My Wife Was a Ghost Whisperer and Her Story Is Amazing, Yet Terrifying

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"When I was younger, I didn't believe in a bad ghost. I thought they were all good."

My Wife Was a Ghost Whisperer and Her Story Is Amazing, Yet Terrifying

My wife to this day can communicate with the dead. As a child, her abilities were stronger than ever. This is her story.

Before getting started, we shut off most of the lights to set the mood. The house we were staying at was quiet. I got my son to sleep and went back into the living room. Samantha and I took a deep breath and for the first time in our relationship, I asked her from start to finish what happened with her spiritual gifts as a child.

Me: I know last time we were talking about some of the spirits that were at your childhood home. Is that where you would like to start?

Sam: We can start wherever you want. It's all in the past and I've moved on from it.

Would you say that the apparition that kept coming to you through your abilities was your first threat?


Well, let's start there. You knew you had your abilities, but you weren't necessarily in control of the environment around you.

Well, I've always had the ability. Moreso when I was a kid than now. I tried to run away from what I could do. Push it away and pretend it didn't exist. And... it never went away. So, I was always aware it was there, and I had a very supportive family so that definitely helped when dealing with my conflict. In fact, when we moved away from New York my mom said there was this old couple, and well... they were ghosts. I would talk with them a lot and apparently, they really liked having me there and my family had caught me saying goodbye to them. Moreover, I would tell them how much I was going to miss their company. I had this understanding that they came with the house and that they weren't going anywhere. They would do things like stroke my hair until I fell asleep at night.


The biggest problem was understanding when to keep my sixth sense to myself. I didn't understand that because I had such an open family, that there were people that did not believe in it, or there were things too personal to say in an open setting. Like, sometimes I would say things that would make my teachers cry even though they didn't necessarily believe it until speaking with me.

Kind of like Stuttering Stanley from the Sixth Sense? You know, when the teacher started getting upset when the boy was saying too much?


Well, speaking of school, how often would it happen at the schools you went to?

It seemed less about the environment and more about the people that would be near me. Ghosts who have a message to get to somebody... They would reach out to someone like... well, me. And I felt I was doing them a service by bringing that message to somebody I hardly knew. And they would get upset from the message because it was a very personal situation that had nothing to do with me. And because I was small and it had nothing to do with me, I couldn't have known what I was talking about. And I didn't know. I was just the messenger.

Don't shoot the messenger, right? *Laughs*


Okay, so... let me ask you this. How many ghosts do you believe you saw on any given day?

I couldn't tell you. It was just all the time. There was one in particular who helped me a lot and I wasn't really able to figure out who it was. Many believed it was just my imaginary friend, which of course I believed he wasn't. He knew too much. But, he wouldn't tell me his name. He would refer to himself as Vaccum. But... I think it was my great-grandfather who had passed away. It didn't occur to me right away because he was much younger as a ghost than he was when he had died.

It sounds to me that most ghosts are nice. If I didn't know any better I'd say they were all friendly.

When I was younger, I didn't believe in a bad ghost. I thought they were all good. They were just spirits trying to connect to the living world to deliver messages they didn't get a chance to when they were alive.


As far as I understood, as a kid, I was the only one who could do it. It's why time and place didn't matter. I had to get that message across. I needed to help this spirit who was just as important as a living person.

Was there a clear difference between the dead and the living?

No, they looked very similar. You can feel a ghost's energy differently than a person's though. That's how I really knew.

We talked about this once before. A ghost has no body, so its intentions are pretty clear and open. Living people don't work that way because our energy is inside of a body. So... tell me about the first time you saw something that made you think it wasn't quite like the other ghosts you've spoken to.

When we lived in Lancaster, I was about 10 years old. I still remember being in elementary school. I quit talking about spirits in fourth grade. The first time I saw this spirit, it was different. But I didn't associate that with it being bad. I didn't believe in a bad spirit at the time. But, it tried to scare me on several occasions. I figured the spirit was trying to play. But then it would wait until nightfall, and... I mean... It looked terrifying.

Did it look human like the others, or did it take on some other form?

It looked like... a shadow person with long fingers. But it wasn't like... It looked like the shadow of a kid. It's weird.. thinking back on it... But...

I sat back and gave her a moment. Her voice had started quivering and I wanted to be sure she was comfortable revisiting this experience. She took a breath and then continued.

My fear of porcelain dolls actually came from this spirit. One night, I watched it disappear into one of the porcelain dolls I had, and this doll turned its head to look at me. It began... gnawing at my jacket as if it was eating it. And it just had this malevolent look it was giving me as if to say, "You're next." It terrified me.

Was the jacket beginning to disappear as if the doll really was swallowing the jacket?

Yes, but... It was dark. So it could have been an illusion. One thing is certain though: The jacket was moving.

I've heard ghosts can do things that seem impossible. The spirit world is not bound by the rules of our world.

Right. And the only reason I still have the porcelain dolls because they were a gift from my grandmother. They still have a lot of meaning to me, but I don't remove them from my closet. They stay where they're at.

What exactly would you call your ability?

It falls in the mediumship category.

So let's switch gears for a second. I understand that you learned how to banish ghosts from various locations. When did you learn to do this?

It was actually a New Age store I worked at. I learned how to smudge. It's where you take sage as an example and you would burn it so that the energy of the room would be cleansed of ghosts refusing to leave. My family didn't really do that though. They believed in using holy water and crosses to keep out spirits.

Which is interesting because there is a difference between a ghost and a demon. So, I'm sure that using holy water and crosses wasn't always the right solution.

Correct. But some ghosts see what you're trying to do and they may leave just because of the strong statement being made. It doesn't happen often, but it's happened to me.

On the flip side, a smudging isn't going to banish a demon. It requires much more work.

Right, and people who are within the pagan community are not all going to agree on which direction to take those extra steps. It's a wide range of beliefs with different backgrounds and different ways that banishment has worked.

And I feel no matter what religion you believe in. Being close minded is dangerous. It's what I love about the paranormal world though. It keeps you open-minded. For example, you've mentioned before that ghosts have invaded someone's body. They tried to get into them.


And I didn't know that was possible before.

It is possible, but fighting off a ghost is much easier than fighting off a demon. You have to give yourself up for a ghost to get inside of you. A demon is...

Much more intrusive.

Right. A ghost is much more direct with their intentions. It's only happened to me a couple of times, but it'll be where a ghost is trying to explain something to me but the message isn't making sense. The ghost would get frustrated and try to speak through me. I don't do that.

But some mediums do. I've seen it before.

Some don't mind it, but I feel letting ghosts in all the time is asking for trouble. Demons can hide who they are. They can begin forming a false bond with you and get you to open up to them. I don't have personal experiences with demons, but that is my best way of explaining the difference between demons and ghosts.

Well, I feel this is a good place to close up. Thank you very much for sitting down with me and sharing your experiences and knowledge.

Thank you for having me.

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