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Ludicrous limerick

Ludicrous limerick

By Kuldeep RajawatPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Sometime in the distant past, in a little town in the wide open of Britain, there was a man named Timothy who wanted to compose senseless limericks. Timothy was known for his astute pleasantry and his capacity to make individuals snicker with his ridiculous rhymes. He went through the greater part of his days sitting under an enormous oak tree in the town square, writing ceaselessly in his note pad.

At some point, as Timothy was conceptualizing thoughts for his next limerick, he heard a gathering of townspeople examining a new burglary that had occurred at the neighborhood bank. The cheats had snatched an enormous amount of cash, and the townspeople were all in a condition of frenzy.

Timothy listened eagerly to their discussion, and a thought started to shape in his brain. He chose to compose a limerick about the burglary, in the expectations that it could encourage the stressed locals.

He composed:

There used to be a hoodlum from the town

Who figured he could take with a grimace

Yet, the bank was excessively savvy

Also, thwarted his entire craftsmanship

Presently he's secured, and feeling down.

Timothy laughed to himself as he read over his limerick. He was certain that the townspeople would think that it is entertaining. So he chose to recount it to them.

He stood up and made a sound as if to speak, then started to discuss his limerick. However, when he got done, the residents generally gazed at him in shock and frightfulness.

"How is it that you could downplay such a difficult circumstance?" one of them requested.

"That is not interesting by any means," one more added.

Timothy was shocked by their response. He had simply intended to make them giggle, yet it appeared he had done the inverse.

Feeling humiliated, he withdrew back to his spot under the oak tree. He promised at no point ever to compose a limerick about anything serious in the future.

Yet, as the days went on, Timothy wound up battling to concoct any new limerick thoughts. Everything appeared to be so dull and unsatisfying.

Then, at that point, at some point, he had a thought. Imagine a scenario where he composed a limerick that was purposely ludicrous and silly. Doubtlessly, that could make individuals snicker, correct?

He composed:

There used to be a man with a facial hair growth

Whose jaw was viewed as very odd

He could store an entire cake

Furthermore, a major chocolate shake

Despite everything look very cool, it's very clear.

Timothy read over his limerick and smiled. This was the very sort of outlandishness he expected to give him a much needed boost. He recounted it to a passing gathering of locals, and this time, they generally burst out snickering.

Supported by their response, Timothy kept on composing an ever increasing number of ridiculous limericks. He expounded on flying pigs, talking potatoes, and, surprisingly, a unicorn who wanted to eat cheddar.

What's more, incredibly, the locals cherished them. They would assemble around him in the town square, anxious to hear his most recent creation.

Timothy had never been more joyful. He had tracked down his calling as the town entertainer, and he wanted to make individuals giggle with his senseless rhymes.

In any case, at some point, as he was discussing one of his limericks, an outsider moved toward him. The man was tall and forcing, with a harsh demeanor all over.

"I've been finding out about your limericks," he said. "Also, I should say, I find them very… outrageous."

Timothy seethed at the man's tone. He could have done without the manner in which he was being addressed.

"Crazy?" he rehashed. "What do you mean by that?"

The outsider gave him a virus grin. "I imply that your limericks are crazy and futile. They fill compelling reason need and contribute nothing to society."


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