Payne of the Bites (Pt. 4)

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"The last thing Louis remembered seeing before fading into the dark abyss was the smokiness to Francis eyes."

Payne of the Bites (Pt. 4)

“The lab assistant from deep underground finally sparked a brainstorm within herself equal to the theory of evolution. On the other hand, the lab assistant’s boss became constantly being judged by the higher ups on their latest scientific findings. It seems the company this underground science facility was designed for had strategic goals in mind for it’s specialization in bio warfare. The successor to the hitman Agent 47, and the highly trained assassin John Wick finally reached completion. Global satellites had captured glimpses of a strange being wondering the southern borders of Mexico. It seemed as if fire and wind helped create this being out of the earth and wood. The elemental being took upon the transformation of a wolf and ran off in a swift hurry. With this being on the move now, the lab assistant’s epiphany had been to acquire this new shape shifter specimen with the new bio weapon they finally finished creating. Locking in on their elemental target using the satellites new signature, the outbreak would not keep their next science experiment from succeeding.”

Waking up from his short-lived nap, Louis and the rest of the survivors reached their new destination. In pale off-white lettering, the neon colors of the Mercy Hospital sign filled the night skies. The grey mini van took the group where it needed to take them. The moans of the dead still filled the ambiance. The cold was stale, bringing no warmth to anything inhabiting it. Francis was still shaken up from the last encounter he had with Bill before leaving him behind. Zoey had hardened up as well after the events back at the Blood Harvest Cabin. With all the remaining survivor's ammo and rations accounted for, the group headed into the hospital for any other survivors and supplies. Off in the distance, Francis closed in a dark figure who seemed to be watching the group from the rooftop. The figure hunched forward and waved at the biker in the hopes of a warm response. Zoey bumped into Francis cautiously, as if she had been speaking to him for some time.

When Francis snapped out of his deep thought on what he just saw, the awkward silence was all that remained. Louis played little attention to Zoey and Francis as a constant reminder of past memories filled the white collared veterans head. As the group used sharp blunted objects to silently fight their way through the floors of Mercy Hospital, the eerier feeling of Francis still being watched began creeping over the biker. As the group happened to split up to search the floor they were on for supplies, Louis managed to find a medicine cabinet. But when Louis closed the cabinet mirror off of its reflection was a tall woman dressed in a nurse outfit to the hospital. She was covered in scars and bruises, the blood on her bone saw still fresh somehow. The nurse lunged forward to attack, but to Louis's shock and awe as he turned around, it was Francis who began stabbing Louis instead. Louis had shot off a shot from his Glock Nine, which attracted some walkers. The only thing Louis remembered seeing before fading into his dark abyss was the pale smokiness of Francis's eyes. As if being possessed by another entity, the man in front of Louis was no longer Francis. As the deranged biker ran back to find Zoey, who was now helpless and alone, the door in back of Francis in which he had left Louis behind, banged back and forth with a fierce rage.

As Francis and Zoey managed to find an elevator to the top floor of the Mercy hospital and escape the walking corpses infesting the bottom hospital floors. The hopes of finding a radio signal to a chopper of sorts would find an end to the remaining horrors. As Zoey walked out of the elevator to search for the radio, Francis could see through the reflection off the metal to the elevator. It appeared to be a masked welding figure when showing Francis's reflection back to him. Louis managed to wake up from his nightmares, or so he thought. The pale grey van parked outside the Mercy Hospital with Louis still in it. But this time, the entire parking lot seemed empty, no sign of Francis or Zoey. As Louis began loading up his Glock Nine, a dark smoke began filling the hallways of the hospital. A humming from someone is all Louis heard. Louis began to question the humming, and then there was silence, no response. All of a sudden, a ghostly figure phased through the wall to attack the white collared veteran. The ghostly figure was the same blood covered nurse Louis helplessly thought he'd escaped. Louis received no mercy that fateful night; it seems the past indiscretions of his childhood fully manifest in the dimension Louis encumbered now, and it would never let him leave unharmed.

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