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Nine climbers died strangely, the real supernatural events in the former Soviet Union, still remains a mystery

The Dyatlov incident was the most bizarre and horrific climbing incident in history.

By GorodnikiPublished 4 months ago 12 min read
Nine climbers died strangely, the real supernatural events in the former Soviet Union, still remains a mystery
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1、The mysterious unknown force took the lives of many people

In the 1960s, people shuddered Diatlov event, which is the most bizarre and horrific climbing event in history, in the event of ten climbers only one person gave up midway due to illness, the remaining nine people were all killed, and after search and rescue personnel and many experts and scholars of the scene investigation, found that the whole event is full of strange and mysterious phenomena and beyond common sense, especially the site of the photos left by the climbers Blurred reveals some kind of incredible horror picture, let people shudder!

The first puzzling thing is that the climbing team did not climb the originally planned peak, but mistakenly entered the Horat Chaghly mountain, which is locally known as the mountain of death, although they are all located in the Ural Mountains somehow they deviated from the route as if there is a mysterious force to lead them into danger, and this strange accident is also recognized by the former Soviet Union official mysterious unknown force caused nine climbers The incident was also classified as confidential.

2. The shocking route

In February 1959, ten Soviet mountain climbers organized a mountain climbing expedition, their intended destination is located in the Urals Mountains Otoltai, according to local people said that the mountain is exceptionally dangerous known as the "evil mountain", the locals are rarely to go, but it is the existence of a risk to stimulate the interest of these young people. The ten explorers consisted of eight men and two women, aged between 21 and 37, although most of them were students from the "Ural Polytechnic Institute" and others were ordinary workers, all of them had professional certification for Level 2 climbing, indicating that they all had extensive experience in climbing. The leader of the trip was a young man 23 years old, named Yinguol Dyatlov, who was not very old but was very competent and the most experienced mountaineer in the team, not only to conquer the treacherous peak in their hearts but also to get the third class mountaineering certificate for the team.

From one of the female team members. From the experience recorded in the diary of one of the female team members, Kolmogorova, and the photos from the cameras of the other team members, we can further find that the climbers experienced something before the accident, and in her diary, she described the events that happened during the trip. After two days of preparation on January 28, they were ready to go into the highlands, and were bound to play a game with this amazing nature!

Soon after the expedition, one of the team members, Yuri Yudin, had to give up the expedition due to a sudden onset of illness and had to quit the team just after they started climbing, and it was this illness that made him the only survivor of the trip, and they agreed to end the expedition on February 12 at the earliest and to return at the latest on the 16th in case of extreme weather or special circumstances. After a brief goodbye, all of them showed a sense of regret, and under the leadership of Captain Dyatlov, all of them continued to advance to the peak in front of them, not knowing that at this moment they were already closer to death, and they never stopped until January 29th to clear the snow from their skis. The snow was getting thicker and thicker, slowing down the pace of the group.

The weather in the Ural Mountains became worse and worse on January 30, just like the mood of the people, and the climbers could only slowly advance along the route taken by the indigenous people in the north. The most headache is that the location is now far from the woods, and can only endure the night without a campfire of more than 30 degrees below zero cold night.

On February 1, the day that changed everyone's fate, the weather was so bad that the visibility was so low that it was impossible to see the direction of progress, so much so that they deviated from their intended route, originally they should have been heading north, but in the case of being unable to distinguish the direction they unknowingly went west, towards Mount Horat Chahli, and also towards a road of no return, a mountain known by the local natives as the Mountain of Death, it is also the day the diary was terminated, the nightmare of the crowd also began ......

3. search and rescue personnel reveal the horrific and bizarre site conditions

Since then the climbers completely lost, to February 12 they did not go back by the scheduled deadline, 16 also still no message until February 20 the school and the families of the people have not received any message, foreseeing that they met with unpredictable school organization students and teachers to search and rescue work, because the task is very dangerous, they report to the local police to help, the military sent the army as well as helicopters and Reconnaissance aircraft to carry out a full range of search, until February 26 finally found in the slopes of the mountain 5 kilometers from the top of the Horat Chaghli people's place of occurrence, not only no one survived, the search and rescue team also encountered numerous bizarre phenomena.

The entire camp has long been empty, the tent was covered with snow scene in a mess, but there is no trace of a fight, let people wonder is that their accompanying luggage and food equipment is not missing, the scene left with the accompanying camera, diary, money box ...... etc. are neatly placed in the tent, more incredible is the camp Empty but everyone's shoes and clothes are left in the tent, that is, when they left the tent when no one is wearing shoes to leave, and even someone used a knife to cut open the tent from inside the tent, obviously the situation was very critical, so that people panicked and fled due to the more puzzling is that just 1 meter away from the cut position is the entrance and exit of the tent, in the end, what happened so that he could not Walk out of the tent!

Search and rescue personnel sees here the spirit of tension, but they did not abandon the base and continued to expand the scope of search and rescue, On February 27 at the edge of the woods about 1 km from the tent found the remains of two climbers and traces of burning campfire, their death is very strange, in the extreme cold only wearing underwear shorts and barefoot, the most bizarre is that they both serious burns on their hands and feet, as if the hands and feet Put into the campfire for warmth caused. After the search team found the remains of three more in other parts of the woods, their deaths were crawling in the direction of the tent, they are no external injuries, and after identification, all died of hypothermia, no signs of struggle, and no signs of encounters with wild animals.

However, the remaining four remains were found further down the valley, and it was these four remains that pushed the whole thing to the extreme, making it unbelievable that they could not be explained by normal thinking, including someone who suffered a huge external force resulting in a fractured sternum, and one skull fracture, the degree of fragmentation is like a serious car accident, the most chilling is that two of them had both eyes gouged out, a female team member Lost upper lip tongue was also cut off, more suspicious is that their bodies detected radioactive substances, previously found in the remains were not found in this case!

The search and rescue personnel site survey found that their tent was found in the climbing poles and flashlights that do not belong to them, and the tent was set up very amateurish, not at all like the level of the climbers, while in the hands of a female team member found a piece of clothing fabric that does not belong to anyone in the team, in the ground also found some strange metal fragments that do not belong to the climbers, and some of the team members of the clothing with Burn marks, in the captain's camera found extremely horrific images, there is an unknown orange circle of light, as well as a black body of human-shaped photos, some speculate that this may be the highland yeti, and can be seen at the time of taking these photos when the scene is unusually rapid chaos! Thus the incident was reported by the Soviet media at the time as the unfortunate nine people died of mysterious unknown forces, the file was also designated as a top-secret document sealed up.

4. The results of the investigation are confusing, and there may be an extraterrestrial civilization involved

In the 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia investigated the matter twice, the first time in the 1990s and most recently in 2019, and only since then has the diary and photos of the incident been revealed, and it is said that three years afterward the Soviet government issued a decree forbidding everyone, including skiers and wilderness explorers, to set foot in the area.

Years later, many experts and scholars from around the world speculated on the matter.

The first thing that puzzled many experts and scholars was why a group of experienced professional mountaineers suddenly changed their direction of travel, was it just because they got lost?

Secondly what circumstances led to many members of the team despite the severe cold temperature of -30 degrees outside, do not wear clothes and shoes, and even recklessly cutting open the tent to escape the scene, it seems that the situation is very urgent, but even if it is encountered beasts, but outside the tent can find the footprints of the team members, but has not found the footprints of the beast, while the remains of the team members intact, and no signs of being gnawed.

The third through the extra cane and flashlight, the female team members in the hands of the clothing fabric, as well as unskilled tent construction methods, will be pointed at the latter to join the team of climbing explorers, that is, the age of 37 years old Zorotarev, he was not a member of the team at the beginning, but met halfway to join the team, although his identity is suspicious, he also died in the accident, financial equipment, etc. also did not lose So it is not determined that he is the murderer!

The fourth last found four members of the team died strangely, although there are different degrees of injury, but did not find any signs of a fight, the most bizarre is that they all have radioactive substances, you know radioactive substances only modern weapons, shock waves such as nuclear bombs, supersonic, etc. to have such damage!

Finally, there are red circles of light found in the camera and unknown black humanoid creatures, resembling highland snowmen. One of the cameras inside a huge white luminous body, shooting a very tense atmosphere, and constantly shooting the strange scene in front of them as if deliberately conveying something to the next person!

Some experts speculate that the cause of the strange deaths of the four members of the team may be shock waves, but in this untouched valley in the end what can cause damage like shock waves? On the day the mountain climbers met with the accident 50 kilometers away from the ski team found that day the location of the mountain climbers, the sky above a very bright orange ball of light, at that time the locals also found this phenomenon, of course, there is also military news that the former Soviet Union test-fired intercontinental missiles here, but the red sphere, in the end, is a natural phenomenon or UFO is still inconclusive.

There is also a situation barely prevailed by many experts, that is, an avalanche, in fact, in the earliest search and rescue investigation of the matter when someone put forward the avalanche argument but was soon overturned, according to experienced climbers, they can not be tents set up under the mountain where an avalanche may occur, plus the slope of the mountain after the tent is only 15 degrees, even if an avalanche occurs at least 30 degrees of slope, but to In 2019, due to the progress of science, the famous avalanche research association professor John Meigao, he proved that 20 degrees of slope in certain conditions can also occur in the local slab avalanche, such a small-scale avalanche can also cause a strong impact, enough to shatter the human sternum and skull, although it can coincide with the death of the players, but also can not fully explain the many bizarre phenomena!

For example, the absence of the upper lip and tongue of the team members, the absence of the eyes of two team members, and the radioactive radiation on the bodies, the horrific images in the photos. The avalanche was so fleeting that the team members did not necessarily have time to react and escape from the tent in their exhaustion as well as cold conditions. Some speculate that the local natives killed them, that the natives were detached from modern society and not interested in the climbers' supplies, or that they were attacked by highland yetis. Others say they were killed by unknown organizations and had their tissues and organs cut out for experiments, and some speculate that they encountered UFOs and were eventually brutally killed by aliens.


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