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Not My Dad...

by Merlin Cross 4 years ago
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Eyes can be deceiving.

I’ve seen stories similar to this before... I can only imagine that this is a shockingly common occurrence which, to me, makes it even more terrifying...

When I was a kid, I got really sick with pneumonia. I was bedridden for about ten days. My mom was out of town visiting my grandmother so I was home with my dad. He was waiting on me hand and foot because I couldn’t really leave my bed except to go to the bathroom. My dad had an alarm set in my room when I needed to take my medicine. It went off one night but my dad didn’t come in to check on me and I really needed my medicine because I was feeling awful.

I struggled and got out of bed to go find him, starting with his room but he wasn’t there. I checked all over the house but he was nowhere to be found. My dad had a little office in the backyard that he spent a good bit of time in. Even though it was late, I figured I’d check if he was there and unfortunately he wasn’t. I turned around to go back inside when I saw my dad standing at the glass back door of our house. I probably jumped because he honestly startled me. He was just standing at the door staring at me, which made me think he might’ve been upset with me for going outside in my condition. I waved at him but he didn’t seem to react for a moment or two before finally waving for me to come inside.

Something was off about the way he beckoned me... it was slow and just strange... almost like he was in some kind of trance.

I couldn’t shake this feeling that I shouldn’t go to him. I had no reason to feel that way because, I mean... he’s my dad.

He never moved from that spot, he just kept staring at me and doing that same weird motion with his hand. I started to approach him but something in my body told me to go through the garage so I went into the back door to the garage and I could feel his eyes glaring into me.

When I got into the garage, I was just about open the side door when all of a sudden the garage door started opening which frankly scared the shit out of me because it’s extremely loud and nobody should be using it. I stood there looking at the door when I was blinded by headlights of a car outside. I covered my eyes, then I heard a voice call out to me... “Son?! What are you doing out of bed?”

It was my dad’s voice...

I was in shock. There’s no way my dad could’ve gotten outside to his car that quickly or without me noticing.

I told him that I was looking for him and he apologized and explained that he’d gone out to the store. I started having a panic attack and told him that I just saw him at the back door which he assured me was impossible because I just watched him come home. He told me I was probably just seeing things due to my sickness, but I kept babbling on about how I saw him... and I know it was him... My dad had to practically drag me back inside because I was shaking and refusing to go inside.

I wish I could say it was just my imagination but when we went inside my dad lectured me about leaving the back door wide open. What still frightens me to this day... is the fact that I never used that door to look for my dad. I went through the garage because it was closer to his office. I told my dad this, and his face turned pale and he told me to go to my room as he grabbed his shotgun and searched the house and yard. I think he may have called the police but I honestly don’t remember.

I don’t know who... or what was in my house but why did it look like my dad... and what would’ve happened if I had gone to it...?

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