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Mister Galvisi's Metamorphosis

by Alejandro Betancourt 7 months ago in fiction
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It's not always how it seems.

Photo by Wai Siew on Unsplash

The bioluminescent waves crashed against the boat, threatening to tear it apart with their sheer force. A little girl with green eyes and red hair leaned over the edge of the ship. The ocean was calling her name, taunting her with its secrets beneath its surface.

The boat tipped forward as the girl leaned too far out, but she didn't let go. Twisting in midair so that she faced down into the depths of the water below, all while still holding onto a rope on either side of her body for extra support, she heard something slithering through murky waters towards her.

Scaled arms emerged from under them, engulfing her whole torso before clamping around her neck tight enough to cut off most of her oxygen supply. She kicked and fought against the beast's powerful grasp, but it was no use. Her captor dragged her down to the bottom of the sea while she twitched in its arms until finally, life left her eyes.

When they reached their destination, Mister Galvisi released his hold on the child's dead body, letting it float lifelessly down onto a dock. He looked up and smiled at the moon before heading back into the sea, ready for his next victim.

The next day by the dock a crisp autumn breeze rolled through the trees, shaking a few leaves from their branches. A young girl with green eyes and red hair ran eagerly through with her white labrador close by her side. The fresh morning air filled her lungs as she laughed joyfully at the dog's antics. The wind howled louder as it swept up around them, sending a shiver down both of their spines almost simultaneously. The girl turned to look behind her, but that only seemed to anger Mister Galvisi even more if his growing scowl was any indication.

He grabbed hold of his prey's neck and dragged her kicking and screaming through the beach until she finally stopped struggling. Mister Galvisi released his hold once her body was lifeless.

The dog barked furiously at Mister Galvisi before running to her side, but she was already gone. He licked her face frantically as he tried his best to wake her up. Kissing her forehead, Mister Gavilius heard the call of his master's voice and headed back into the ocean without looking back again.

A cold gust of wind swept through the clearing, rustling fallen leaves along its way until it reached its destination, where Mister Galvisi stood smiling proudly at what he had accomplished so far.

He took one last look at the girl's body before turning away from the shore. Mister Galvisi reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial that contained a small amount of fluid with a dark, ominous color to it. He inhaled deeply before swallowing all of it in one swift movement as he headed back towards the ocean.

Darkness fell over the ocean like an ominous shadow, bringing with it an eerie chill that crept up your spine like someone walking over your grave.

Mister Galvisi's eyes opened up, revealing their bright green irises once again. He could feel the cold, motionless body next to him underneath the waves.

The stars were almost drowned out by thick storm clouds that loomed overhead before finally releasing a downpour of rain onto Mister Galvisi's face, washing away his tears until all that remained was the calm expanse of an ocean that stretched into eternity in every direction. Mister Galvisi closed his eyes again, knowing that the human body would start to feel pain otherwise.

He fullfilled his mission, Mister Galvisi thought as he reached for the girl's body that lay motionless at his side. Mister Galvisi could feel her cold skin underneath his fingertips before tightening his grip on her neck until he felt it snap.

Photo by David Boca on Unsplash

She would never know what happened to her after she had parted ways with her friend earlier in the evening, Mister Galvisi thought while carrying both of their bodies down towards the bottom of the ocean.

Mister Galvisi didn't even flinch as a shark swam right up to him and snapped its jaws before making Mister Galvisi an offer he had no intention of refusing.

Mister Galvisi laughed while the shark carried the body towards the deep. Mister Galvisi smiled wider as the child's body suddenly jerked before he finally let go of it. He watched it get devoured in a single bite that swallowed it whole, leaving him with only the girl he intended on saving in the first place.

Mister Galvisi caught sight of his reflection in a nearby body of water and stared at himself in awe. His eyes were no longer green, but pure black orbs that seemed able to see into another dimension altogether.


About the author

Alejandro Betancourt

I am a single father, an entrepreneur & a businessman. I founded a couple of venture capital funds. I write about business, tech, finance & the human spirit.

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