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My Demons

by Michael Douglas 7 months ago in supernatural


My Demons
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I want to tell you about one of my stories of the supernatural, these made me a believer of the supernatural ad its dangers to anyone, and you can deem this fact or fiction but to me it happened and this is recount of how it happened, enjoy. The first story begins here…I was cursed at birth to die thanks to my dad pissing off a gypsy lady right before my parents found out my mom was pregnant with me. But my dad, he had been cursed to die that night and it never happened thanks to it passing to me and turning into a curse that plagues me every seven years. For the first seven years I had no issues at all and my parents long before forgot about the gypsy lady in the market. I went to bed after playing spyro the first game for PS1 and I instantly knew something was wrong. When I entered my dreams like normal, it was as if I was really there in person. I was a smart kid and knew about dream walking thanks to my mom. I scanned my dream for anything and only found mountains covered by shadow from the blood red sky with dark black clouds and the soil red like mars. I was nowhere I had ever been, seen, or even heard of. I wasn’t fully scared being a super cocky kid and I loved to fight bullies and knew about control of the dream realm, what could go wrong! I walked in a single direction and saw nothing changed after a bit, so I decided I was tired of my dream, I opened a portal to my favorite dream….it didn’t open. A voice sounded in my head and I could sense death was literally right next to me. The voice turned to three as they said so you’re the one, the one we need to kill to be free from this shell, free to kill the mortals as we please. I turned to see three creature red in color but one who was red and black armor with wings in its back who stood to my left and the red demon with a polearm spear in gold armor and cloth between the armor pieces, the middle one was human looking and stood 9 feet tall but had horns like a dragon and was fully covered in red scaled armor and had no other features besides claws for finger tips. I keep looking them over when one starts to move towards me, I stop them by asking them who they are at least before they try to kill me. The leader laughed at me. He named them three, Leviathan, my lieutenant, and I am a lord of hell the lord of flies, also called Beelzebub. I asked him if he thinks he can. The lieutenant rushes forward again to strike at me. I side stepped as his spear flew past my face and I rush forward and strike the demon clear in the face but what I did next almost changed the game for me, I thought my fist weighed nothing to me but hit like a semi. The demons armor took the hit and sent him sliding back but not like I would have hoped for. The laugh again, and ask what I was trying to do. I hit you in the jaw with a 16-wheeler semi-truck. The demons again laugh and claim such things won’t kill them. I rush forward and think myself right behind them and strike the lieutenant again in the side and thought of the strongest thing I could hit with, I ended up with the strength of the hulk since it’s my favorite movie, I hit him and launched him across the desert and int the distance, I then kick the leviathan thing in the chest and send it flying into the air to only caught itself mid-flight. I recover and launch a attack my dad taught me, where you spin punch and follow with a kick and shoulder to take your enemy to the ground. But he caught my wrist and leg and lifted me up into the air. You thought you could win against us. You puny insect of a meat sack. He screams, and then tosses me through the air o to the sandy ground, but as I look up the three demons stood there hurt a little but still laughing, they then lung at me and I turned to run and jedi step away into the desert but I feel a cold searing pain in my back as I’m propelled forward from claws striking my back. I woke up right before I hit the ground, and the claw marks were still there and three days later they either disappeared or healed beyond what should be possible for such a claw mark. My mom told me it was serious and we did a dream reading and blessed my room. Weird it didn’t happen until 7 years later; this time was a little different. They showed up and I forgot what they were or who until they reminded me, whereas this time I could hurt them thanks to my aged mind. I took them to anther area this time and portal jumped us out of the desert and into the night sky filled with darkness and red strikes of lightning. We floated there and I grabbed the weakest one the lieutenant and started in on killing this creature. I struck but I didn’t limit my hit and just increased it as I struck. I hit once throwing the demons head into a unnatural position like he over cracked his neck but I didn’t stop as I upper cut the demon with more force in the nuts, but it just sent it into the air and I followed with a curved kick which connected with his side and sent the demon flying into a mountain and made a large impact that I felt and I notice a few flying chunks of metal in the air that came from my strikes on the demon. I turned to the other demons who sat by as I pummeled their friend. They point to there friend and tell me to continue or I will die. I look back just in time to see the demon right in front of me flying full steam ahead and about to strike me with his halberd spear, I dodged in time and grab him and his tail as I throw him through the air and into the distance. I waited for him to come back and he didn’t this time. I turned to the lord of flies, and the leviathan appears before me. I swing and without stopping to talk, I hit the creature of the pit in the rib cage with a solid right hook but it doesn’t even hurt him. He hits me without seeing him strike, and I’m flying through the air. I stop myself and end up waking up as he rushes forward. The next night I talked to my mom about the situation in little detail other then the demons in my dreams. She advised me to think of her next time I entered that realm of theirs. This time I entered ready for them. When I entered the realm of my dreams this time I did as my mom said and it made my mom appear in my dreams and the demons ran after realizing they couldn’t harm my mother’s apparition I summoned. My moms form ended up attacking them and chasing them through the desert even to this day.

Michael Douglas
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