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Living with a ghost.

by stephanie cetoute 2 months ago in supernatural · updated about a month ago
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Living with a ghost.
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

There was a woman who lives in the city with her family. She was single and ready to meet her perfect guy. She had a good job, her parent have a lot of money. One day she was driving home, a man was beside the road and asked everyone for help but they are ignore him. With her kindness, she decided to help him. The man was very humble and respectful. When she returned home late, her parent was scared. She told them what happen. After that, she was still thinking about the guy.

The next day, during her lunchtime she went out to get some fresh air, and she saw that man again. They became friends. They always meet at the restaurant or at her house. She always asked him where he lives, he always gives her an excuse. She was not persisted to know because the guy reassure her when the time is right, she will invite her to his place.

The relationship became deeper. At that time, The main propose to her even though she did not know anything about him. Love is blind, She has accepted because the men treat her right. She gets

married after 2 months .His husband always left the house early in the morning and come back home late. He had working tremendously, he is very calm, quiet, and intelligent. They have nothing to complain about him.

She became pregnant with her first child. Everything went well. Everyone who know them always went to be like them. One days she sit down with her husband and tell him the true about his life. That days, he have decided to tell them that he will go with them to see his family. She was happy and can not wait to finally meet their husband family.

They have travelled to their car until in the middle of the route, his husband told him, he had forgotten something. He told his wife the direction to go to his parent house, He will meet them there. That was the last time, she saw his husband. She continue her travel when she get to her husband's parents she knocked on the door and introduce herself as his son's wife.

They have to call their husband's father because he was not there. They asked her to repeat herself again, and she told them the same thing again and tell them his husband coming soon. Everybody was shocked, and can not believe her. They took her inside with her daughter. Before they tell her the truth, they asked when and where she know his husband and how many years she have been living with her. She told them everything. In her mind, she did not understand why they keep asked her a lot of question.

She asked them why those questions so now they have decided to tell her the whole story. His husband died at 8 years old. He was really sick. The doctor could not save him. They have to show her the picture because she did not believe them. Her life was not the same anymore. At questions night his husband appears in her dream to ask for forgiveness. She began sick and run away. Her family was looking everywhere but they can not find her. her daughter was missing too. So her parent has decided to look for a solution. They went to see a native doctor far from home. The native doctor told them what to do to get her daughter back. They went back home and did exactly what the native doctor told them. She returned home and her daughter also.

She was good but she had to live with this horrible experience. She was pregnant for the ghost husband . At first she wanted to terminate her pregnancy but she realized that the unborn child is innocent. After the birth of her daughter , she try to live her life peacefully. What a wicked world ,life go on.


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stephanie cetoute

My name is Stephanie. My passion is express myself by writing. Come and enjoy my story .Follow me on Instagram Kenley206 and Tik tok stephanie cetoute1.

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  • Mariann Carroll23 days ago

    Very creative

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