My Paranormal Stories

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"I heard a whisper in my ear and felt the warm breath, as if there was someone really there. All the hairs on my body stood up."

My Paranormal Stories
"If you're reading this, then you are blissfully unaware of what's creeping up behind you."

Sierra Vista, Arizona

This event happened twice in the same way. My brother and I were in the car on our way to my mom's boyfriend's house. When we got there, I remember the first time it happened. I was around eight years old at the time and my mom told us to wait in the car, and she would be right back. So my brother and I patiently waited, despite hating coming here. It was dark outside in a neighborhood further away from town with no street lights around us. I was talking to my brother and trying to keep him distracted so he wouldn't cause a scene while we waited for my mom to come back. I remember being creeped out being outside in the dark, but I was content because I at least had my little brother next to me. As time slowly passed, I was starting to get irritated by how long my mom was taking and that's when it happened.

I felt heavy breathing in my right ear and I just froze. I felt heat in my ear as if there was someone actually there and tears started streaming down my face. I was so scared and didn't know what else to do. I wasn't crying, but my eyes just automatically started tearing up. It felt like forever that this was going on and right when I was about to move, I saw a ball of light, which I would later find out was an orb. It was in the front windshield of the car and it went left to right. It looked like it was dancing around. As soon as it disappeared, the breathing stopped and my mom came out of the trailer. I was confused and in shock. This happened twice to me at the same place, and to this day, I don't know what it was and why it was doing it to me.

Springfield, Virginia

I have a few stories that took place in the same neighborhood. I grew up in this house for 10 years and I would constantly have horrible, vivid, and demonic dreams. I used to have nightmares as a kid, but nothing compared to the ones I had growing up in this house. I would have creepy and demonic dreams at least twice a week. It scared the hell out of me every time, but here are the ones I remember vividly:

    1. The Man: I would have different dreams with the same looking silhouetted man. In one of my dreams, I was in bed and moved my curtain to look out into the front yard. That was the first time I seen the man. Based on the silhouette, he wore a top hat with a large rim for the base of the hat, long raincoat, and looked as if he was wearing heavy work boots. I heard many other people describe the same thing in their dreams, but it scared me when I had to wake up early to walk to my bus stop during daylight savings time. It was always dark and I constantly looked behind me after that dream because I was so paranoid that the man, or someone, would be following me.
    2. The Ring: This dream recurred a couple times, but equally terrified me. The dream would always start with me in bed waking up to my little brother coming into my room. When I went to turn my head to scold my brother, I saw a girl sitting in the corner of my room with her legs up to her chest, her arms wrapped around them, and hair covering her face looking in my direction. My heart started racing as I yelled for my brother to get out of my room. He kept asking me why and I would respond with, "Get out! Run, there's something in here." I never knew why I kept having those dreams, but it felt so real when I was in them...
    3. The Kids in the Yard: This one wouldn't sound scary, but it only got worse as the dream went on... the dream started off with me opening the front door to see a bunch of kids in the yard and my brother playing with them. I notice that he was playing with the kickball and I told him to come inside. He came into the house, and as I turn to close the door, all the kids stopped playing and just stared at me. This one girl was right in front of me and I see her eyes turn a filmy, blue color as she slowly smiles and cocks her head to the side. I quickly close the door and lock it. I yell to my family in the living room and tell them to lock all the doors and that there was something bad going on. My dad just sat there in front of the TV and said, "I know." I got the chills and ran to the back of the house to lock the sliding glass door on our back porch. I notice on the stairs leading up to the porch, there was an older lady with white hair chanting something to me. I get frustrated and ask what she was saying. As soon as she told me, she ran up the stairs strait at me and luckily I lock the door just in time. I run back to the living room to find my family climbing on all fours on the walls and ceiling. I was so scared and terrified that I just start running away. Then it moves to me running on all fours laughing, but I was trapped in my own body trying to regain control. I woke up wondering what it was that the old lady was chanting, and to this day, I still don't remember what she said...
    4. My Ex: I had a normal dream of my ex and I spending time together kissing. I woke up from my dream to find what looks like him laying in the bed with me. He was just staring at me and disappeared. I was absolutely terrified because I wasn't in a dream anymore, it really happened...

My Friend's House

This took place in front of my friend's house. There was definitely something in her house. You can feel a dark energy in her house. There was one night she wanted me to pick up some weed for her. I came back to her house and went on my phone to try and call her, but the phone didn't go through and I lost phone service, which was weird because I had never lost service in that area before. When I was about to get out of the car and go up to her house, something told me to look up, and that's when I saw her mom looking through the family room window smiling at me through the curtains. I thought I was overthinking everything, but when I tried to message her I still had no service. I looked up and saw her mom moving the curtains around aggressively and decided to leave after that. I was so scared and freaked out that my phone was out of service and her mom was acting like that. There were times where I would be in her house and feel drained, but when I left I felt fine again.

Tucson, Arizona

There has been many paranormal experiences that's happened in this house. There was one time in particular that really shook up our son. One night he woke up and ran into our room crying because he saw something in the corner of his room. We looked up in the corner and couldn't see anything, but he kept saying, "It's right there! It's right there!" And, of course, we both looked at each other and had him sleep in our bed with us and he started sleeping with a light on after that. I didn't blame him.

Another incident happened when Joey left to his friend's house two houses down and it was just my son and I in the house. I kept seeing a shadow move in the corner of my eye and when I turned to see what it was, nothing was there. Not too long after, the dogs started barking in the same corner that Aidan said he saw something that one night. After that kept happening every other night, I saged the house and nothing happened for a while.

There was one night when Aidan was taking a shower and started calling for Joey to go to him. Joey had been at his friend's house that night so I go over there and ask what he needed, he said that there was an old lady that was talking to him in the shower... I got him washed up and dressed for the night, he didn't want to take a shower alone for a while after that.

Every night Joey would go to turn off his Xbox and it would turn back on by itself. It had a hard pressed button instead of the finger sensor one and that's why I thought it was weird, especially when my Xbox one started doing it because mine had the sensor on it and nothing was near it for it to turn on.

Over the two years of living here, we've saged the house three times. It seems like no matter how many times we do it, things end up coming back into the house. I'm not sure what to do at this point, Aidan hasn't said anything or has been acting strange. We haven't had anything become physical to us or anything, but it likes to mess with us from time to time. I just wonder who or what it is that keeps coming back...

Kayla Triplett
Kayla Triplett
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