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Looking For More Series Like R.L. Stine's Fear Street Series?

5 Series to Read for Fans of the Fear Street Series by R.L. Stine

By Jacob PeytonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Looking For More Series Like R.L. Stine's Fear Street Series?
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Many people think of Fear Street as Goosebumps for teenagers but it was more than that as the Netflix series as shown. Centering around Fear Street and the city built around it, the books often were often standalone stories with some having sequels or trilogies based on one set of characters. For those of you that have read the books or seen the show and want to explore more Young Adult horror series this list is for you.

1) The Dark Forces Series

The Dark Forces series first launched in 1983 by Bantam books and featured a variety of authors all writing standalone stories in the Dark Forces universe. Many of the stories featured new technology such as computers as seen in the cover for Beat the Devil, while others focused on the occult and dealt with spirit boards and tarot gone wrong.

Published five years before the first Fear Street title which came out in 1989, the Dark Forces series was ended after only 14 books in 1984.

2) Twilight: Where Darkness Begins

Twilight: Where Darkness Begins was published by Dell Publishing and ran between 1984 to 1987 ending after 26 standalone books. Two of the most notable writers who wrote for the series during this time were Bruce Colville and Richard Laymon the adult horror novelist who wrote as Carl Laymon.

Very similar to the Dark Forces series produced by Bantam Books, each one featured teenagers fighting against evil supernatural threats. It also featured some timely and topical entries such as Spirits and Spells which featured a tabletop roleplaying game when the Satanic Panic around games like Dungeons and Dragons was in full swing.

3) Spooksville by Christopher Pike

Spooksville is a series of 24 books written by popular young adult author Christopher Pike. Like Fear Street, Spooksville centers around one town in the United States that’s a gateway to all things weird, strange and out of this world.

Unlike Fear Street however the books and characters do actually progress along a central plot throughout the whole series. The characters in the book go up against all sorts of threats everything from the supernatural to time travel, to aliens.

There was also a TV series based on the series which aired on the Hub network in 2013. The TV series didn't feature the full group from the books and only included Adam, Watch and Sally as the main protagonists throughout the show. With the witch Ann Templeton making several appearances as well.

4) Friday Night Frights

Friday Night Frights is a newer series compared to the others on this list. It features a cast of main characters who are all horror movie obsessed. Which means they’re the first to figure out when supernatural evil and other things start attacking people in their home town. Fans of horror movies will no doubt enjoy the large amount of pop culture references mentioned throughout the series.

Like Spooksville the series follows a group of characters dealing with the monster of the week while also chasing after the main plot going throughout the series.

Unlike all the other series on this list Friday Night Frights is still an ongoing series.

5) The Nightmare Club

The Nightmare Club was a series of 11 books which ran from 1993 to 1994 and was published by Zebra books which was known more it’s adult horror paperbacks at the time. The series featured entries by multiple authors such as Richard Lee Byers, Nick Baron and Vincent Courtney.

It dealt with a lot of teen related issues such as Spring Break and drinking and driving. The series only ran for a year and had fans but at the time Zebra Books had started slowing down it’s horror lines and stopped publishing horror books completely by 1996.

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