Lost Island

by Se7enofSpadez S about a year ago in fiction

Horror Story

Lost Island

He had to run. He had run so much that his legs felt like they would fall off. It was at this moment that he understood why people stay in shape.

It, the thing, or things, must have been vulnerable during the daylight. It was quiet and almost peaceful throughout the day. However, as soon as the sun disappeared from the sky, the howling, growling, and snarling began.

Every night, he had to run...

First, it was the howling. He stood up. On alert, heartbeat racing, he didn’t know what he was hearing.

Then the growling came closer, he dropped everything he’d gathered and took off as fast as he could. He didn’t know where he was going to or where he was coming from, he just ran!

Deep into the shrubbery he went. Further and further he got away from the sandy beach. Could monsters be real?!

From his fear of this unknown thing, he ran!

Snarling sounds followed at each footstep, no matter how fast he went! Cutting through bushes, he got smacked in the face by leaves and stems. He felt a warm sensation flow down his legs and cool down as the breeze hit him from running. He was afraid, he panicked and cried.

The last time he cried was when he was a boy and his grandfather passed away. His grandfather was his best friend and his strongest supporter. His grandfather was the reason he found determination in his life. He had grown cold without him, though.

He hadn’t felt any kind of sensitive emotion since that day, until he began crying just then.

This was his first night on this island and he was already convinced that his jet had crashed in hell, if there WAS one. As snarls got closer, more howls could be heard in the distance.

The sky had turned into a bloody red and all else was black, even the ground beneath him.

He was so sure that he wasn’t going to make it much longer. He began hyperventilating at the thought of dying like THIS.

Although, these THINGS chasing him reminded him of himself. Aggressive and relentless.

His mind tripped and suddenly his foot did too. Long dark shadows of the growling creatures began surrounding and hovering over him. He felt around the ground for something to protect himself with, and realized that he had tripped over a pile of bones. His mind instantly came in and out of rationality. His life, literally, flashed before his eyes. He saw the day he became owner of his company and remembered the foul things he did to get his way. He thought about all the people who must have felt cornered just like he was now.

“What do I do? What do I DO?!”

His sanity even questioned itself.

“Dear GOD, if I never believed in you, I'm begging you now. Help me please GOD!”

The creatures closed in on him. He could smell their breath's stench of rotting flesh between their teeth. Their claws dug into the soil around him. He tried backing away but there was nowhere to go.

“Please!” He said.

Closing his eyes, he heard the worst sound he had ever heard in his life — the sound of his own screams as the creatures ripped away his flesh and ate him alive.

He opened his eyes. Waking up from his memories felt like a nightmare. His head injury from the crash damaged his short term memory; he couldn’t remember anything of the day before. There was no clue in his mind that he had been here for months already. The naked sky was brightening, and over his head were the giant leaves of palms. Being up high was where he would wake up.

The last thing he remembered was yelling at the airline staff and the pilot for not meeting his expectations. After walking back to his seat, alarms started going off and plane went haywire.

He felt like he had this crap coming to him. He wasn’t a very nice person back home. Honestly, he was feared. Anyone in his presence caught his hell. Dealing with him versus other people was like day and night. He thought more about it and agreed with himself that this was just his fate.

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