Payne of the Bites (Pt. 5)

From the Payne of the Bite: Short Story Series

Payne of the Bites (Pt. 5)

“Deep within the underground lab facility every known staff and assistant which had embarked on a scientific discovery towards warfare, now faced destruction and extreme danger. Originally thought as a string to the theory of evolution, the test subject designed to mimic the highly trained assassin John Wick, now went entirely rogue among the lab. Slaughtering dozens of armed soldiers occupying the lab, the higher-ups of the facility chose to lock the entire underground laboratory down within hours of the attack. No one understood why the bio weapon specimen decided to turn on its creators, except the higher-ups.”

Francis began stumbling towards the ledge of the hospital. With bullet holes and blood covering his chest, Zoey could not understand what was happening. Madness began transpiring in Zoey's mind. Yet again losing another team member to whatever entity entered the universe since the outbreak started. On the roof of the Mercy Hospital, a frozen breeze overcame them. After shooting Francis for almost strangling the unfortunate addict, Zoey watched as the bleeding biker stumbled off the ledge of the rooftop. Returning to the military "comms," there had been no signal; any trace of hope had been left in the cold. Zoey's past still haunted her. The pill addiction she recounted while taking pain relievers on her trip through the walker apocalypse relapsed her pour soul. Quite a few notches back actually. Life for Zoey wasn't always as bleak however. She had been a world swimming champion for her college. For it not being her uncalculated timing, the injury Zoey sustained would have never introduced her to the pain reliever medication. This setback forced her out of the water, and eventually out of school.

Months went by before she managed to sober up and recover. The possessed Francis managed to bring those memories up to the surface before dying, while Zoey realized she needed something to take away the pain. Somehow, Francis managed to wake up on the floor outside the hospital moments after falling to his supposed death, bullet holes still riddled the bikers jacket, and through his chest. Dazed and confused Francis began walking around the city streets to find a way to shelter. The moon above Francis oozed a red aura. The floor around the biker had smoke engulfed and seemed darker than usual. A mile out, a figure stood silent, watching Francis stumble around in confusion. It was the masked welding figure waiting for his turn at revenge. Francis was more than ready for any type of confrontation. Wondering where all the dead walkers went, only the red pale moon, the biker, and the masked figure stood out. Without a moment's notice, another masked figure, this time seeming as though it was a female, stabbed Francis in the back several times with a small switch blade. The other masked figure ran towards Francis, with a quick elbow to the female killers face, Francis tried to run off. It was this place that the biker’s flaws and tribulations met to a head. Never would Francis think he would be running for his life by real knife wielding killers. Corned and outmatched, Francis tried pleading with two masked figures.

But there was no response. Only the sound of footsteps inching closer to the biker could be heard. A third figure with a completely different mask came from behind the chain link fence Francis had been leaning on and made the last strike to the abdomen. A dark, rusted meat hook began forming from within the mist. The meat hook glowed an orange glow, and hummed a strange sound. The first mask figure who had stalked Francis all this time left the biker up and motioned toward the rusted glowing hook. As the hook wrapped it’s sharp edges through Francis chest the suffering wouldn’t end here. For three more hooks formed around the biker and stabbed Francis through and through. As the biker hollered and bleed out the rusted meat hook began sinking into the floor taking Francis back to the hellish place it once originated from. As Zoey passes out on the Mercy Hospital rooftop the image of a tall woman in a bunny mask reappears in and out of Zoey’s eyes. It seemed as though the dehydration and the over medication of pain pills began tugging at the former swimmer turned addicts brain. This tall woman not only wore a bunny mask, she wielded a bloody axe also. The fate of Zoey has only just begun…

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