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The Hero's Of Old Barn Road

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 28 min read
Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

No one knew what was inside the old barn. It sat there for centuries, yet everyone was afraid to go inside. Urban legends will have you shaking in your pants after you hear about all the murders. No one even gets close to the barn, for it is said if you do, your blood will be shed.

“I, and my team camera crew aren’t scared. We have decided to take on this 200-year-old urban legend without any fear at all. So, let’s get to it.

It is July 8th, 2020, approximately 8:30 am in the morning. My name is Alex. I am the camera man and leader of a crew of five others. Scattered around the room are Mekel, Marilyn, Thomas, Aaron, Myesha.

Our sole purpose is to find out what happened to the people murdered here at Old Barn Road in Brooklin Maine. The townsmen decided to name the street after the barn in the early nineteen hundred’s, so the name would be recognizable and people would stay away. Still those adventurous and audacious of the barn’s secret decide to visit. Every twenty years or so, a group of dare-deviled teens undertake the horrific tales and myths that eventually demonstrate their curiosity into truth.

This is what brings us here today. The most disturbing and fascinating piece about it all is that no one has been able to solve the forty plus murders. The strangest piece of evidence in reports are that people passing by the road would see red liquid shooting out of the air. By the time officers arrived to the scene, it would be an entire mess. Blood, guts, and bones scattered everywhere. The massacre of it all baffles the town every time. Of course, the families of the victims are notified. The identities are left behind and are found at the crime scene......wallets, cards, jewelry, etc, along with what’s left of the bodies. Some suggest the homeless or hikers traveling through have also fallen victim. That’s why the number is forty plus. There were bones not able to match up with the other known victims.

We are trusting ourselves to deliver to the town what we’ve all been wanting to know. That is, who or what is the mysterious murderer. This barn is miles away from anyone else in sight. This is the perfect place to conduct a murder, or for some oddly inhuman treacherous being to habitat.

Now you may be wondering why my team and I would choose to come here after all the bad news. You might even call us idiots, or insane. I like to call us an aspiring camera crew full of bravery, ingenious, skills, ascertained gifts, and trained to shoot a riffle, “Prodigy’s.” We all have survived two tours of Afghanistan, Honduras and Central African Republic riding through their most dangerous cities. We are not soldiers, but camera crewman, etc. I have faith we will survive. We do not think about anything less. What sets us aside from all the others is that we know we will have a meeting with death. Invincible? No. But “Survivist?” Yes.

Here are our rules:

1. Stay with your pair. (Mekel and Aaron, Myesha and I, Marilyn and Thomas)

2. Everyone can be no more than ten feet away from each other.

3. Go to the bathroom with your pair.

4. Two groups awake during 10pm-4am.

5. Everyone up by 8 am.

6. If you see something odd, stab it, or shoot it.

We will be the only ones here for the weekend. The sheriff has agreed to stay in a camp less than a mile away. Because of the vacant land, shouts and screams can be heard for miles and our backup will arrive in less than a minute.

Oh, yea. And we realize we wouldn’t be able to reach our goal on our own. This is why we had to notify and get the approval from the mayor and the sheriffs. We have a safe base a quarter of mile from here. That’s the closest the sheriffs will come as well as the distance where the plague has never gone before.

All our food is canned and boxed. As you can see the barn has no stove, no rooms, no bathroom, no horses…. Wait, wait, wait… That was a joke. All there is, is hay, a rake, and the frame. We brought some sleeping bags to sleep in and our own portable urinals. The barn is small, and I imagine used to house just some pigs, chickens and oh uh, some spider webs. Ahhahahaha. I imagine this place is all fancied up with a bunch of cupcakes decorating the place. After all, it is a celebration. This is our first gathering without the sounds of bullets ricocheting in the air.

Anyways, we are setting the cameras in every corner of the ceiling and some more positioned throughout the 24’X24.’ We’ll be done in a matter of hours. Later we’ll play some games, drink (Not a lot. We must be alert) and joke around. No music though. We must hear everything around us. The happenings usually occur in the early evenings between 6-9pm. Surprisingly not real late at night. Dinner will be eaten by 5:30pm. Then we must be alert until the morning.

I’ve already shared with you guys our names. Now let me tell you what we do. I am Alex. I am twenty-five years old, no wife, no children, two parents and a dog. I’ve been working the last four years with this group of diehard individuals. I’m the leader of this pack, I keep everyone in order. And oh.... I'm the one who carries the camera. And here’s Thomas.”

“Hey you guys. Not much to know about me. I’m twenty-four. No mom. No dad. No girlfriend. No dog. Just me. I am the sensitive one out of the group. I’m the one that can sense trouble a mile away. This is why they take me on every amazing venture. I’ll go until I die.”

“He means until will all die. I’m Mekel his best friend. We’ve been knowing each other since high school. I on the other hand do have a husband and toddler. I’m the geometer person in the group. I can direct us out of trouble. I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. I’m only thirty. Hi Suna baby. Mommy loves you. Muah, Terek.”

“Oooo kisses for the hubby."


"Terek’s her husband.”

“Terek’s her husband, but I should have been.”

“Shut up, Aaron!”

“Wasssuppp, you guys! I’m ya boiii Aaron! I’m a little hard to see with all this on, so I guess I’ll take this shirt off. (Aaron rips off shirt) Now we’re talking.”

“Aaron, why do you need to flex your muscles right now? We’re doing the intro.”

“I don’t need to do anything, they flex themselves.”

“Tell everyone a little about you.”

“Like what?”

“What do you mean, Like what?”

“Alright, alright. I’m the muscle of the group. I can lift up to 300 pounds at a time. I like the gym. I love women….. I’m only twenty-two…..And I’m single. That’s about all.”

“You’re twenty-two now. Oh Gosh! You’re killing me…”

“And who might you be?”

“I’m Marilyn. The cool, sweet, funny, bubbly person in the group. I have a baby and fiancé back at home. They both require a lot of time, and they’re both really cute. So, I will be getting back to them. I’m the detective of the group. I look for evidence and clues to determine a hypothesis.”

“And what are you seeing so far.”

“So far, I’m seeing tons and tons of spider webs. There are also some red stains that appear to be blood from at least twenty years ago. I’ll keep searching. The barn isn’t that big.”

“Hey, Marilyn! You and Mekel search this. See my twenty-four pack and a million and one cuts. You guys might go crazy.”

“No, we won’t. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.”

“Hahahhaha. Yea. I’ve been seeing those muscles for at least seventeen years now. You’ve been like that since high school.”

“Whatever…..You know you guys love it.”

“Sure bestie.”

“Last but not least, we have Mr….. I mean Ms.’ Myesha.”

“Hey! I heard that, Alex! Even though I can beat your ass, I still prefer to be called Ms.’ I’m the brains of the group. You know, the computer chip. I make sure all the electro, electronics are functioning properly. I also team up with Aaron as the female muscle of the group. And oh… This year I have “a boyfriend” back home.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhaahaahaha!” (The whole team laughs)

“Alright. Now that we’re all set up. Let’s enjoy the last couple of hours. Mekel, you’re making dinner.”

“What? Dinner is already made, what are you talking about?”

“I’m just saying you could set it up.”

“Alex I am not everyone’s mother. We all have our separate food in our own separate bags. We have our forks and spoons, and for heaven’s sake, our own cans of tuna to eat from! Exactly what am I setting up?”

“Never mind. You’re in a grumpy mood.”

“Did you guys here some of the stories about this place?”

“If you’re talking about the guy running around with the chainsaw, the teens killing each other over jealousy, or the town murdering its witches, yes. We’ve heard it all.”

“No. Not those. It’s another one. It’s about the spider that haunts the place. There was a home about a quarter of a mile from this barn. A little girl lived in the house and would play in the barn with the chickens and pigs. One day the little girl found a spider. It was a friendly one, and it was said the spider would communicate to her by writing with the webs. The spider’s name was also Charlotte.”

“Oh, I think I heard about this. Charlotte’s web.”

“Yesss… Do you know what happened to the little girl?”

“No. Not really. I bet you she moved out of here after all the murders.”

“How do know about Charlotte, but not about how her life ended?”

“Look, the story is hundreds of years old. Stories, such as this are forgotten. Not much was followed, after the murders started."

"But since you know so much, doooo you know what happened to her?”

“Yes, I do.”

“So, then what happened to her Thomas?”

“Ok Aaron. She died. Urban legend has it the spider did not want their friend, the pig, to die. Charlotte’s father was going to slice and dice the poor little pig for profit. When Charlotte found out about this, her and the spider devised a plan to hide the pig on the outside of the barn, but the father found the pig anyway and grew angry. When it came time to chop the pig up Charlotte jumped in front of the heavy swinging blade. So instead of the father’s angry blade slicing the pig, he sliced Charlotte’s seven-year-old body in half. The father was no more after that. He committed suicide. Her mother did as well. The pig was taken by an auction, and of course sacrificed. The spider got a chance to watch everything.

When the little girl was hit, some of the blood splattered on the spider and her web’s. It is believed the spider uses the little girl’s blood as vengeance for anyone who comes near the barn. Although the pig is gone, the little girl still protects the barn through the spider.”

“Welll…..interesting story Thomas. We have to add this one to the collection.”

“Can’t you see this as a reason for the murders?”

“No, Thomas.” (Meklit, Thomas, Marilyn, Aaron, Alex)

“Even with all the spider webs you guys?”

“No, Thomas!” (Meklit, Thomas, Marilyn, Aaron, Alex)

Time passed by with Alex, Marilyn, Mekel, Aaron, Thomas, and Myesha laughing, joking and reminiscing of the moment-by-moment, very apparent dangerous ventures had together. This project was nothing like the others. Still the group carried on with laughter and poking fun. None of them really believed in alcohol on the trips. There work was never for fun. These were not the kind of people that thrilled off violence or danger. They were simply the kind of people that loved what they do and were serious when it came to their work.

“Hey Myesha.”

“Yea Aaron.”

“Remember the chocolate cake?”

“The what?”

“The chocolate cake.”

“Now why would you bring that up?”

“I’m just saying. Didn’t mean for it to be taboo.”

“You always like to bring that up… So what if I lost our bet.”

“How about we make another one?”

“No.. I don’t know if I can eat dirt again.”

“Oh come on chicken.”


“Awww..COME ON.”

“Aaron no.”



“That a girl.”

“What’s the bet this time?”

“I’ll make it easy. It’s whoever is the last standing wins. The other has to eat the cake.”

“Okay….Okay. Dag… I can’t believe I let you talk me into this again.”

“I didn’t talk you into anything. It’s called muscle baby.”

“Ohhhh pleasssse.”

This trip was odd. Different. They never laughed or joked so much during work, but nonetheless paid little to no attention to the unbalanced uneasiness. And just like that, time drifted away from them, and seriousness flowed in. The energy in the room changed.

“Great! It’s already 5:55, so we five minutes before showdown. Pray for us, everyone. Thomas, how are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling a little tense. I don’t know…I smell…….. Pheromone.”

“It’s from the spider webs.” (Marilyn)

“No. No. That might be so, but I think everyone needs to put on their masks, goggles, and protective suits immediately. This smell heightened within the last couple of minutes.”

“Thomas are you sure you’re not overreacting?” (Marilyn)

“Yea.” (Mekel)

“Yea.” (Aaron)

“Alright everyone! Why are we questioning him? Let’s do what he says! Quickly!” (Alex)

Everyone pulls out their masks and places them on. It is now 6pm. the room began filling up with white smoke.

“I think we should go and just leave the cameras.”

“Mekel don’t be such a wuss.”

“I think she’s right Aaron, I’m not getting a great feeling about this.”

“Thomas, it’s alright. I’m the muscle.”

“The cameras are detecting the Araneae species. But where are they. That’s strange. They’re showing up on the camera, but we can’t see them.”

“We should leave now. I don’t like this.”

“No worries Mekel. I am here. Anything gets anywhere near you I will crush it with my bare hands.”

“Aaron, I don’t know if you can touch it, we can’t even see it.”

“We can see it on these monitors.”

“Marilyn, can you tell us what it is.”

“Alex, look at the monitor on the cameras and you tell me what it looks like.”

“It looks like some kind of eight-legged monster.”

“That’s long for spider.”

“What if it’s an octopus?”

“An octopus lives in water and is not a part of the Araneae family.”

“Thomas, you smelled Pheromone, right?”

“Right. I told yall.”

“Oh, be quiet Thomas.”

“Actually, he’s right. That’s exactly what it is.”

“So, it looks like you’ve solved the puzzle, Marilyn.”

“Indeed, Thomas has.”

“Well now, how can we kill it?”

“Myesha what is it doing now?”

“I’m not an Arachnologist, but it looks like the spider is going to release its venom. I’m into nature and stuff. I seen on the archeology channel these kinds of spiders. Without the proper lighting I can’t be sure. On the screen it’s showing up red and the legs are long and slinky. It looks like a Brazilian wandering spider. They are the deadliest of all the spiders. We can talk to one another. Spiders can’t hear, but they can feel vibration. We have to be careful not to move, or if we do, slowly.”

“So, is this spider’s real color clear?”

“No. They’re a variety of colors but not clear.”

“So then why can’t we see them?”

“I don’t know.”

“Marilyn what do you think?”

“I’m guessing Alex, it’s the pheromone being secreted in the air that’s causing the illusion.”

“Oh, my goodness… Here it goes.”

The Brazilian Wandering Spider releases its venom in the air covering the whole entire room and the crew. It then takes six of its legs and tries to lunge for the each of them.

Aaron quickly reaches in his pants leg for his knife. Carefully studying the monitor, he swerves past the spider's arm trying to grab him and heads right to where he believes the center of the spider is. Aaron successfully stabs the spider smack dab in the heart. The spider falls to the ground, shrivels up and dies. It then dissipates into the ground, as if it were burned and turned into ashes.

“Great job Aaron!” (Alex)

“Yea Aaron!” (Mekel, Marilyn, Myesha, Thomas)

“No problem you guys. It was a piece of cake. Aaron here to the rescue.”

Aaron looks slightly over to Myesha.

“Luckily, we are wearing these suits, or we would have died alone from the venom.”

“Marilyn, what do you see over there?”

“Dust. Only dust.

“Myesha is anything else showing up on the monitors?” “

I’m not sure. I don’t see anything else, but I doubt this is all over. Whatever that was, it was not real.”

“What do you mean it’s not real? I just killed it with this real knife.”

“Yes, you did, but if this is what’s been haunting this place for 200 hundred plus years, it’s more like an angry spider spirit than an actual spider.”

“Whatever.... Who else believes that?”

“I do. I believe that what you just killed is coming back again for round two. We must figure out what it wants. Evidentially it wants something, if all these years it keeps coming back for more bloodshed. We just shouldn’t stick around for the second round.”

“I’m with Mekel on this one. Our suits are destroyed. The venom ate right through. It will not protect us the next time that thing comes back. What time is it?”

“It’s 8:30pm Alex. Whatever that thing was, I don’t think it will be back tonight. We chose to stay the two days, and I think that’s what we should do. I know I can figure this thing out. Mek, I need your help on this.”

“I don’t know what else I can do. I gave you my theory.”

“I need you to figure out how big this thing is.”

“Mekel go back and look at the footage on the cameras.”

“So, you’re with me now Alex.”

“Yes. I am.”

“Myesha and I are going to check the car for more suits. I think we have some in the trunk. Thomas, I want you to radio the sheriff and let him know we’ve survived our first trial. No problem “Lead.” Oh, and do not touch a thing without gloves. This stuff is deadly.”

As Myesha and Alex walked outside, they noticed the residue from the venom surrounding the entire barn. It even covered the car. Alex wondered why so much of the venom was on the outside, instead of the inside. This was strange. As he kept watch, Myesha opened the trunk. Inside were more suits. None of the venom got on the inside of the car. The suits were gathered and both Myesha and Alex went back inside the barn. One by one, Myesha passes the suits out until she and Alex were left with just one.

“Where’s the other suit Myesha?”

“That was all that was in there.”

“What will we do? I don’t have a suit.”

“Huh Lead… You can take mine.”

“No Thomas. We need you. You were the only one who knew the defense the Spider puts out before it attacks.”

“Everyone knows what it is now. We are going to stop it before it does it again.”

“Yea, but I can’t take the chance. It might have a different defense this time. We need you to see it and alert the rest of us. I will have to stay in the car.”

“The car? Why the car?”

“That is the only place where the venom didn’t get into. Another strange thing was that there was soooo much venom outside. It was so much more outside than inside the barn. Why do you think that is Marilyn?”

“I don’t know. I would have to see it.”

“It’s more because the spider came in from the outside. Spiders can squeeze themselves underneath things. They are exoskeleton.”

“What else can you tell us Mekel?”

“Alex. If my math serves me right, it appears that this thing is approximately 10-15 feet.”

“So, it’s invisible, and “can’t die”... invincible. I’m going to need all my strength. For every muscle I got, that spider has more legs and lives.”

“Oh, come on Aaron. This is not a muscle moment.”

“No Thomas. It’s not. What I did an hour ago was. Now where’s my thank you?”

Irritated and frustrated, Thomas walks right past Aaron.

“That’s okay. I understand. We’re all still a little jumpy. You’ll thank me tomorrow on our way back home.”

Time passes, the crew settles down.

“It is now 10pm. All those who want to sleep, better do it now. We all need our rest. I want Aaron and Mekel to stay up the first shift. They’ll wake you guys up at 3am.”

“Alex, I’m on duty with the weakest link’s.”

“Myesha, what are you talking about? You see this weapon. I can shoot.”

“Yea you can shoot alright. Everywhere we’ve been you’ve been able to shoot with your mouth. You’ve talked us out of hostage situations, but you never fired your arm. Spiders can't hear. Neither do they talk.”

“I can’t speak for everyone, but Myesha, I’m a whole dude. I may not have muscle, but I bust my guns.”

“Yea Thomas you do. But did you ever hit a target?”

“Uhhhhh…. Rreemmember that one time in Somalia, I shot that guy in the leg.”

“That’s because you were two feet away. A baby could have made that shot.”

“Whatever Myesha, you always try to act hard, but if you were really about that business, you wouldn’t care who stays up with you. You would feel safe on your own.”

“Hey, will you guys stop it. it’s not like we’re not all in the same room. We’ll be sleep, but we won’t be dead.”

“Good. I’ll head out to the car.”

“NO Alex! You taught us to stay with our teams. Myesha will have to go with you.”

“Then it will be the four of you in here.”

“Yes. We’ll switch off at 3am. You and Myesha will have to take turns staying awake.”

“Great!.. because I didn’t want to stay in here with y’all anyway. I’m so happy you’re my partner Alex. I know you can hit a target. Huh. I know you can hit one hundred targets a one time.”

“That’s why I’m Lead.”

“Yup. That’s why you’re lead.”

“Hey. Who’s going to watch the cameras.”

“You’ll be fine. Nothing should happen tonight anyway. Spiders only are seen between 6-9pm.”

Myesha fell fast asleep inside the car. Alex was awake for the first half. It was easy to stay awake. Alex couldn’t help but think Myesha and him were in the danger zone. Although the attack happened inside the barn, there must have been some activity outside as well.

As the night passed by, Alex could not help but notice the sounds of nothingness. All the grass and land on this dirt road stretching for miles, and there was not one sound of a grasshopper, cricket, squirrel, ground hog, fox, or deer. There were no animals in sight. No insects in sight. This really was a no man’s land. The Old Barn was quiet, but not a peaceful one. The eerie sense of quietness left one with anticipation for a meeting with death. It was an empty, vacant even, place. With the six of us here, it didn’t feel occupied. The earth didn’t even feel wanted. It felt obsolete, but ready to color the ground with more stillness. Alex knew his group wouldn’t let this happen. They were going to figure this thing out tomorrow, before it hit them again.

“Wakeup Lead.”


“Nice yarn.”

“What time is it?”

“8:30 am.”

“I was supposed to be up by 8am.”

“I know, but I let you sleep a little later. I figured something out.”


“You see the Gazebo over there?”


“That’s where Charlotte was killed.”

“If we consider what Thomas and I think, what if Charlotte’s spirit spider thingy’s domain is over there?”


“So, what if we make peace in some way with the gazebo, it destroys the spider spirit?”

“It’s still not making sense. What is the significance with the gazebo?”

“It’s where Charlotte was killed. It’s where the pig was sacrificed.”

“Ohhhhh. Maybe. Let’s talk to the rest of the team about it.”

“Hey you guys. How was the car?”

“It was fine Thomas.”

“Did you see any strange activity happening overnight?”

“No. But I did figure something out.”


“What if the gazebo outside has something to do with Charlotte’s ghost?”

“Which Charlotte are we speaking of?”


“I mean it would make sense. How do we stop it?”

“We must in some way ease the ghost’s pain.”

“What do you think it wants?”

“Marilyn what have you come up with?”

“Me?! Ummm. Right. Oh um. I gathered all the evidence. I gathered the urban legend, and the clues from outside. Myesha was right when she said this thing isn’t a part of our physical realm. For one, every piece of that spider spirit thingy evaporated into thin air. We don’t even have the debris left from last evening. Second, the residue from the venom appears to have disappeared as well. All that appears to be from this realm and very real is the blood left here twenty years ago. The gazebo outside may hold the answers since it was where both the pig and Charlotte died. There appears to be some deeper connection with the trio, but especially the two Charlottes. Thomas do you know what happened to Charlotte the spider after both the pig and little girl Charlotte died?”

“I told you the blood from Charlotte went onto the spider and her webs. In my opinion it is

“A sacrifice.” (Marilyn and Thomas speak at the same time)

“Thomas did you speak with the sheriff yesterday. Oh… No..”

“What do you mean?”

“The sheriff never responded.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I just chalked it to us being here alone.”


“Did you ever stop to think of your fellow colleagues that have children? That is their token of safety.”

“Safety. WHAT SAFETY? They abandoned us.”

“Did you ever stop to think something might have happened to them?”

“Wellllll. No?”

“Thomas, that was real stupid of you. You should have said something.”

“Why would I Aaron, when we have you to protect us. I mean that was a wonderful move from yesterday. Although I’ve seen better from you.”

“Stop it, Thomas. Even though I knew you would compliment me a day later, this is serious. We needed them for backup.”

“Aaron, Mekel, Marilyn, Myesha, and lastly Alex. This situation has been serious since we got here. There are two things that could have happened. The sheriff and his officers are dead. That’s why there is venom outside. Or they left. And lastly, the spider can come back to life every twenty years.”

“Female spiders can live up to twenty years.”

“Yes Myesha."

"Therefore, the incident happens every twenty years.”

“Yes. You are all getting it now.”

“So now what?”

“Alex, we must find out, what it wants.”

“And how do we do that?”

“I don’t know….That’s a question for Marilyn. I just know the facts.”

“Marilyn…. Any suggestions? Since this all started over a pig. I think we should bring the pig back.”

“Oh, do you now. So where might you suggest we get that from? Excuse me while I go pull that out of the barn, or the sky, or walkie the MIA sheriff.”

“Hey.. Hey.. That’s not so bad of an idea. I can do better and make all of this make sense.”

“Oh, you can Myesha? Well, let’s hear it.”

“How about I take one of our many cameras and create a 3D re-creation of the pig from there.”

“Okay…Say that you do that. This is only a temporary solution to the issue. That can only last for so long.”

“You’re right. But that’s just to get us out of dodge. I think there needs to be a shrine or picture of the little piggy in remembrance of him/her. What was the pig’s name Thomas?”


“You know what?..... I think she’s right. The picture or 3D image should go right where the little girl and pig was severed.”

“Shouldn’t a picture of Charlotte go up there too?”

“NO Aaron. Charlotte gave her life for the pig, and it was still butchered. This is why she is angry. The murders of the innocent didn’t start happening until after.”

“Okay… That makes since Thomas. So, what’s the plan Alex.”

“We go out to the gazebo around 5:55pm. I will move the car close but will have to stay inside. I don’t have a suit…Remember? Myesha will be at the side of the car where I am positioned. Everyone else will be right by their teams no more than two feet apart. One person faces the gazebo, the other teammate faces the barn. Weapons will be out and drawn. Aaron and Mekel will set up the image.”

“Hey. I don’t know about that Alex. Maybe I should switch with Mekel. I should be handling the cameras.”

“Myesha…trust me. You will set the image screen up before everyone leaves the barn. That way all they have to do is move it close. I have these powered generators. The image will stay for at least a week. By that time, all the sheriff needs to do is build a shrine or their own 3D image of Wilbur to pay their respect.”

“Why don’t we just set it up right now?”

“No.. Let’s wait. I would like to meet Ms. Charlotte Web again.”


“I want to test a theory.”

“What is that?”

“You’ll see.”


By 5:30pm everyone was finished dinner. Myesha worked on the 3D image all day, and it finally came together. Looking at the old news clippings of the pig, Myesha was able to re-create the image of the now pesky pig. What would anyone do without technology?

So without delay, the team packed everything up and started the quarter of a mile walk to the gazebo. Alex and Myesha didn’t leave in the car until the crew was a minute down the road. Alex didn’t want a far of distance between them. Of course, the car arrived first and so they waited anxiously for the rest of the crew to arrive. After a minute and a half later the rest of the crew joined. It was now 5:55pm. The crew placed camera machines on the gazebo. The powered generators were removed from the car and hooked up to the screens. During this time, Thomas begins to smell the pheromone again.

Everyone, put on your masks. Be alert.

Myesha exits the car. The image of the pig is turned on and working. When all of sudden, it happens. Because the camera was used for the pig, they couldn’t see the spider. The venom spit out quickly, but it was no match for the suits. Still, this did not stop the spider. It hadn’t noticed the image of the pig, and Aaron was the first one picked up and thrown across the gazebo. No one could see the spider’s next move.

As Alex set still in the car, he observed the movement of all the rest of his team being picked up and thrown onto the hard concrete. Then suddenly he got an idea. His crew wasn’t dead, but badly hurt. Myesha was the last man standing. Her quick wit, and fascinating movements kept the spider in pursuit. Myesha had both knives out, swinging her arms in quick motion around her. It appeared to hit the spider because spurts of blood squirted. The monster was still not in view. Without warning Alex jumped out of the car and begin talking to the Charlottes.

“Hi Charlotte. Alex here. I am hoping that this brings you peace. I found this on ground next to the barn coming in. It is Wilbur’s. Remember him? Remember your pet, Wilbur.”

All of sudden, the spider invisible, now appeared in a ghastly white light as a little girl with sandy brown hair. The little girl did not talk but held out her hand.

“I believe this belongs to you. You made it for him.... As a token of our condolences, we made you a present too.”

Alex pointed over to the image of the pig. Charlotte turned her head to the image….Charlotte then mouthed the words thank you and disappeared.

“Was that the theory Alex?”

“Yes Myesha.”

The crew survived. The sheriff and police were found in their offices surprised and embarrassed to see that the crew had lived.

“Alex we waited until we saw the spider. It spit venom at us. So we left.”

“No worries. We all survived. Now you owe us. You gave your word.”

Although hospitalized, all were alive and well. The press got a hold of the story and the news cameras rolled away. They all became rich and famous. An image of Wilbur is now displayed in the gazebo. The crew still tackles worst case scenario projects. On the next adventure, Myesha had a lot to brag about. Aaron sat quietly.

“Why are you so quiet Aaron?”

“Oh.. no reason.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea.. I’m sure.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“You have to “eat the cake Ike.”

“The chocolate cake?”

“Yes. The chocolate cake.”

The End


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