Overrated Horror Movies

Some horror movies get a lot of attention from the media, only to be a disappointment to horror fans.

Overrated Horror Movies

Sometimes the media picks the wrong movies to admire. I often find myself shocked as to how people can like these movies but everyone has different taste. However, these movies have been heavily adored for not even being frightening to some.

Paranormal Activity

The only thing this whole series has going for it is the well placed jump scares. The story line for these movies like many others is ridiculous. This movie series has had so much hype surrounding it, only to be a huge disappointment and waste of time. A repetitive film that had potential and lost it with each new film.


This movie was a huge disappointment. The backstory does not help with understanding the film until the very end because of how the film is set up. The film was boring and a pain to sit through. I would certainly not suggest this film to anyone. I am certainly not the only one that was unsatisfied with this film as it's reviews are horrid as well.

Friday the 13th

Was this movie ever good? I, personally, am sick of this franchise. A lot of others are too. Even though this is considered a classic, it was never any good. Many seem to like the newer versions of this movie but it is still the same thing over and over again. Nothing new or better with each new film. Just horny teens getting murdered in every film.

The Blair Witch Project

This movie does deserve credit for its use of "found footage" but it is not enjoyable in any way. Many did enjoy this film arguing that the atmosphere was creepy and the film itself was shocking and scary. This film can either be the best or worst thing you will ever see. From my stand point, the praise this movie gets as being scary is undeserved.


Saw is a repetitive series that hopefully has come to an end because at this point the storyline is one huge mess. The first Saw was an exceptional movie though it was not very scary it embodied a good idea. The rest of the series is a disaster. Saw relies solely on gore to make the audience stay through the film. The gore just get's annoying after awhile. Many have just given up

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Based off a real man, this film is a just another overly praised blood bath. The first movie in 1974 did well with an average review rate on 7.9/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Every film after that was not as successful. A classic that has just become a repetitive annoyance nowadays. This film is purely based around young adults being chased and gore. Nothing very scary about seeing kids run and being chopped up.

It (TV Mini-Series 1990)

Stephen King has been renowned as the "King of Horror" and this mini tv series does not do him justice. It was not scary in any capacity and the way it was set up is a bit confusing. The newest It movie was actually very good and I hold no complaints against it. The older tv series was just not well executed in the factor of scaring its audience. I was greatly disappointed in the series, thankfully the newest film revived my liking for It.


I went into this film such high expectations because of all the good things that I have read about it. The movie was just full of gore. The story was good but there was nothing scary about this film. Just some weird creatures and a lot of blood. These factors do not make a good horror movie. Besides this, the storyline to the film was a bore. Let's just say all the hype led me to an awful film.

Any movie missing?

I am sure that there are more horror movies out there that are highly overrated and did not deserve the attention they received. It is noticeable that many of the films above were hyped up to be disappointing in a couple ways. I am sure there will be more disappointments as time goes on.

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