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by Gabriel Honaker 2 months ago in psychological · updated 2 months ago

Bright Falls

"Jace, you're going to be late! Wake Up!!" Jace rolls over in his bed, frustrated at the woman yelling at him and the sun glaring through his window. His bedroom faced the east so every morning it beamed at him as if to say he has wasted enough time sleeping. "Jace! Not again!!" The voice calls to him from downstairs, he sits up in a panic, "Damn, I fell back asleep!" He jumps out of bed grabbing the first outfit he can throw together and getting ready in a hurry. Jace quickly runs down the stairs passed an elderly woman sitting in the living room, she looks tired as usual, must have stayed up all night again. As Jace runs out the front door he gives a quick, "Love you Sierra!" Sierra was his aunt, she took care of him ever since his father went on what he said was an "expedition" and an "important research assignment."

No one even knew Jaces father was any sort of scientist or researcher so they all assumed he had left wanting to shuck his responsibilities just like his mother did a few years after Jace was born. Jace jumped on his fourwheeler and took off through the snowy mountains towards the town at the bottom, aptly named Bright Falls. The town was small but wealthy thanks to the beautiful natural scenery that attracted tourists and the local ski resorts. The mountain had one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world they say, so crystal clear that during sunrise and sunset it would glimmer brightly, the snow reflecting the glimmer. It was quite a scene but living there dulled it to the locals senses, they didnt think it was all that extravagant after being there so long.

As Jace reached the town something seemed off, usually bustling with activity, it was eerily quiet. Jace pulled up to the Bright Slopes Resort, he worked there part time to make what he could to help his aunt with bills. Jace looked out across the foggy valley below, he had never been far from the town but always wanted to go see a different town. Jace was always so busy between work, school, and helping his aunt around the house that he never was able to go on vacation. Jace then looked up towards the top of the mountain at the falls, fog and snow rolling off the top of the water, it glittered brightly in the sunlight.

"Where is everyone?" Jace went into the resort main entrance to find it completely empty. He thought that it was odd, the resort owners were going to be pissed losing all that money if a manager didnt show up to run the place. Thinking that maybe an emergency happened he waited around about an hour before he noticed how quiet the rest of the town was. Jace decided to check out a few other places but found they were all empty, not even a sign of activity from the night before. It was like everyone cleaned up their respective businesses, closed down and just never came back.

Jace started to freak out thinking things like, "What if my aunt was right, the rapture happened and I was left behind for not believing," and, "This is it, the pandemic finally took everyone out, am I going to die too?" Realizing that there were no bodies he decided the pandemic couldnt be the problem so he decided to take his fourwheeler back home and check in with his aunt, maybe she saw something on the news since he had left." Jace closed in on his home when suddenly he felt a rumbling and snow started dusting the air like an explosion had went off. The shaking was so violent he was thrown from his fourwheeler and knocked out cold.

Jace woke up later during sunset, the falls in sight, still glittering and spraying misty fog and snow. This time though he noticed above the falls a striking glint of light that seemed out of place. "Did I get a concussion? Am I hallucinating?" He thought to himself before deciding maybe the light was from a gathering at the falls he hadnt heard about. Getting his fourwheeler going again was tough but eventually he was on his way to the top of the mountain. He arrived at the top of the falls to a sight he couldnt believe, an elevator shaft that went straight into the sky. The sight made him dizzy with thought, "How is this even possible, where would it possibly go?" Jace got off his fourwheeler and ran to the elevator. The cold was biting at that altitude with all the mist and snow blowing steadily onto him.

Jace cautiously presses the call button on the elevator, almost instantly the structure dings and the doors open as light and warmth rolls out over him almost as if the sun itself was inside. "What the hell, this thing actually works?" He stands there contemplating whether he should go or not but finally decides that maybe that is where everyone else went, that maybe this is all some cruel joke. He steps in nervously, there are only two buttons, one labeled out and one labeled in. He presses out, "Out of what?" he wonders. Soft music plays as the elevator rises at a rapid pace. Once it stops the doors open and he steps out then quickly falls backwards into the elevator. "The... there is no floor, its just the sky!" Jace examines the exterior closely and realizes its not sky, its glass.

Jace tries to understand the strange and terrifying sights that he is seeing. The utterly foreign landscape of glass and seemingly endless sizes of objects too impossible for his mind to grasp. Whether out of fear or a desire for the comfort of what he knew, even if empty, he didnt know but everything in him was screaming to get back in the elevator and go back. Jace felt like he stepped outside of existence into a parallel dimension. Clinging to what he knew Jace slowly stood up and as he took one last sight of the exterior of the elevator, he slowly pressed the button labeled "In." Soft music plays as Jace is lowered gently into the security of home.


Gabriel Honaker

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Gabriel Honaker
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