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Not the end yet

by Angel Delgado about a year ago in supernatural
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It is very difficult to describe what is going on right now, nothing makes sense and nothing matters anymore. Almost half of the population on earth is dead, there are dead people and blood everywhere but we, the survivors, we wish we were dead. I'm writing this for future generations, so they never forget what happened here, although I don't think there is going to be a future generation. The pain is unbearable, but I will finish writing, you must know what happened here.

It all started during the biggest events going on, one was the discovery of a new planet which they called Nibiru and it baffled scientists all over the world, since it seems that the planet just appeared there, very close to our solar system. There were many theories about the new planet but the one that the general population was talking about more was one of a Mayan prophecy from long ago. The other event was the ending of a cold war, between the east and the west. Yes, I mean the east of the world vs the west, but an agreement has been achieved and finally the whole world is united with no more boundaries or frontiers. Some thought peace was achieved but not everyone thinks about it the same way.

During that time, a huge church was being built in America and another in the middle east, both churches were ecumenical, everyone from any religion could go there. Volunteers started appearing from everywhere to help build those two churches. Each church had a leader and they were both dressed with sack clothes, the leaders looked exactly alike and acted exactly the same. Once the churches were finished both leaders started preaching about the end of days, the same speech at the same time every day for almost four years. The churches looked like a fortress and they were causing concern. They preached that in order to reach heaven people must repent and leave their earthly bodies, but he who take his own life, won’t get there.

The whole world attention was now concentrated on those two churches since they started preaching more radical topics and exhorting people to join or perish. Tension was rising since they were telling people that the government is the enemy and a revolution was feared, since their group was growing exponentially. One day a group of people stood in front of the church of the west and started protesting against manipulating people with fear. They were protesting for twelve hours, when suddenly doors and windows from the church opened and fire came out of them burning all protesters to death on live TV. The police and emergency medical services arrived at the scene and after a couple of hours the same thing happened to them.

The militia on both sides activated and gave the churches an ultimatum, surrender or die. They tried to enter the church and were also attacked. No one could enter the church unless they were members. The militia stepped back, but no one knew why, except the leaders. They started preaching again, telling people that the time to repent was over, those who repented before must not fear what is to come, but embrace it. They said that the enemy has opened the pits of hell and the beast will be unleashed. We all were sure that this was going to be over soon, we don’t have a beast and the pits of hell is nothing but a myth. That same day missile silos from both parts of the world opened and fired missiles targeting the churches. The churches were effectively destroyed and surprisingly the bodies of the leaders were found dead but only with minor burns.

They left the bodies there and no one was allowed to bury them, people celebrated this day. Even though the churches were destroyed, there were still too many church sympathizers all over the world. The government concentrated on telling everyone that they have everything under control and those leaders were charlatans that needed to be taken care of. Then, after three days, on December 21, 2102, two huge spaceships appeared on top of each church and a voice sounding like a thunder asked the leaders to rise and go up there. The leaders rose from death, levitated to the ship and the ship started making a humming sound. That’s when all hell broke loose.

I will never forget that day, everything changed in ways I never thought possible. I went home as fast as I could to find my dad, my mom passed away long ago. He wasn’t home, so I went to my grandma’s house only to see my father stabbing her.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I can’t stop, help me”

He was crying as he was stabbing her, so I hit him with the first thing I saw and left him unconscious. I had to take my grandma to the hospital since 911 was not answering. Everything was chaos, people running, cars crashing . . . it was madness. When I arrived at the hospital there was blood everywhere I went back to the car and grabbed a bat that I had, I didn’t know what I was going to find there. I went looking for help at the hospital, but I found no one, then I heard someone crying, it was an old man on a hospital bed. I went to him to ask what was going on;

“What happened here? And he whispered

“Hide, don’t ask questions, just hide.”


“Is the only way I can help you, if they are going to kill someone, let them kill me. I’m old and . . .”

Before he finished talking, I started hitting him with my bat, I couldn’t stop until he was dead. I kneeled on the floor and started crying and praying, but I couldn’t stop for too long, I had to help grandma. That day I saw the most horrible things I have ever seen, people entering the maternity ward and started killing all the babies. I fainted for a moment and fell on the floor, when I came to, they were all dead I had to puke. This doesn’t even compare to my worst nightmare on the slightest.

I finally found a doctor that was hiding;

“Thank goodness I found you.”

“Leave this place as fast as you can.”

“I need your help, is my grandma.”

“Sorry son but I think your grandma is already dead.”

“Please help me.” He looked at me with pity

“Ok, fine, where is she?

“She is in the car, right outside.”

We started running towards the car, the hospital hallways look like a set from a horror movie.

As soon as we stepped outside, a man shot the doctor and I joined him by beating the doctor with a bat until he died. After the doctor died, we looked at each other with tears in our eyes, he was a priest and he told me;

“I couldn’t stop, I can’t stop.”

“I know, I can’t either”

“But why are we not killing each other right now?

“I don’t know”

Then he shot himself on the head, I quickly went to my car, but grandma was already dead. I went to the police station to turn myself in, but when I got there, there was a woman with a knife trying to hide and protect some children:

“Please help me hide these kids, I have lost to many of them already.”

“Get into that empty cell, no one will reach you there. Are you a teacher or something?”

“I’m a social worker and I helped these kids get away from the school.”

“Do you have any idea of what’s going on?

“I think is the end of days, those prophets were telling the truth.” She and the kids were securely locked in the cell and I did the most horrible thing imaginable. I took a shotgun from the station and killed them all while they were begging for help. I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t even cry anymore. I went to the cell and locked myself there and I sliced my wrists with the woman’s knife. It hurts like hell but is finally over I will not hurt anyone anymore, everything went black.

Later I woke up and my wrist wounds were not bleeding, so y took the knife, gathered all my strength and stabbed myself in the heart. Still nothing happened, I couldn’t die, what the hell is happening. I remove the knife from my chest and now I’m in a lot of pain. I can’t get out of the cell because I threw the keys away, but I don’t really want to go out. I saw too many horrible things and I did too many terrible things, I will stay here where everyone else is safe. I stayed in that cell for days, I was starving, I thought I would die of hunger, but I spent a month there. What the hell happened to death?

I didn’t sleep for the whole month, every time I closed my eyes, I could see all the horrors I have seen and done. One day the priest I found at the hospital came to the cell and was opening it, but tried to stop him, then he said:

“Is ok son, it is over now, no one is killing anyone anymore. Well at least not here, but that is not important now.”

“What do you mean?”

“That big spaceship brought down several containers where the church was and I fear the worst.”


“Are you familiar with the bible?”

“Not much”

“Well, I believe we just witnessed the rapture, we were used, to kill all the innocents that deserved heaven and, in the process, we became monsters. Death has abandoned us, but pain and suffering will not. If I’m not mistaken those containers will open as soon as the last innocent is dead.”

We went outside and I saw something really strange in the sky.

“What is that?”

“Oh that’s the new planet that was discovered, it is getting closer to earth each day.”

“Really? When will all this be over?”

“I have no . . .”

He didn’t finish talking when the humming stopped and the containers started opening. Then a huge swarm of insects came out of them, we ran back to the police station and closed everything. Some of the insect managed to get inside and they scratched us and stung us, their sting hurts like nothing I have ever felt before. I had to hit my head on the wall until my skull cracked and the sting pain didn’t go away. The insects lasted for five days but the pain they inflict does not go away and the wounds won’t heal.

The priest was lying beside me;

“I want to die.”

“Me too”

“Want to try again? Maybe if you kill me, I'll die.”

“I don’t know.”

“Please we have to try, cut my head I have to die, there is no way that won’t work”

“But if I kill you Who'll kill me?”

“I know there still must be someone out there afraid to die, that would be happy to kill you. Kill me, worse things are coming. Please kill me.”

I broke the glass, took the axe and chopped his head off, his head bounced a little on the floor and rolled on the floor. Now I only needed to find someone to do the same for me, but there was a sudden scream, the priest's head screaming on the floor,

“I didn’t die, Aaaaaahhh Nooooo”

He kept crying for days and I started writing this, my wrists and chest wounds have maggots, I am rotting. The pain is unbearable.

And to think this is not the end yet.


About the author

Angel Delgado

Amateur writer, fiction lover. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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