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Missing Daughter

Investigation of Missing Bankers Daughter

By Rasheek RasoolPublished 6 months ago 13 min read

As a personal investigator, I had visible many instances, but the one which the wealthy banker supplied to me changed into specifically disturbing. His daughter had gone lacking, and there has been no hint of her. She had vanished without a single clue, and the handiest factor the banker ought to do turned into flip to me for assist.

I began my research by means of talking to the banker himself. He turned into a stern guy, with a sharp nostril and a piercing gaze. He informed me that his daughter become a rebellious teenager, constantly looking for hassle. She were placing out with a terrible crowd, and the banker turned into satisfied that that they had something to do along with her disappearance.

I promised the banker that i might do the whole thing in my energy to find his daughter, and that i set out to work. My first prevent changed into the lady's school. I talked to her teachers and classmates, but no one had seen her for days. It was as though she had vanished into thin air.

Next, I turned my attention to the woman's buddies. They have been a hard bunch, and they didn't take kindly to me poking round. But I persisted, and subsequently, one in every of them cracked. She instructed me that the lady have been speaking about an area referred to as "The abandoned residence."

I had heard of The deserted residence earlier than. It become a dilapidated vintage mansion on the outskirts of city, rumored to be haunted by means of the ghosts of its former residents. I knew that I had to investigate.

I made my way to The abandoned house, and what I saw chilled me to the bone. The place turned into in shambles, with broken home windows and peeling paint. The the front door became locked, however I controlled to discover a manner internal.

As I made my way through the darkened halls, I heard unusual noises coming from the shadows. It appeared like whispers, however I could not make out what they have been pronouncing. I tried to shake it off and hold my search, but the feeling of being watched changed into becoming unbearable.

All at once, I heard a blood-curdling scream. It changed into coming from upstairs. I rushed to the staircase and started out to climb, but the steps had been slippery, and that i almost fell several times.

After I reached the top of the steps, i discovered myself in a big, dusty room. Within the middle of the room changed into a large, ornate reflect. However what I noticed pondered within the glass turned into not my personal picture.

Rather, I saw the lacking woman, her eyes huge with terror. She changed into trapped within the mirror, achieving out to me for help.

I knew then that The deserted house become not simply haunted by using ghosts. It was a portal to another realm, a realm of natural terror and darkness. And the lacking woman was trapped there, a prisoner of the evil that lurked within.

I tried to interrupt the replicate, but it changed into indestructible. I tried to attain in and grasp the woman, however my hand handed via her as if she have been fabricated from smoke.

As I stood there, helpless and alone, I heard a faint whisper in my ear. It turned into a voice that I diagnosed, the voice of the rich banker who had employed me.

"go away her," the voice said. "She introduced this upon herself. She became continually looking for danger, and now she has determined it."

I grew to become round to confront the banker, but he was nowhere to be seen. I was alone with the missing woman, trapped in a world of terror and insanity.

And then, abruptly, I awakened. It had all been a dream. However as I sat there, respiration closely, I couldn't shake the sensation that some thing became off.

I determined to call the banker and tell him approximately my dream. But once I picked up the telephone, I heard a acquainted whisper on the alternative quit.

"it is too overdue," the voice stated. "You should not have meddled in things you don't understand."

The voice changed into distorted, almost inhuman. I attempted to speak, however the words caught in my throat.

"good-bye," the voice stated, and then there was silence.

I hung up the phone and attempted to compose myself. I advised myself that it became only a prank call, that there has been nothing to be frightened of. However deep down, I knew that something became wrong.

The following day, I decided to go back to The deserted residence. It changed into sunlight hours now, and that i was hoping that i'd be able to locate some clues about the missing lady's whereabouts.

As I made my manner thru the dusty halls, I noticed some thing extraordinary. The walls were protected in unusual symbols and markings, like a few kind of historical language.

I failed to apprehend any of the symbols, but they crammed me with a experience of unease. It was as if the partitions themselves had been alive, pulsing with a few darkish electricity.

After which I saw her. The lacking female was status on the cease of the hallway, her eyes constant on me. But there has been some thing one of a kind approximately her now. Her pores and skin become light and clammy, and her actions were jerky and unnatural.

I known as out to her, however she didn't reply. She just stared at me with those dead eyes.

And then, , she lunged at me.

I stumbled backward, however she changed into too rapid. She pinned me to the floor, her hands digging into my flesh.

I tried to combat back, however she become too strong. It was as though she were possessed by a few malevolent force, a pressure that become now controlling her every pass.

As I lay there, helpless and on my own, I realized that I had stumbled into something a ways beyond my expertise. The lacking woman had been taken through some thing some distance greater sinister than any man or women, some thing that lurked in the shadows, watching for its next victim.

And now, it had me.

The closing factor I don't forget turned into the sound of her laughter, echoing thru the halls of The abandoned residence. A laughter that became no longer human, a laughter that chilled me to the bone.

After which, darkness.

After I wakened, i was mendacity in a clinic mattress. The doctors informed me that I had been found subconscious on the deserted house, and that i were in a coma for several days.

I attempted to tell them approximately the lacking woman, approximately the symbols on the partitions, approximately the voice on the cellphone. However they just looked at me like i used to be crazy.

Ultimately, i was pressured to just accept that i'd by no means discover the missing woman, that i would in no way apprehend what had took place to her.

However deep down, I knew the truth. The abandoned residence became a gateway to another realm, a realm of pure terror and darkness. And the lacking lady turned into trapped there, a prisoner of the evil that lurked inside.

And now, I worry that i'm too.

Inside the days that followed my release from the clinic, I couldn't shake the feeling that some thing was still after me. Each shadow appeared to be alive, each sound a warning.

I tried to go back to my normal life, to neglect approximately The abandoned residence and the lacking girl. However the memory of her haunted me, a reminder of the unspeakable evil that lurked within the global.

And then, one night, I received some other telephone name.

The voice was the same as earlier than, distorted and inhuman.

"You shouldn't have come returned," it stated. "You need to have left well enough on my own."

I attempted to speak, to ask what it desired from me, however the voice cut me off.

"you've got what belongs to us," it stated. "And now, we're coming for it."

I failed to realize what it became speakme about, but I knew that i was in chance. I tried to name the police, but the phone become dead.

And then, I heard a valid at the window. A scratching sound, like some thing seeking to claw its manner inner.

I tried to run, however it became too late. The window shattered, and some thing leapt into the room.

It became the lacking lady, or what turned into left of her. Her skin changed into grey and rotting, her eyes sunken in.

And in the back of her, I noticed something even greater terrifying. A shapeless mass of darkness, like a swarm of insects, pulsing with an otherworldly electricity.

The lacking woman lunged at me, her arms digging into my flesh. I tried to fight lower back, however i used to be no fit for her power.

After which, the darkness engulfed me. It became like being pulled into a vortex, a maelstrom of worry and ache.

I do not know how lengthy i used to be trapped there, misplaced inside the void. However sooner or later, I felt some thing pull me again, again into the arena of the living.

When I opened my eyes, i was mendacity in a hospital bed another time. But this time, the doctors advised me that I had been in a coma for weeks.

They instructed me that I were observed in my condominium, on my own and delirious. They told me that there has been no proof of any destroy-in, no sign of any battle.

But I knew the fact. The lacking woman had come for me, and she or he had delivered some thing even worse with her.

I in no way went again to The abandoned house, and that i by no means said the missing female again. But even now, years later, I still feel the lingering experience of fear and dread.

Because I recognize that the darkness continues to be obtainable, waiting for its subsequent sufferer. And i know that someday, it will come for me once more.

After my terrifying come upon with the missing girl and the darkness, I attempted my quality to put the complete ordeal behind me. I moved to a new city, commenced a brand new task, and attempted to make new buddies.

However no matter wherein I went, I couldn't break out the feeling that some thing become still following me. On every occasion I became around, I felt like i used to be being watched.

After which, someday, I received another cellphone name.

This time, the voice turned into distinctive. It became a girl's voice, gentle and gentle.

"hiya?" I stated cautiously.

"is that this [my name]?" the woman asked.

"yes, who is this?"

"My name is Emily," she said. "i'm the daughter of the man who employed you to discover me."

My coronary heart skipped a beat. I had nearly forgotten approximately the lacking woman, and the rich banker who had hired me to find her.

"I want your assist," Emily stated. "I suppose they are after me once more."

"who is when you?" I asked.

"The darkness," she said. "the ones who took me. They want me again."

I felt a sit back run down my spine. I knew precisely what she changed into speaking approximately.

"wherein are you?" I asked.

"i'm at a hotel outside of city," she said. "I can't live right here lengthy, they will find me soon."

"i will come get you," I said. "simply live in which you're."

I hung up the cellphone and rushed to my vehicle. As I drove towards the resort, I may want to experience my coronary heart pounding in my chest.

When I arrived, Emily become expecting me outside. She seemed scared and fragile, like a chook that have been caged for too long.

"thank you for coming," she said, as I helped her into the car.

"what's going on?" I requested.

"They need me to be their vessel," she said. "They need to use me to carry extra darkness into the world."

I didn't know what to say. The idea turned into too horrifying to even ponder.

"We must get out of here," I said, as I started out the auto.

However it changed into too overdue. As we drove down the motorway, a black SUV pulled up behind us, its headlights blinding me.

"they may be following us," Emily said, her voice trembling.

I attempted to shake them off, swerving from lane to lane, but they stayed right behind us.

And then, without warning, a bolt of darkness shot out from the SUV, slamming into our automobile and sending us spinning out of manage.

We crashed into a ditch, the car flipping again and again until it got here to a forestall.

After I came to, i used to be trapped inside the wreckage. Emily was lying subsequent to me, subconscious.

I tried to loose myself, but my leg became trapped beneath the dashboard. I may want to feel blood trickling down my face, and my vision was starting to blur.

And then, I noticed them. The darkness had taken on a bodily shape, like a swarm of bugs, pulsing with an otherworldly energy.

They had been coming for us.

I attempted to reach for Emily, to defend her from the darkness, but it changed into too late. They engulfed us both, dragging us down into the void.

For a second, it felt like i used to be drowning in a sea of worry and pain. But then, I felt some thing else. A presence, like a hand attaining out to tug me back.

After I opened my eyes, i used to be mendacity in a health facility bed yet again. This time, the doctors instructed me that I have been in a coma for months.

They advised me that i used to be fortunate to be alive, that I had suffered a couple of accidents inside the crash.

But I knew the reality. The

As I recovered in the health facility, I could not shake the sensation that something was still off. No matter my injuries, i was decided to find out what had occurred to Emily and what had turn out to be of the darkness that had taken her.

I did some digging and observed out that the wealthy banker who had hired me have been arrested for his involvement in a shady underground cult. Emily's disappearance have been a part of a twisted ritual intended to result in the give up of the arena.

However what approximately the darkness? I questioned. Had it been destroyed together with the cult?

One night, as I lay in bed, I heard a atypical noise coming from outdoor my window. It sounded like scratching, like some thing became trying to claw its manner into my room.

I got away from bed and cautiously approached the window, half-looking ahead to to look the darkness watching for me on the alternative facet.

However what I noticed became some thing else completely. A small fowl, trapped in a close-by tree, turned into suffering to unfastened itself.

With out thinking, I reached out and gently lifted the chicken free. As I held it in my hand, I felt a odd sense of peace wash over me. For the first time in a long term, I felt like the whole thing changed into going to be okay.

Maybe the darkness become nevertheless out there, lurking within the shadows, watching for its next sufferer. However I knew that as long as there was nonetheless desire, as long as there were human beings inclined to fight against the darkness, there has been usually a danger for a brighter future.

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