Living in a Haunted House

Better Idea Than You’d Think

Living in a Haunted House

In almost every city, there’s at least one house that is rumored to be haunted. Typically, no one lives there, maybe it’s been on the market for longer than anyone can remember- very few people would want to live in a haunted house. And there are some very good reasons not to want to live in a haunted house, don’t get me wrong- but if you really think about it, the reasons for wanting to? They’re even better.

So say you’ve just moved into a house, particularly one that is also occupied by a ghost. What’s the first thing you should do? Take advantage of that huge business opportunity that has just been handed to you on a silver platter! Chances are, the house you’ve just moved into is already a popular topic in the neighborhood. So it won’t be hard to get people interested. There are so many things you could do with that- you could offer “Super Haunted Ghost Tours” (Might want to come up with a more memorable name than that). You know what, you could even make merchandise. And even if you’re no good at the whole business thing, if your house is really haunted there are certainly some YouTubers who would pay good money to stay the night.

Aside from money, there’s other things to be gained from living in a haunted house. I mean, you will certainly get some stories out of it. When you are camping with your friends and doing the whole “telling spooky stories around the campfire” thing, you can shock everyone by adding the words “true story, it happened last week” to the end of yours, even if you did exaggerate it just a tad. Come to think of it, living in a ghost house could have many benefits socially. Maybe you’re about to take a nice bubble bath when you get a text from a friend asking if you’re still on to hang out that night, which you had totally forgotten about. Need an excuse, fast? Haunted houses provide many believable options. Maybe the ghost apparently made a huge mess with the dishes and you just have to stay in and clean up all the broken glass. You know what actually, I take it back. That excuse is only believable if said friend believes in ghosts to start with. But you get the idea.

A lot of people would say that one of the worst things about living in a house with a ghost would be never truly feeling like you’re alone. If you ask me, that’s an upside of living in a haunted house. It’s like you’d have a roommate who never leaves dirty dishes in the sink or plays music when you are trying to sleep. It’s way harder to be lonely, especially when you live alone, if you have a ghost roommate. And after a while, you won’t even be freaked out by them at all anymore. You’ll hear a crash at night and think “Oh, silly Brenda. She must be in the kitchen making a mess again!” It will feel as normal as having an alive roommate after maybe a week after moving in. And even if it is scary for the first week or so, everyone needs a little bit of excitement in their life, I hear it’s good for your heart.

And you can’t forget how the haunted status of your house may impact crimes such as robbery. A whole ton of people are scared by even the idea of paranormal activity, so why would they break into your house in the first place? And say you’ve got some fearless robbers on your hands. Not to worry! What ghost would want criminals breaking into and damaging the house they have been haunting for so long? So if you aren’t there to home alone your way out of it, the ghost will certainly find a way to keep your house protected and send those criminals running out of there never to return. It’s like a free security system! Only, a whole lot less reliable. But you take what you can get when it’s perfectly free.


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