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Paint the Roses Red

by Kira Lydia G. 3 years ago in fiction
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Mature Horror (18+)

Layla stood outside staring at the red roses, the medical examiners and police inside doing their jobs. Blood everywhere, even covering the grounds... this brunette stood wrapped in a blanket as the shock had her frozen... the blood dripping from her hair and clothes...

...24 Hours Earlier...

It was a beautiful, breezy Autumn day, and Layla was with some friends. The four girls were trying to plan something out for the evening until one found out about an escape house.

"Oh my gosh! We should get a few more people for this Killer themed Escape House, but it's called "Paint the Roses Red." It has a few really good reviews, super scary looking too. A few Red Queen paintings in the main rooms..." Mila said as she showed them the photos on her pink and gray iPhone.

Mila and Layla were game from the images alone, but they always agreed on stuff like this, the others hesitated a bit as they asked a few other friends who might show via text. It was still early and more of their group agreed, so Mila set the reservation for the night. They all went to change into clothes they could get dirty, but they would each be picked up outside each of their residences by a quite nice looking black haired man an hour before they were supposed to be at the address.

"Sorry, we didn't set up for a ride there..." Mila said as she checked her phone. She jumped and tried to run the second she noticed he had stuck Layla with a needle that almost instantly knocked her out. Mila didn't get far before he grabbed her and she was out quickly.

Mel and Kay were in the van already, so the four woke tied and bound with a couple of the others and Layla and Mila, all tied and gagged on the long bumpy ride. They all tried to reach for their phones, but those were on the dash of the van. All the friends did their best to make eye contact, especially the two that were crying and screaming.

"It'll all right, this is just part of the game. If you all remain calm you won't actually be harmed." He told them, and Kay managed to get up, lunging against the screen separating them and their phones. As she fell back on her friends, they managed to catch her and a few got their gags off, screaming and trying to make a lot of noise to get help. Layla knew this wasn't normal, and tried to get her friends to stop, trying to heed the warning they were just given.

Soon the van stopped and the man opened the doors to show them the desolate area surrounding the house, which was beautiful for an old house. A large farmhouse lit well from within, the clean red paint and dark roof surrounded by white and red rosebushes. A large older man came out and left the door open, taking the now bagged phone from the younger raven haired man. They began grabbing the girls in two and walking them inside, the two guys who had come with them were left until last. The girls stood in a room watching through the window as the men went out and took the two guys somewhere else. The younger guy came up to sit the girls down, and un-gagged those who hadn't managed already.

"Alright ladies, stay in here for just a moment then we'll tell you the rules together. I'm Phil, the older man is Frank." He said before screams would be heard from downstairs, the guys had screamed in agony. Mila stood.

"What are you doing to them?!" She screamed as the others panicked. Phil simply sat her down and moved to tie all of them to their chairs, and together, except Kay, and one of the others who fell to the floor, trying to get away.

The man called Frank came up, the overalls and light flannel he wore stained with a bit of blood splatter. Kay squealed as Phil picked her up. She and the other were picked up and untied, but they ran to the front door to find it locked with a padlock and two combo locks.

"Now you all have to work for clues aside from the two that you'll find downstairs with your male friends. Do not break any windows or the house will fill with a poison gas that will kill everyone else. If more than one window is broken at a time, the house is rigged to explode. If we catch any of you or take you for a clue, you will not be killed, just injured. Your two male friends are the first two clues. We'll set the rest of you free in a moment." Phil told them as Frank had grabbed Kay and the blonde who had run with her, he quickly took them to the back of the house. Frank came back and they untied the other four girls, who immediately separated into different parts of the house and started looking for clues. Layla went down into the basement with Mila to find the guys. The entire basement was tile flooring, and most of the grout was stained red. As they ventured further in they noticed blood pooling around a couple clogged floor drains.

Around the next corner they found they guys on embalming tables, bloodied and lifeless and shirtless. Mila grabbed her boyfriend's face and he would groan. She kissed him softly and cried.

"It's okay babe, you're going to be okay right?" She asked as Layla checked on the other.

"I think I'm okay...." He choked out before passing out. They were alive, likely drugged. Layla pointed at their chests where each had two numbers carved on each of them. Mila looked around for third numbers to each set, seeing two body drawers with 42 and 19 on them.

The girls quickly made note and quickly ran upstairs to try the combinations, but it was much harder and they only got one lock undone before they heard a scream upstairs.

"Kay!" Layla said as she turned but Mila stopped her. "They said they could take us.. what if we can't get caught?"

"You don't want to get caught by Frank, I won't do anything though." Phil said as he turned the corner. They looked to him and sighed. "Why are the guys so heavily drugged?" Layla asked.

"You didn't read the entire page, it said specifically no men." Phil pinned Layla to the wall and whispered "Now Frank is punishing Kay and Dana for that oversight."

Mila pulled Layla away from him as the two upstairs let out more strangled cries. They hid under the stairs and waited until Phil went upstairs and Frank went to the basement. He would be down there a while and the two met the others upstairs, finding Kay and Dana in a room, strapped to chairs, Kay was squirming as the girls realized they were tied to special chairs different blades and things attached to harm the inhabitants.

"That is so fucked... here..." Layla said as she and Mila tried to help their friends but two blades swung around from behind the neck of the chairs, beheading their friends right as they almost could have been freed. All the girls upstairs screamed at the horrific scene. Mila shushed everyone at hearing steps on the stairs. "Hide." She said as everyone scattered. Frank came up and laughed.

"Hope you sluts enjoyed killing your friends... I'm leaving the house so you can have some free time to eat and try to escape... not that you will." The old man said before going down the stairs and they heard a door open and shut. They all met downstairs and sat together.

"We need to find that door that he left through.."

"If he actually left... it could just be a trap and he's hiding somewhere to give us hope." Layla said as she held Mila's hand. Mel cried on their friend Gina. After the scene upstairs they took a little while to grieve before starting to look around the ground floor. Mila moved back to the front door to try to get the other combination done. By now it was late and they were all tired.

Phil came in with coffee and gave them an envelope.

"What's this?" Mel asked looking at the envelope.

"A clue for the loss of the two girls." Phil told them before leaving them. they drank the coffee. Gina opened the envelope and showed them an X-ray of a rib cage, a key in the picture colored red.

"Wasn't this a gimmick in a real horror movie?" Gina asked.

"Yeah and it was actually placed there... so one of the girls upstairs or the guys?"

"We'll have to check all four..." Mila and Layla were nurses by trade so they agreed to check the guys who were likely still alive, Gina and Mel would have to go upstairs unfortunately. They separated, crying as they went up. The two brunettes going back to the basement only to find the guys dead as well, and they got to looking for the key, Mila found it in her boyfriend's heart and screamed, crying hysterically. Layla took the key and got up only to run back down. "Mila... Frank is back.."

They each hid in a corner as they heard screaming and footsteps above them. Gina was thrown down the stairs to the basement as Mel was running. Soon Frank came down and set Mel's corpse on the floor, hooking her up to drain her blood into the floor. Mila was trapped, but Layla could run if she wanted, that would make her bait though. As they waited, they could hear the old man muttering about red roses. He went back upstairs after hooking up Gina and slicing open her throat, now solely looking for Mila and Layla. Once they heard him upstairs they hid near the stairs, waiting for him to either come back down or leave again. They ended up dozing off for a tiny bit and woke to Phil calling for them.

"He's gone again, it's been almost 20 hours... you two need to get upstairs."

They followed him upstairs and Layla went to the kitchen with him. "I will do anything if you just let us go... please... just give us our phones or something..." She begged and Phil shook his head. "check behind the Red Queen paintings," He said.

She hurried to Mila and they set about it. Layla found the actual combo for the last lock. Mila found their phones and turned them on. They quickly put reviews up that this was not an actual escape house, it was just real murder.

Layla called the cops and they tracked her call. They did the final combo together, it was over. until Frank came up behind them, smashing Mila into a wall and crushing her head with his heavy boots. Layla ran out as she heard gunshots, and the sprinklers in the yard turned on, watering the roses and yard with the blood that had been drained from her friends. she knelt crying as the blood coated her. When they cops showed up, the sprinklers had turned off and she stood. She wouldn't talk just yet, but she was alive.

After everything she told the cops and the lack of Phil being found in the house, she was put in a car to be taken home, looking up at the house as she was driven away, it had only been 24 hours and the roses were all painted red with blood.


About the author

Kira Lydia G.

I love writing even if I'm not great. I've lost almost everything else I care about...

I also write fan fictions! Check it out and come back to tip me if you like it! https://www.fanfiction.net/~kitsunegirly

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