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In this video of me and my CO-HOSTS podcast Slasher Cast an extension of my YouTube channel Slasher Media me and my CO-HOST talk about Friday the 13th new beginning.

My YouTube channel is all about talking about horror and I like to find ways to grow on my channel. My channel as I said is called Slasher Media I talk horror and nothing but horror on Vocal I will put videos of mine now and then on here and images but mainly I would write more in depth reviews and other stuff.

In this podcast episode me and my CO-HOST talk about Friday the 13th the new beginning came out after Friday the 13th the final chapter the company had killed Jason and tried to play off as if Tommy Jarvis would become the new killer of the franchise which didn’t happen instead they brought Jason Back in the next film.

As the Friday the 13th franchise grew and well it was a for better or worse type of situation some of the sequels were ok, but some just did not hit the mark at all.

Horror is a diverse genre of any media that be film books or games there are different sub-genres to horror like my favorite one Slashers are my favorite sub-genre of horror like Friday the 13th is a Slasher.

Slasher films to me are better than paranormal horror because to me a human is much more scary then a supernatural being a Slasher is someone who may wear a mask but they also maybe a mix of supernatural and Slasher like Freddy Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street.

I think the main reason I like Slasher films is from growing up watching them but and I had always been interested in what makes someone kill another human who they don’t even know people like Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper or the BTK killer I like watching shows that go into that kind of crime.

I started my channel to talk about horror within media mainly been doing Movies and TV about fake killers other than reviewing the Ted Bundy movie that came out in 2019.

Most serial killers are doing it because of sexual means and growing up with abusive family members and have traumatic pasts. Serial killers kill without remorse and are different to other killers because the people they kill have no relation to the killer.

Jason in Friday the 13th reasoning for killing is mainly when people come to Camp Crystal Lake which to him is his home its where the killer part of him was born and it is where his mother had been killed years earlier so when anyone threatens to enter his Camp his home he kills them sexual means are a part of it because when Jason originally was presuming dead the reason no one saw it happen was the camp counselors were of having sex and not watching Jason yes Jason's mother was the Camps working as the camps cook but she could have been at home or been asleep and not heard anything so she went and killed the Camp counselors and years later she killed again when the same camp was going to be reopened she was killed by someone who worked at the camp. Jason Voorhees has been a part of the horror genre for years and is an iconic character.

Jason's whole story is not about a boy who saw his mother died and wanted revenge or was sexual frustrated but instead I think he blames the act of sex for his death and his mother's death so goes for anyone who has it or come to his home.

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