My True "Ghost" Experiences

These Are Just Experiences I Had When I Was Younger

My True "Ghost" Experiences
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I'm going to start out with one from my grandmother's house. I was going to sleep in her bed with her because I hated sleeping in her house by myself. I was too scared for whatever reason. She kept her bathroom light on so she could see in the middle of the night, so there was a little bit of light in the room. I was against the wall and there was a closet on the other side where my grandma was. I'm facing the wall and I see a shadow of a person walking towards the closet and lean forward. My first thought was that it was my aunt coming in to take a cigarette from my grandma as she is known to do this and she's VERY quiet walking around. I didn't hear anything. When I rolled over, no one was there. I rolled over so quick and closed my eyes and told myself not to open them again in case I saw something else. I never felt comfortable in that house, and this just gave me a reason. I was so happy when she moved.

Another is when I was in 8th grade, the beginning of the year and we lived in this old house. It was my mom, step-dad, two brothers, a step-sister and step-brother. One night, my brother asks if he can sleep in my room with me because he didn't want to be alone. I wake up in the middle of the night to see a person standing at the end of the bed on my side. It was just staring at me. What was weird to me is that I didn't feel scared. I just rolled over closer to my brother and fell back asleep. My other grandma, who is very religious, told me it was my "guardian angel" since I didn't feel fear, it was like I was just content.

After that, my mom, brother and I moved somewhere else. My brother and I had to share a room. We had bunk beds. There's a few things from this particular home. The first is when my brother and I were going to bed and we were just talking when he freaks out and tells me he sees a face at the end of his bed. It could've just been the darkness playing tricks on him. I never saw it so I can't say for sure. Another is when my brother wasn't home, but my smallest brother was and he was sleeping with my mom in her room. I was in my room on my laptop recording myself singing with the recorder on my computer. When I get done, I go to play it back and it starts out with the music from the song and then there's a click, like the mouse clicked on my keyboard. After that, there was no music, no singing, just static. As I listened, confused, I hear a boy say, "come back to me." I can't tell you how fast I slammed that computer shut and ran into my mom's room and told her what happened. She let me get into bed. The next day, everyone was gone except for me. I'm in the bathroom and from there, you can see into my moms room. I'm looking in the mirror and then I see movement. There was someone walking around my moms room. I was terrified. I ran outside and sat on the porch until my mom came back home. She tells me that the night before, she could hear me singing in my room and then she felt someone tap on her leg and she opened her eyes but i was still singing and my little brother was asleep, and then I ran into her room with the news of what had just happened with my computer. We moved not long after that.

When I was really young, like first grade maybe. My aunt and her friend were playing with a Ouija Board in the living room in the dark, besides candles. I was sitting on the couch, just watching. The dog started barking at the kitchen but refused to go inside. Next thing was an empty two-liter bottle hitting me from the kitchen. I left right after that. We lived right across the street from a cemetery. Another from the same house, same age, a cup flew out of the cabinet and shattered.

That's all for me. My mom had some experiences too. They're really out there for me, but I'll tell you anyways.

So, she says she was playing with a Ouija Board when she was younger and it freaked her out. I don't remember why, but she freaked out so bad she threw it away. The next day, it was back on her table. So, she rips it up this time and throws it away, but again, it was back on the table. So this time she burns it and it doesn't come back. She was always VERY serious about us never touching one as we grew up.

Another she told me was that when she was younger, she had a friend who had a sick mother, and she would stay at her friends house and in the middle of the night, the mom would call out for my mom to give her her medicine. After she died, my mom stayed over there again and she woke up to her friend's mom calling out for her to come give her her medicine. She said she was halfway down the hallway before she remembered her friend's mother had died.

I know a lot of people are skeptical or just do NOT believe. And that's okay. I believe though. I always have. I don't believe they're there to hurt us or anything like that per se, but I believe in them. I know my stories aren't scary or in much detail, but that's only because I didn't make them up... or trust me, they would be a lot better than they are. These are just some of the "paranormal experiences" I've had. They weren't anything harmful or serious, but they happened.

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