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October 5th

October Nights

By Rachel DaileyPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
October 5th
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Ever since I decided to move into a cabin in the mountains, I have had writer's block. I thought that the mountains would give me more motivation for my book, but so far, nothing. My publisher asked me to write something scary this time, so I had the idea to write about the sightings of this "Skinwalker". He was hesitant at first, but when I told him that I would travel and research about Skinwalkers first, he was on board for it. So, I did my research, and found out that there were sightings in Utah, in the mountains. I rented a cabin near the sightings by Skinwalker Ranch, at least that is what the locals call it. When I got to the cabin, I settled down and got my laptop set up to start the new book. Of course, though, not a single thought to start. So, I went out into the woods surrounding the cabin, looked around the area and, of course, nothing. I went to grab my camera thinking I might be able to catch evidence or clues, but like always, I found nothing. Then it hit me, remembering all the research I did, all the sightings that I found online, happened at nighttime. It was only three in the afternoon, so I went back to my cabin and waited for nightfall. I Thought to myself that I would take a nap until the moon rises. I sat on the couch drifting off to the comfort of the fireplace. I got woken up by an unrealistic shriek that almost sounded like an animal, but not like any animal I’ve ever heard. I noticed that it was around 10pm, and pitch black out, so this is the perfect time to go out and see what I can find. I grabbed my video camera, and set out on this dark skinwalking adventure. I probably walked about two miles trying to catch anything on my video camera, but I haven’t seen or heard anything. It’s already about midnight, so I decided to go back to the cabin. On my way back, I heard something rustling in the bushes next to me. Probably just a rabbit or a raccoon. I kept walking back towards the cabin while looking at the video footage to see if I caught anything at all. I heard the rustling again, but it sounded much closer. Thought nothing of it. I was able to see the chimney of the cabin, almost there. Then I heard right behind me, it sounded like rustling bushes. It sounded big. I decided to start video recording again, even though it sounded big, I slowly turned around. What I saw, in the bushes, glowing eyes. Whatever this thing is, it was hunched over. It started to stand up like a human being, I froze in place. When it started yelling, I ran, almost fumbling over my own feet. If I can just get to the cabin, I’ll be safe. I hear it behind me, chasing me. Feel like I’m going to collapse. I’m almost at the door, if I can just make it to the porch…

“There has been a report of a man who famously known as the author of Beast’s Unknown, was brutally murdered from what appears to be a wild animal. The owner of Skinwalker Ranch reported that the author was to write a book about the mutilations of cattle and appearances of “skinwalkers” in the area. Sadly to say, his body was reported by the owner of the ranch, dead. There are no other sightings of wild animals in the area, the Utah police are still investigating the area where the body was found, and the only findings they accrued is the authors video camera. The owner of the ranch has informed the police to not release any video footage found on the camera, as it is his land and cabin that he owns. This is Sarah from Utah News, signing off.”

As the owner walks off from sight of the news crew, and the police, he vanishes from sight. Nowhere to be seen, and everyone just heard a loud yell. Like something out of the twilight zone. Nothing around to be seen, as well as the video camera. It was stolen. But by who?

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Rachel Dailey

I've always been a nerd when it comes to horror movies, fantasy and such. But other things that I do enjoy, I love to write stories, short stories, I'm even trying to write a book. I even try to make stories using my dreams.

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