Passages is The Walking Dead Mini-Series You Need to Watch

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The Companion series to Fear The Walking Dead will give fans their zombie fill while the other shows are on hiatus.

Passages is The Walking Dead Mini-Series You Need to Watch

Around this time every year, fans of The Walking Dead are disappointed to find that their favorite zombie filled television series is on hiatus until October. And even for fans of the series who are waiting expectantly for Season 3 of its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, there's still a bit of time to wait so that leaves us without any zombie filled fun for a few months. There is however, a companion series to Fear The Walking Dead that'll quill your appetites until FWTD returns later this summer.

For those of us who watch premiere episodes of The Walking Dead on the AMC network, we know that Season 7 featured a number of short videos called "Passages" during its commercial breaks. In these short videos, we get to see a completely new story-line, spun off Fear The Walking Dead, not The Walking Dead.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Where Does Passages Stand in 'The Walking Dead' Universe?

The Passages series isn't directly connected to the FTWD story but elements of it are actively present on Passages. The series stands well on its own and may even constitute a follow up if enough fans of The Walking Dead chime in. And for those of you who seem skeptical about another Walking Dead series, Passages surely won't disappoint like FTWD did for some.

When FTWD premiered, die-hard fans of The Walking Dead weren't too keen on FTWD but Passages is one companion series that any fan of The Walking Dead can get behind, mainly for its unique story and well developed characters in a 15 minute time span.

Still, if you don't want to take my word for it, here's a recap of the Passages mini-series so you can decide for yourself if it's worth investing your time in.

Part 1 -

In the first episode, we're introduced to Sierra, a lone survivor who appears to be making her way through a military outpost that has been overrun by walkers. Our first glimpses of Sierra are her in a decontamination suit while she sneaks through wandering walkers. The end of Episode 1 finds Sierra face to face with Gabi, another survivor she finds wandering around the abandoned military outpost.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 2-

When Episode 2 begins, Sierra is trying to get rid of Gabi but she's persistent in trying to get Sierra to take her along. Sierra's on a mission to get out of the zombie wasteland and doesn't need any additional baggage but decides on taking Gabi along anyway.

Part 3-

Episode 3 depicts Sierra and Gabi starting their journey together. They decide on travelling together for its mutual benefit after Gabi lets Sierra in on a tunnel that would give them a route out of the overrun military zones. After a brief walk they come across a construction site where Gabi's secret tunnel is located. The episode ends shortly after.

Part 4-

As Episode 4 begins, Gabi is forced to confront a walker tied to a truck. Sierra goads her on to kill the walker but Gabi hesitates. Luckily, Gabi's boyfriend Colton shows up just in time to put a bullet in the chained walker's head. Gabi then introduces Colton to her new friend Sierra, who immediately seem skeptical of one another.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 5 -

When Episode 5 starts up, Gabi and Colton are leading Sierra to the location of the underground tunnel. But before they get into the tunnel, Colton stops Sierra. He tells Sierra that he can't let her in for fear of letting other people know of the tunnel so Colton attempts to kill Sierra. Fortunately, Sierra is a bit more savvy then Colton believes she is and she's able to subdue him, escaping down the down immediately after.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 6-

Episode 6 begins with Sierra trying to convince Gabi that her psycho ex-boyfriend just tried to kill her. Gabi seems skeptical at this revelation and doesn't know what to do until Sierra accidentally trips a booby trap and releases a landslide of rocks down on Gabi. She isn't dead but the episode ends with Gabi under a pile of rubble.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 7 -

The beginning of Episode 7 depicts the aftermath of the trap set by Colton. He attempted to place a tripwire in the tunnel to prevent other people from using it but Colton didn't count on someone like Sierra tripping it by accident. The result leaves Gabi gasping to get free and Colton trying to keep Sierra from going further into the tunnel.

Part 8 -

When Episode 8 starts up, Sierra can be seen trying to hide from Colton and his cohorts who inhabit the tunnels she's in. To hid, Sierra gets into an old mining car but it's not a smart decision. It isn't until after she's in the cart that Sierra realizes she's not alone because there's a walker in the cart with her.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 9 -

Episode 9 begins from a different perspective. We get to see Gabi attempting to pry the truth from Colton who's actively hiding something from her. When she hears Colton lying to one of the other survivors within the tunnel, it's the last straw for Gabi and she pulls a knife on him.

Part 10 -

As Episode 10 begins, the scene starts off on an ambiguous note. The first glimpses are of a rolling mining cart which the tunnel survivors are quick to inspect. Upon inspection, one of them unfortunately finds the walker that Sierra was fighting and Sierra subdues the other. The scene then switches back to Gabi who's busy confronting Colton over his past indiscretions.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 11 -

Episode 11 picks up shortly after Gabi has her knife pointed at Colton, who doesn't seem phased by the knife at all. He then tackles Gabi to the ground and the two tussle for a few moments before Colton pulls his gun out. Colton is about to shoot when he gets a pleasant surprise from behind.

Part 12-

As Episode 12 starts up, we get to see Colton being restrained by Sierra who is having a difficult time holding him back from shooting Gabi at point-blank range. Colton then drops the gun and almost gets a hold of it again when to everyone's surprise, Gabi stabs him mid-center in the chest with a knife, fatally wounding Colton. He isn't dead right there and then but Colton's death is all but guaranteed.

'Fear The Walking Dead-Passages' [Credit: AMC]

Part 13 -

As the last episode begins, Gabi and Sierra are making their way out of the tunnel when Gabi is almost bit by one of the walkers sitting at the entrance of the tunnel. Luckily, Gabi snakes by without getting bit and she gets out of the tunnel safely. Upon emerging from the tunnel, Gabi and Sierra rejoice in their victory.

Will We See More Of Sierra And Gabi On 'Fear The Walking Dead'?

As for where this story might go next, if anywhere, there's definitely a possibility that Gabi and Sierra will meet up with the Clarks in Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. We've already seen the crew from the Flight 462 series making appearances on FTWD so an appearance by Sierra or Gabi wouldn't be preposterous to consider.

'Fear The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

On top of that, Sierra presents the perfect candidate to be the next long-time survivor, mainly because she's proved that she is adapt at surviving in the post-apocalypse so she'd definitely make a formidable ally for the Clarks. Although, looking at how the Flight 462 crew went down, there's a good chance Sierra and Gabi will be met with skepticism, leading to one or both of them being abruptly struck down by someone or something.

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