My Zombie Plan - Plan 1

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My Zombie Plan - Plan 1

Now I know zombies don't exist, only in nature (The Last of Us could happen, who knows?), but ever since I knew what zombies were, I knew I had to prepare for them.

I live in Canada, which is kind of an advantage since it's winter here like 80 percent of the time eh, and because of that, I believe the season is perfect for slowing zombies down. Their decrepit forms freeze, or are at are least in the process of, and thus slower. My parents live close to a lesser known hardware store, which grants us access to things like hammers, sledgehammers, axes, crowbars, golf clubs (it's a wild hardware store), etc. There's a few family-owned groceries and convenience stores in the area too—less traffic, less human interaction in an apocalyptic landscape, and less blood on our hands (hopefully) for when we have to scavenge for food.

Our house, unfortunately, is a haven for zombie attacks, lots of windows for them to crawl into Call of Duty zombies-style, so that's out of consideration. A little far, but worth the trek, is a church that's nicely made high up due to some contracting issues, so now the base of it is entirely cemented and there are only two staircases up to the entry and backdoor, so it's easily defended and we have a way out pretty simply.

So that's the location and plan to get to it and survive for a while, but the struggle is the human element. I'm not the only person clever enough to head there, it's a church after all so some folks are bound to go and pray for their lives. Getting my older parents, family of three kids (myself, older brother, and younger sister), and my sister's child presents an issue in the form of how to move a group with minimal zombie interaction.

None of us know how to drive—well, I don't, but my very old parents do. No licenses, but that doesn't stop anyone in an apocalypse, it's just hard to find something in the area that can seat all of us. I can tell you right now that I know there is no one immediately around us that has a big enough vehicle. The closest is some guy (weirdo) who lives a block away, and it's not worth it to run my old mom or dad down a block just to get the car. I can handle myself, but it'd be hard to move slow and watch their backs.

Struggles after struggles, but hey, it's the end of the world.

My older brother and I could both do it: Safely get there and have old momma drive back to pick the family up, while we go make it safe to the church, only to wait for food to run out and eventually go crazy and eat each other...

But, in anticipation for that, there are alternatives to eating one another. There are a few scattered grocery stores and the mall to get to—nothing fancy, but maybe some of them might have some stuff not noticed by the time we run out of our own supply. The mall has restaurants that might have some dried food or something, and lastly, there is a forest area near the edge of the city, where the church happens to be a few blocks from, and a large bridge nearby, so maybe a little foraging trip in the future.

Guns are the least of my worries. They're loud and ammunition is never not an issue, silencers aren't as good as movies and TV make them out to be, so it just never seemed that smart. But for the sake of that ol' human interaction I mentioned, there are two gun shops in town, as well as a shooting range and a hunting shop. Aside from those, I guess there is also a few bows and arrows lying around in Canadian Tire and Walmart; my family knows how to make our own bows too (a fun project we did when I was eight turning nine).

Needless to say, I think we would do okay, but that's if I happen to be at my parents' place, which I don't live in anymore. Now I'm on the other side where the options leave MUCH to be desired.

But that's only plan number one.

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