Paranormal Experiences

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Part 3

Paranormal Experiences
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Sleep paralysis is something that, unfortunately, everybody will experience at least once in their lives. Whether it be auditory or visual, it’s a traumatic experience that occurs when the brain is awake, and the body has not yet caught up. This is when the individual vessel is at its most vulnerable. This means that spirits and other maliciously fueled entities are most able to take the body from the soul.

All names in these stories have been changed for anonymity purposes. Nothing has been altered or dramatized. If you have had any traumatic experiences due to sleep paralysis, please read with caution. These stories have been written with the utmost respect for the individuals these experiences belong to.

1 – Faces in the Walls

Before me and my family moved into the house we currently reside in, we used to live with my grandparents while we were prepping for our current home. My grandparents live in a large, old, four story home, which is where I have experienced a few things (of which I’ll share another time). My parents had the largest room, with my brother who was 2 years old (at most) at the time, my grandparents had (what is now) the spare bedroom, and I… I had the bedroom in the attic. Of course, this was just asking for something to happen, and indeed it did. I’ve only ever experienced sleep paralysis once in my life, but this is what went down.

Even though I was only 5 or 6 at the time, it scarred me to the point of searing itself into my brain, past the point of the ability to forget. I awoke at the ungodly hours in the morning, to strange muffled noises. In an attempt to find the source of the noise, I turned from my original position to face the wall, which is when I saw them. It was like the wallpaper was being stretched by these… faces trying to escape from the walls. They had no bodies but hands that were grabbing and stretching from the walls with them. Thankfully for me, they were restricted enough for me to bolt down those attic stairs and into my parents’ room at the time. I remember it took me a long time to fall asleep as I curled up on the floor next to my brother’s cot, as the guttural groans of the faces in the walls haunted me. (I remember then, only a couple of years ago, The Pact came out and reminded me of this horrific ordeal that night.)

2 – The Man in the Duct Tape Mask.

Somebody close to me, lets call them Charlie, confided in me within the past twelve about their bone chilling experience of sleep paralysis. They told me, that even though the demonic figure they saw only appeared before them once, they could never forget it, as it causes them embarrassment, as if he’s laughing at them because he knows he’s gotten to them. This is what Charlie told me they saw that fateful night:

They had awoken in the wee hours of the morning for unknown reasons when they were faced with a terrifying sight, right by their bed where they would have been getting out of in the morning. Charlie recalls this figure just leaning over them, breathing heavily, so heavily in fact, it was almost a growl that this thing was emitting; almost as if it were building up to tell them something. That was when Charlie realized what this foul entity looked like. The skeletal creature was unreasonably tall, between seven or eight feet, and it’s needle like teeth were protruding from its unnaturally large, lipless mouth. The duct tape that engulfed its entire body hid most of its eyes, but if one were to see it, you would be able to tell that they were there, if you weren’t distracted by it’s incredibly long fingers, with even longer nails upon each tip. Charlie told me that they felt threatened, as if the creature was about to do something to them at any given moment. It was like he was warning them of something, but not in the good way – maybe like it was warning them of its next actions? The way that this thing enjoyed Charlie’s psychological pain in that moment confirmed that this entity was nothing but malicious, especially when he never moved. He just stayed there, hovering over them, watching…

Charlie told me that they couldn’t remember the thing leaving, as they were completely frozen in fear, paralyzed into one position. They just remember waking up the next morning in the exact same position and he was just gone. Even though he had only shown himself to Charlie the once, they admitted that they still feel his presence every couple of months, and the threat he inaudibly made that night still lingers in their mind to this day…

3 – The Cross.

So, another person very close to me, Mike, sparked up a conversation about sleep paralysis not so long ago, and I freaked him out a little by telling him I’d read up on the statistics on sleep paralysis; every single person on this planet will experience it at least once in their life time. He laughed awkwardly and said he wasn’t looking forward to when he was going to experience it.

Not long after, Mike came to me and told me that he’d had his experience not long after our talk about it. I asked him if he was okay with sharing the story with me, so I could in turn share the story with my readers, which he accepted to. He opened up to me with this horrific, and rather unusual experience: -

Mike awoke in the middle of the night to see a man in the middle of his room. He couldn’t move, nor talk, but could see this figure perfectly. He was in all dark clothing, dark trousers, top and a hooded jacket. Mike couldn’t see the feet of this man; it was as if this thing’s feet had sunk through the bedroom floor. What made this figure unusual wasn’t the skin in his face that looked melted and distorted. It wasn’t the dark, dark eyes in his sockets. It wasn’t even the muffled garbles coming from his mouth – the ‘melted’ skin making his words unintelligible. No, it was the fact that this almost human thing in the middle of Mike’s room... It was wearing a silver cross around its neck. Mike felt fear, yes, but also irritation, anger, even. Was it because he couldn’t understand the words spoken to him? Was it because of this gut feeling that those words were a warning? Mike couldn’t tell. The thing never really moved, except for when he slowly descended through the bedroom floor and out of sight. Mike didn’t really know how to take the visit, or the grumbled message that was attempted to be delivered that night, but what he did know is that the experience hasn’t left his mind since.

I’ve never known a paralysis demon attempt to deliver a message, let alone wear a symbol of a religious deity around its neck, which makes this case particularly disturbing for me, as well as anyone who has heard it. It raises the question: Was it a demon, or something different altogether?

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