by Taylor Jordon about a year ago in monster

I've been here before.


I've been here before. The oak floorboards that creak at random intervals, the yellow-ochre walls, and the off-white doors. The smell of rotting flesh and the site of coagulated blood spattering covering the hallway from top to bottom. A slight twinge of regret courses through my body as a low growl penetrates the stillness. I can feel the growl in my bones and my feet stop moving. At the end of the hallway, a red door looms slightly ajar. My senses telling me to turn and run the other way, to not take another step, yet I can't help but wonder what is on the other side of the door. Another growl sends every hair on my body standing at attention. A pool of fresh blood begins to ooze towards me from underneath the door as if to beckon me closer. The sound of meat tearing from bone reaches my alert ears. As I reach for the door, the smell punches me in the gut, doubling me over as I hurl what hasn't digested of my lunch all over the floor. I try to fight back the nausea and push the door open and that's when I see it.

Oh God!!! It's horrible! Please God sa.........

I startle awake as my phone vibrates off the table. I am drenched in a cold sweat that covers my entire body. The clock on the dresser states it is only 2:22 AM. The covers are wrapped around my legs so it takes me a minute to untangle myself. I sit on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands pondering the dream I just had. The murder at that abandoned house must have gotten to me more than I thought. The bodies ripped apart limb by limb, flesh torn away leaving behind muscle and tendons, the skulls mostly gnawed to the bone by something that has yet to be identified.

I reach for my phone on the floor. A familiar and menacing sound stops me before I reach it. That low growl in my dream. It's coming from under the bed. Slowly I sit up and reach for the Glock on the nightstand. I switch the safety off.....1, 2, 3..... I spring from my bed, turn, and fire. Unloading the entire clip into the mattress. I wait. Panting. My adrenaline soaring as I approach the bed. I bend down, grab a hold of the mattress and flip it off the frame. Revealing emptiness beneath and floorboards riddled with holes. Way to go Max. That's not going to be cheap to fix and on your budget it will take you 2 years to replace it. Get a grip. You just had a bad dream.

I look at the clock on my dresser..... 2:22 AM. My mind begins to race, my knees weaken and I find myself running towards the living room. Stopping at the couch, on the verge of collapsing, I sit down and try to relax. It seems as if only a few minutes have passed and I am waking up to the sound of my phone ringing. I roll over and pick it up, noticing I'm back in my bed with the covers kicked off. Phew! It was all just a dream. That place really got to me. I look at the time one the phone......

2:22 AM.....

I feel hot wet breath on the back of my neck and a low growl vibrates my entire body as my soul stills and my blood stops pumping.

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