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Paranormal Harassment: Unexplained Events

by Valerie Martinez 2 years ago
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The minor events that took place

After "The Orb" and "Actual Footage", incidents, strange things started happening inside and outside of the house. The paranormal activity events that I'm about to explain took place between December 2011 and February 2013. This is a true story of what happened to my family and I while we were being harrassed by something unknown….


"Mom, please stay on the phone with me until they stop barking!"

Those were my exact words when I called my mom that afternoon, scared as hell. I was holding my baby singing and dancing, and I heard dogs barking and growling at my back door. It sounded like several dogs.

To give you an idea of where we lived…. There were 2 houses side by side (our neighbors were my husband's cousins and their son), and a small trailer behind the houses, where an older couple resided. Across the street was a palm tree field with hundreds of palm trees. To the right an open field where farmers were growing squash. To the left, an open field that went on for about a mile. Behind us palm trees and more open fields. We lived in the middle of farm lands, in the middle of nowhere.

So the reason I'm freaking out: None of us had dogs. I started walking to the back door and saw a figure run passed the kitchen window. The curtains were closed so all I saw was it's silhouette. I felt overwhelmed with fear and turned around to grab my phone. Then the figure ran passed the living room window followed by another figure running past the kitchen window again. It was like they were running around my house. My windows where pretty high, so I knew for sure that they were not dogs because their silhouette was taller than the top of the window. Holding my baby, I grabbed my phone and called my mom who lived in New Mexico and cried for her to please stay on the phone with me because I was so scared. After about 10 min of the barking, growling sounds and black silhouettes running past my windows, everything stopped. It was quiet and peaceful. A few seconds passed and a knock at my front door made me scream. It was my husband getting back home from the store. I told my mom I'd call her back and cried as I told him what happened. His excitement and imagination made him curious. I wanted to know what it was, what did they want and why us?


"Oh my god, there's a family standing in the backyard! But they have heads like foxes."

That's exactly what I saw in our backyard. It was dark out but with the outside light shining.. There stood a woman, a man, and two small children with human bodies, but they had fox heads and faces. I immediately closed the curtains and ran to my room and laid with my baby. I didn't want to look out the window again.


"I can't take a fucken shower cuz when I touch the water it fucken shocks me!"

Literally. Like an electrical shock. But for some odd reason it was only the bathtub water that would do that. The water from every other water dispenser was fine. That went on for a few weeks. I had taken sponge baths and the baby had a portable baby tub so we got clean in the kitchen.

But, It wasn't only the water that electrically shocked me. One day, I was in my closet grabbing clothes for work and as I reached to grab a shirt that was hanging, something shocked my hand in mid air that sent like an electrical current through my whole body. I walked out slowly and I decided to wear something else that wasn't hanging. I was afraid to go in my closet after that.

Another shocking moment that happened often, was a weird feeling of shock in my stomach when I would lay down or sit up sometimes. It always happened when I put my elbow down first then scoot my body to a comfortable position to sleep.

Now, I can't explain the shocking water or why I felt electricity in my closet, but I went to the Dr. after missing my period for 1 month and it turned out I wasnt 6 weeks pregnant like I'd thought. I had only missed one period.

At the ultrasound appointment, I starting bawling hardcore! There was a fully developed baby. Well, i could see his legs, arms, etc…

"Well, you are 20 weeks pregnant." Dr. said.

"Huh?". I was confused.

"Yup. Would you like to know the gender?". Dr. asked.

"Huh?" I couldn't say anything else even if i tried.

"Hmmm. Possibly a girl? But most likely a boy! Congratulations. ". Dr. says so calmly with a smile.

"Huh?" I shook my head a bit to see if maybe something would happen but it was true…. I had just went in 2 days before to confirm my at home pregnancy test and I was 20 weeks pregnant…. I was already half way to giving birth and I had my oldest 6 months before that. My kids are 10 ½ months apart.


"What the hell, there's only one kitten left."

We had two cats, male and female who had a lot of kittens. I despised cats after my kids were born. I didn't want them anywhere near my kids so I put them all outside in the backyard. A few weeks later we hear this loud crash hit the wall outside of our house. Like something really strong was banging against it. Then a loud screeching noise. Like when cats are fighting. We went outside but it was too dark to see anything. After about a week, the cats and all the kittens were missing… except one kitten which we put inside and didn't let him out ever.


"Hurry, hurry run! Go check on them!"

On multiple occasions we would be relaxing at night. Kids would be in our bed sleeping. We would sit in the bedroom at the other end .of the house in front of the kitchen. We'd talk about how our own days went and I'd usually be having a drink to relax me. All of a sudden we would hear a horrific screaming from a baby. The scream was so loud and it was a scream that wasn't an, 'i'm hungry' or even when one of my babys had gas, he wouldn't scream like that. It was like a scream of death. I could feel my heart drop and the adrenaline from my own fear made it seem like i flew to the bedroom to check on babies. Id open my bedroom door and the screaming stopped….. Both babies were sleeping. There were no signs of tears, their diapers were dry, and they were both still snuggly tucked in from when i had put them to bed a couple of hours earlier. My husband behind me was still panicking, " oh my god! Are they ok?", he asked.

I'd whisper with a finger on my mouth, "shhh…. They're sleeping."

I'd lay with them and just watch them breathe until I fell asleep.

To be continued…..

About the author

Valerie Martinez

I feel like I have more thoughts then most people. I like writing because im good at it. Ive been writing poetry since I was 13 and short stories since I was 28. I like writing dark stories that have beautiful enlightened endings.

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