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Mysterious Mansion!

Evil and darkness have fallen this night

By Andy YupaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

John had been walking through the woods for what felt like hours and was beginning to feel tired. He decided to take a break and sat down against a large tree. As he looked around, he noticed a strange-looking house in the distance. He couldn't quite make it out in the darkness, but he was intrigued enough to get up and investigate further. John slowly approached the house, trying to be as quiet as possible. When he got closer, he noticed that it was a huge Victorian mansion. It was in disrepair, with vines on the walls and broken windows. He heard strange noises coming from within as he approached the entrance. He crept around the side of the house and peered through one of the broken windows. Inside, he saw a man in an old-fashioned suit pacing back and forth. He seemed to be muttering to himself, and John could barely make out the words, "It must be done. The time has come." John didn't want to stay any longer, so he quickly backed away from the window and began returning to the woods. But as he was walking, he heard a loud bang and felt something grab his arm. He spun around and saw the man from the mansion standing behind him. He had a crazed look in his eye, and he was holding a large knife. "You shouldn't have come here!" the man growled. "You've seen too much, and now you must pay the price!" John was terrified and tried to back away, but the man tightened his grip on his arm. "No one ever leaves this place alive!" the man shouted. John's heart was pounding in his chest as he tried to find a way to escape. Suddenly, he spotted a large rock on the ground, and he quickly grabbed it and swung it at the man. The man stumbled backward, and John used the opportunity to run away. He raced back into the woods and ran as fast as he could, not looking back until he was sure the man was far enough away. Eventually, he made it back home, and he told his family what had happened. They were horrified and agreed that they should never return to the woods again. John still can't shake the terror he felt that night, and he thanks his lucky stars every day that he managed to escape with his life. He never found out what the man in the mansion was up to, but it reminds him of how quickly things can turn from peaceful to terrifying. John has since made it a point to avoid the woods and the strange mansion. He never told anyone what he saw that night but still remembers it. He wonders if the man in the villa is still there and if anyone else ventured too close to find out. He hopes that whoever it was found a way to escape like he did and that the man never harmed anyone else. John's experience in the woods that night will remain a mystery, but it is an essential reminder of why one must always be prepared for the unexpected. The man in the mansion may have been a madman, but John was lucky enough to make it out alive. But to this day, he still wonders what was happening in that house and what secrets it was hiding. Also, he still can't help but think that the man from the mansion was looking for him. What if he had stayed any longer? What would have happened if he hadn't been lucky enough to escape? Find out next time on Mysterious Mansion! The end, for now.


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