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Movie Review: Tales from the Hood 3

by Gladys W. Muturi about a month ago in movie review
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My first time watching the third sequel of the horror anthology film


I’ve already watched Tales from the Hood and Tales from the Hood 2 now I have finally get to watch the third part of tales from the Hood 3.

The movie opens at a Scary graveyard and at this scary place, William (played by Tony Todd) takes six year old Brooklyn (played by Sage Abellard) running away from evil. The little girl started to question him about the bad things and then she tells the story But she has to whisper the story.

The first story "Ruby Gates"

The first story started at an apartment complex looks kind of faded old. David Burr (played by Landon Brown), a guy who owns the a knocks on the apartment 313 where there was a family wanting to evict them so he can build a new complex and The child dribbling the basketball has cancer. He offered them money but they refuse plus he’s rude to them. After the visit he meets this crazy guy made a plan to set it on fire so that the family can exit out of the apartment. Later, he finds out that the complex was on fire and that the family is dead from the fire. David feels guilty and he gets a phone call from the basketball ball bouncing and The family started to haunt him. Honestly it was getting good. He kills the guy who the set the apartment on fire. Feeling guilty about what he has done he goes back to that apartment sees the spirit of the family until a fireball hits him and kills him.

The Next Story "The Bunker"

A white racist supremacist Denton Wilbury(played by Cooper Huckabee) being outspoken and vile living in a secluded bunker shelter, he has his radio station being so disturbing. The most disgusting part of the story is the way he fucks the sex blowup dolls. Two sex dolls: a black doll and Hispanic doll treating them like his sex slaves. It was mad freaky and uncomfortable to watch like the dude needed help. In the end, he shot himself and it turns he was living in a force field in misogynist zoo while other people were watching him. Well he needed a taste of his own medicine.


A singer Chela Simpson (played by Savannah Basley) meets Park (played by Jaime M. Callica) after she was fired by a singer who out sing her in the recording studio who wants to help her with her career. She meets Miss Beniot (played by Lynn Whitefield), a rich former opera singer Miss Beniot would make Chela as her caregiver made her watch her old Carmen performance over and over again, Miss Beniot would tell her a story how she couldn't get the part of Carmen because she is black. When Chela presents her singing voice, Miss Beniot wasn't impressed and tells she needed work. So Chela and Park made a plan to murder her and take her money. The plan worked until it was all a trick by Park and Miss Beniot and Park is Miss Beniot lover and they switched bodies this time Miss Beniot in Chela's body.

Last story"Dope Kicks"

A robber Percy Woodhouse (played by Patrick Abellard) who robs an elderly woman and then robs a guy with some golden kicks until I saw something haunting him. The funniest part was when he pissed and shit himself and he couldn't take them golden shoes off. He started seeing angels and devils. He stood frozen as statue then was transported to strange hospital which took him down to hell until he woke up at hospital with demonic spirits chasing him until he meets the woman he saw on the news for calling out the robber for hitting and robbing her grandmother and she is voodoo woman who puts a curse on those shoes. They made a deal with him to go and apologize to the guy he killed in order for him to live but it was too late. In the end of the film, back at the place, it turns out William is a nasty murderer who kidnaps and kills young children and the plot twist is Brooklyn, the cute little innocent girl telling the stories to William is the devil taking him to hell and the "bad things" are his victims he buried. The film has shown good camera work, love the , some of the stories were not that scary but were like melodramatic. I like the Ruby Gates and Operatic stories and the ending was satisfied. Tony Todd never disappoints in this film. I mean for a second I thought he was going to play as the devil. Lynn Whitefield was a stellar in the Operatic story. I was creeped out with the Bunker with the way the racist fucking thrusting the colored dolls cussing and screwing them. It screwed my eyesight watching it. Scott and Cundieff did well with the horror stories but it didn't horrify me like the original and the second sequel.

Director(s): Rusty Cundieff, Darin Scott

Writer (s): Rusty Cundieff, Darin Scott,

Producer(s): Rusty Cundieff, Darin Scott, Griff Furst

Cast: Tony Todd, London Brown, Cooper Huckabee, Patrick Emmanuel Abellard, Sage Arrindell, Lynn Whitfield, Savannah Basley

Cinematography: Thomas L. Callaway

Editor: John Quinn

Music: Frederik Wiedmann

Production Company: Universal 1440 Entertainment

Distributors: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Syfy

Year: 2020

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