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Atlas Part 1


Story 1

Atlas—The child from outer space!

Part 1

I’m recording this from the Pod I arrived in. The more I’m in this spacecraft, the more I find out about it and me. I’m doing this because one day my biological family will come for me, and I want to leave something behind for my real family here…

Family: a family is a bond that holds us all together. Without our kin, our dreams, emotions, connection, and legacy all fade away with our Lineage. However, my lineage is complicated, as I'm not from earth strictly speaking. My parents, or at least the parents that I call mine, are named Laraina and Pyrus. Both are loving, but both treat me like I'm anything but normal. My sister Astrid, huh, she's someone to always speak her mind. At least I can say she's honest.

Sirius on the other hand, we don't get along. God forbid we play baseball together, let alone go five minutes without being at each other's throats for tedious endeavors. When we were young, I loved hanging out with him. When my parents brought me home from the crash site, he was the first one to jump up and meet me. He even gave me his baseball as Astrid hid behind the comfort of the sofa. But, as we got older, and mom kept buying me baseballs, and making him share his with me when I would destroy mine, he grew frustrated.

Everyone in the house assumed he was jealous of me. The adopted child becoming the main priority of the house, while the true bloodline is disregarded. Yet, I never thought he was jealous of me. Sure, I may have gone along with it at times, but in my heart, I was jealous of him. He had his own family, he was treated like everyone else whereas I was special. Special all the time. So strong, so fast, dating girls was easy, but my brother didn't care about any of that.

Sirius was just happy to be away from the family and me. I never wanted to hurt my brother, and my parents made me promise to never use my "abilities" against anyone in the family. However, there are others that I have wanted to hurt…

Being different has had its advantages. Such as being punched in the face, and taking no damage, or feeling pain, always passing tests and never needing to study, or crawling under some assholes car who is messing with my sister, and bending his axle. That being said, I can’t be found out. I can’t have what I am inflict suffering upon my loved ones in any way, I’ve been raised better than that.

If anyone were to find out the truth about me, my life, my family, Sirius would be under arrest or worse. Imagine what someone would do to never feel physical pain again, to be stronger than your fellow man, to have that power. Lustful greed for more control would inevitably consume any man or woman. That’s just human nature, but I am not human.

Several locals of my town have watched me, more like stalked me, before. An officer who was an acquaintance of Sirius, when he attempted to join the force, decided to follow him home one night. My brother, I guess, managed to embarrass this policeman in front of his entire unit. I was coming home with a mouth full of jagged teeth present, and a rabbit in my mouth. I thought it was my father outside late at night, working on the barn. The man’s flashlight didn’t even hit the floor before I swiftly removed his head.

I told myself it was humane, but there wasn’t anything civil about it. I consumed the rest of him over several days, and hid what I could away in my mini fridge to buy time. I haven’t heard anyone ask about him since. I think they assumed he skipped town. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I must keep them safe, even if it means doing the unthinkable to protect them. If I lose them, I’d have no family left.

Author Notes

Hello, my name is Reece Palamar, and I am the author of this story. Please comment, and give constructive criticism on the story. I am adding more parts to the "Lineage" storyline.

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