibe that she would take advantage of that truth. I was then super panicked; my door isn't closing or locking, we were all probably going to die, and this random girl knows all about it. To talk about fine details, I remember exactly what she looked like, what season it was and how my family was replying; tiny details you don't often remember when it comes to regular dreams.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, The Purge, it is a movie based in the United States, not too far from non-fiction but is classified as fiction. The storyline is based on one night throughout the year that you can commit any crime, whether it be theft, arson, or murder and not be charged or persecuted. So basically for 24 hours you can literally “get away with murder.”

After the woman left refusing to help us, I tried and tried to fix the door and it just wouldn't work. I quickly ran upstairs to tell my family what had just happened and insisted we leave quickly and of course, no one took me seriously. My family insisted that everything was going to be okay even though our door wouldn't lock. All I could remember was trying to convince them to leave as I brainstormed a plan for us to survive and escape to safety. The sudden and brutal death was awaiting in my mind regarding what was going to happen later that night if we were to stay there and the dream finished.

The next morning, I woke up feeling this deep pit in my stomach and feeling so off. I assumed at the time that it was just a nightmare as a result of watching the movie just weeks ago. Little did I know it would come true.

Considering the article I read regarding premonitory dreams just a few days prior, I had considered this to be the case but my imagination didn't wander any farther than a Purge happening which seemed too far fetched that I did not allow that thought to exist for long. This dream happened around the same time Donald Trump was elected for President so The Purge being a real thing was actually not as far fetched as I thought considering presidency was in his hands but still, being realistic with myself, I decided to classify it as a regular nightmare. Until….

About two to three weeks later, I was with someone very close to me. I had just come home from work, grabbed some food, and went about my regular routine. It wasn't until later that night that I had to call an ambulance and this person very close to me had to go to the hospital. I, of course, went with them and as I was locking up their house… Guess what? The door latch fell off and I couldn't properly lock the door. I was struggling to fit the latch back into lock the door as I didn't know when they would be back and didn't just want to leave it unlocked. I was so stressed because the ambulance was waiting for me. After minutes of struggling, I finally fit the latch back in. However, this person almost died that night and stopped breathing midway through the night. It all started to make sense. This was a premonitory dream. Every single detail that seemed to be so miniscule at the time started to become some of the most significant details of the story.

This is where decoding dreams becomes a real talent. I told everyone about this dream even before it came true because it was so different and so real in such a different and obscure way. It was one of those dreams that to this day I can explain in detail. It will never leave me. The universe was trying to warn me. My initial instincts had me evaluating this dream with a very small mind. I took The Purge idea, combined it with the fact Donald Trump had just been elected, and naively assumed there was soon going to be a Purge resulting in lots of death. However, the more advanced you can get with interpreting these dreams, you may have a better chance at deciphering the hidden truths within them before they actually play out which is super cool!

The Universe revealed a new aspect of itself to me: The power and truths behind our dreams.

This blog post is going to lead into the study of the energetic parasites of Succubi and Incubi which can steal your energy in your dreams often in the form of sexual acts. These feminine and masculine parasites present themselves are pure energy in the forms of people we can trust but really are putting up a facade. If we are aware of this, we will often wake up feeling very depleted and lacking energy. This has happened to me multiple times and once the parasite actually revealed its true nature to me, and I want to share my experiences with you so you can remain aware and conscious in your dreams. Some of us are more susceptible than others. Stay tuned for my post on...

What is Succubi and Incubi?

How to interpret if your energy is being taken from you in your dreams.

Upcoming Blog Post - What is Succubi and Incubi?

Feminine Succubi demonic energy sleeping with a man in his dreams to extend her lifespan.


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My goal is to add value to your lives & to empower you with knowledge, things that I have learnt & discovered and most of it will probably be Holistic & natural.

I am a small business owner & life enthusiast.

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