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The protagonist, a woman, is awoken in the middle of the night by the feeling of unease, which she associates with the death of someone close to her. Despite the absence of any phone calls or messages, the feeling continues to gnaw at her and she is unable to shake it off. She recalls a similar experience from her childhood when her father had passed away. The memory of the experience has stayed with her and she begins to experience déjà vu.

She decides against calling her daughter, Connie, to check on her and her family, considering the late hour. However, the feeling of foreboding refuses to subside. The protagonist begins to second-guess her decision and eventually picks up the phone to call her daughter. The phone rings and rings, but there is no answer. The protagonist becomes increasingly panicked and decides to drive over to her daughter's house to check on them in person.

The drive to her daughter's house is a harrowing one. The rain is relentless, and the wind howls like a pack of wolves. The protagonist is unable to shake the feeling of dread and the idea that something terrible has happened to her daughter and her family. As she pulls up in front of her daughter's house, she sees that all the lights are off, and there is no sign of life.

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The protagonist forces herself to go inside and calls out for her daughter and her family, but there is no answer. She begins to search the house and is horrified by what she finds. The entire family is lying in their beds, dead, their bodies cold and stiff. The protagonist is unable to comprehend what has happened and why she had the feeling of foreboding earlier. She begins to feel that she may have brought the death upon her family by not acting on the feeling earlier.

In her grief and guilt, the protagonist begins to hear a voice that she recognizes as her father's. He tells her that the feeling of unease she had experienced was a gift, a warning from beyond the grave, a way for her to protect those she loves. The protagonist is overcome with emotion and begins to weep. She realizes that her father's spirit has been watching over her all these years and guiding her, trying to prevent the tragedy that has now taken place.

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The protagonist is left with a deep sense of loss and sadness, but also with a newfound appreciation for the love and guidance of her father's spirit. The story ends with the protagonist realizing that she will never forget the lesson she has learned and will always remember the feeling of foreboding as a warning from beyond the grave.

In summary of this story:

The story is about a young boy who learns a valuable lesson about honesty and fairness. Despite initial struggles, he learns to play the game with integrity and earns the respect of his teammates and competitors. In the end, he realizes the importance of doing the right thing, even when it may not lead to immediate success.

conclusion of story:

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In conclusion, the story highlights the importance of determination and hard work in achieving success. The protagonist overcomes several obstacles and challenges through persistence and perseverance, ultimately achieving his goal. The story serves as an inspiration for readers to never give up on their dreams and to work towards their aspirations with dedication and commitment.

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  • Suresh Raja8 months ago

    Good story

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