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My Favourite Short Scary Stories

Lost in the Woods: A Nightmarish Encounter

By S M RelaxationsPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
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There is nothing that excites me more than delving into the world of scary stories. The adrenaline rush, the thrill of fear—these emotions captivate me like no other. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my penchant for recounting creepy tales, particularly during sleepovers with my friends. Over the years, I've amassed a collection of short, spine-chilling stories that I stumbled upon online as a child. I thought it would be a delightful idea to share these tales with everyone. Whenever I recount these stories, they never fail to leave an indelible impression. So, without further ado, let me unveil five of my all-time favorite short scary stories!

Story 1: Who's in My Bed?

A loving father followed his nightly routine of tucking his seven-year-old son into bed. This ritual was essential to ensure his son's peaceful slumber. As he entered the dimly lit room, he couldn't help but notice something peculiar about his son's demeanor. Though the boy appeared the same, his wide grin seemed eerily unusual. "Are you okay, buddy?" the father inquired. The son nodded, his grin still intact, and softly uttered, "Daddy, check for monsters under my bed." The father chuckled, thinking it was a playful request, and knelt down to investigate. To his astonishment, he discovered his real son, pale and terrified, hiding beneath the bed. In a hushed tone, the boy whispered, "Daddy, there's someone on my bed."

Story 2: The Cabin

A hiker embarked on a solitary expedition, a departure from his usual companionship. The day progressed uneventfully as he traversed through forests teeming with trees and shrubs. Being outdoors, surrounded by mountains, brought him immense joy. However, as dusk approached and he began his journey back to his car, an inexplicable unease crept over him. He suddenly realized he no longer recognized the trail. Panic surged through his veins as nightfall shrouded the surroundings. With only a flashlight in hand, his battery depleting rapidly, he knew it was perilous to venture further into the treacherous forest. His worry grew, fearing he would have no shelter for the night. Almost miraculously, he stumbled upon a dilapidated cabin, appearing untouched for years. Despite its eerie darkness, he had no other choice but to seek refuge until dawn. Knocking on the door yielded no response, so he cautiously entered. To his surprise, the center of the room housed a perfectly arranged bed meant for a solitary occupant. Exhaustion from the hike took its toll, and despite the unsettling paintings adorning the walls—portraits of peculiar-looking individuals with haunting smiles—he managed to succumb to sleep. The next morning, he awoke early only to find the paintings replaced by windows.

Story 3: The Red Wristband

Within a hospital where patients were identified by colored bands—green for the living and red for the deceased—a doctor found himself working a late shift. Instructed to retrieve supplies from the basement, he entered the elevator. To his surprise, a patient stood inside, seemingly minding her own business. Patients were allowed to move around the hospital for exercise, particularly those with extended stays. The doctor noticed the absence of a floor button pressed by the woman, wondering if she intended to go to the basement as well. The elevator reached the desired floor, and just as it opened, the doctor caught sight of a limping man rapidly approaching. Filled with panic, he instinctively pressed the close button, sealing the doors shut. As the elevator ascended, the doctor's heart pounded in his chest. "Why did

you do that? He was trying to use the lift," the woman exclaimed, annoyed. Perplexed, the doctor replied, "Did you see his wrist? It was red. He passed away last night. I know because I performed his surgery." The woman lifted her own wrist, revealing a crimson band, and smiled. "Like this one?"

Story 4: White with RED

Upon moving into a new apartment, a man received his keys from the receptionist, who kindly cautioned him against disturbing the unnumbered door on his floor. Intrigued by this warning, he couldn't resist investigating further. He stepped outside his apartment and approached the door without a number. The doorknob refused to yield, prompting him to kneel down and peer through the keyhole. The sight that met his eyes was an empty apartment, save for a woman standing with her face pressed against the wall in the corner. Her pallid complexion and long black hair captured his attention before he abruptly retreated, feeling as though he had invaded someone's privacy. Brushing off the unease, he assumed she desired solitude. The following day, consumed by curiosity, he returned to the door. Once again, he knelt down and peered through the keyhole. This time, all he saw was an expanse of red. Red. Convinced the woman had caught him spying the previous day and covered the keyhole in response, he left the door undisturbed. Seeking answers, he sought out the receptionist, who sighed wearily and confronted him, "You looked through the keyhole, didn't you?" With a sheepish nod, he confessed, compelling her to share the chilling tale of a couple who had resided in that apartment long ago. The husband's descent into madness led him to murder his wife. But this couple was no ordinary pair—they possessed pale skin, black hair, and crimson eyes.

Story 5: A Mother's Call

A daughter sat in her upstairs room, engrossed in her homework, when she suddenly heard her mother's voice beckoning her to come downstairs for dinner. Eagerly, she rose to her feet and took a step toward the staircase. Yet, before she could proceed further, hands seized her and forcefully dragged her into the adjacent laundry room. Initially gripped by fear, she soon recognized her true mother—teary-eyed and bloodshot. "Don't go down there, honey. I heard it too."


These short scary stories have long held a special place in my heart. The thrill they evoke, the shivers they send down my spine, and the lingering sense of unease—they all contribute to my fascination with the horror genre. I hope you, too, found delight and a touch of terror within the depths of these tales. After all, what better way to experience the exhilaration of fear than through the safety of a story? So, gather around, my friends, and let the spine-chilling tales continue to send shivers down your spine.

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