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Oh My Ruby

Who owns the Ruby now?

By Deepika VPublished about a year ago 2 min read

It was a typical day at the university until something unexpected occurred. Three students, Alex, Jenny, and Zora, were walking through the campus when they noticed something glinting in the grass. It was a ruby! They were all surprised and excited, and they quickly picked it up and showed it to each other.

Little did they know, this wasn't just any ruby. It was a rare ruby that had been missing for years and was worth a fortune. It belonged to a wealthy family, who had been searching for it ever since it had been lost.

The students didn't know what to do. Should they return it to the family and get a reward, or keep it and enjoy its beauty? They thought long and hard and finally decided to keep it.

The next day, they were shocked to find that the ruby was now missing. They searched the campus for hours but couldn't find it. They were sure someone had stolen it from them.

The police were called in to investigate, but after several weeks of searching, they had no leads. The students were disappointed and frustrated.

Then, one day, a mysterious package arrived for the students. Inside was the ruby! They were ecstatic and couldn't believe their luck. They quickly realized that the ruby had been sent to them by the family who owned it.

The students were now in a difficult position. If they returned the ruby, they would have to explain how they got it. They decided to keep the ruby, but they had to be careful.

The next day, the students received a strange email from an anonymous sender. The email said that if they didn't return the ruby to the family, they would be in danger. The students were scared but refused to give in to the blackmail.

That night, the students were attacked by a group of men. They managed to escape, but the ruby was taken.

The students were now desperate to get the ruby back. They went to the police, who told them that the family had hired a private detective to find the ruby.

The students decided to find the detective and get the ruby back themselves. They tracked him down to an old warehouse, and when they got there, they found the ruby!

But they were not alone. The detective had set a trap for them. He had hired a group of thugs to take the ruby and keep it safe.

The students managed to fight off the thugs and get the ruby back. But the detective was still on their trail.

They managed to lose the detective and get away with the ruby. But now they had to find a way to return it to the family without getting in trouble.

The students had a plan. They would disguise themselves and return the ruby to the family. But before they could do that, they had to make sure the ruby was safe.

They hid the ruby in an old abandoned building, far away from prying eyes.

Finally, the students were ready to return the ruby to the family. They approached the family and explained what had happened. The family was grateful and rewarded them with a handsome sum of money.

The students had successfully solved the mystery of the missing ruby and returned it to its rightful owner. They had experienced adventure, danger, and excitement on their quest. It was a thrilling journey they would never forget!

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