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Payne of the Bite Saga (Pt.7)

by LUiS Thompson 11 months ago in supernatural

Inspired by the Dead by Daylight & Left 4 Dead Video Games

"Load up, we're headed out in five." - Frankie Delimo

Leon eventually would pursue justice and fix the wrongs made in the past, becoming an officer of the law. As a youth, Leon was fairly impressionable and it wasn’t until the catalyst of Leon’s sister getting killed in a violent interracial retaliation that his complete life changed around. For redemption, Leon moved away from the white supremacy movement after his sister’s death and became a police officer full time in another state.

Right before the commercial bus crash, Officer Leon Graystone noticed something strange with a passenger sitting in the back of the bus who seemed uneasy. The observation continued towards the strange acting passenger in the back of the commercial bus. “Did anyone see anything?” said the police officer. All the passengers looked completely clueless. Leon noticed the stranger appeared like an old soccer player possibly retired now, still living out his youthful years, sporting a professional tracksuit with sponsor logos ironed on the back and sides. Officer Leon could see strange blackened veins all over the neck of the senior citizen dressed in professional soccer attire. To Officer Leon, this passenger seemed as if he was infected with something. The old soccer player kept pacing and moving back and forth in the back isles. Every other passenger seated began taking notice of the peculiar action.

Talking to himself on the commercial bus there would be periodic moments that the strange senior citizen dressed in professional soccer attire would stop moving and micro nap standing up. As a phone rings and goes off the infected senior citizen awakens and begins attacking others onboard; as if the ringing alerted a hidden reaction in his nerve endings. The strange acting passenger seemed to begin to self destruct around everyone on the commercial bus that day. The Dark-shadow seeking the magical trial items makes the presence slightly known to Leon, for a Haunter was taking over the senior citizen's body. In these moments of communication with the Dark-shadow, Officer Leon was able to be guided and shielded from any pending harm occurring in the commercial bus crash but the powers from the Dark-shadows magical items. The collision of the commercial bus appeared to happen so slowly when in reality it was over and done within a split second in Officer Leon’s eyes. It wasn’t until all this commotion ended that Officer Leon knew there was most likely an abundance more left to occur in the near future regarding the strange infected senior citizen.

Frankie Delimo - The third member to make it out of the commercial bus crash that day was a middle-aged man named Frankie Delimo. He appeared to have short curly black hair and a beard, a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and a designer fanny pack of medical supplies over his shoulder. Coming from a rich family from California it was Frankie’s pre-chosen destiny to become a world surgeon similar to other members in his family. Even though it was very true that it came naturally for Frankie to understand medicine and healing, pursuing it as a career wasn’t the dream goal in mind. Frankie even had the talent. But ultimately, Frankie Delimo instead intended on saving lives another way. In the beginning, when Frankie signed up for the firefighter academy Frankie did so with focused intentions. For many years Frankie trained as a firefighter, saving countless families and making a family unit in his department.

It wasn’t until learning that a few family members had perished in the twin tower bombings in 2001 that Frankie decided to serve in Iraq towards the War on Terror as an Army Medic but this time, did so with clouded intentions.

Copyright © 2020 Aaron Luis Vega


LUiS Thompson

I am also the CEO of Vegaaman Designs LLC founded in 2017. Since then I've been writing to make a foundation for my legacy, and for the writing community world wide.

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