Lila Gets Freed

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Lila Gets Freed


Lila slept a lot in the day due to her compassion for her night creatures that she loves so dearly; she believed they would die if she ever closed her eyes and drifted away into a restful slumber when the sun was not seen. So she would stay awake to take care of her loves, feed them, comfort them, and then some would be to much for her to handle so she would have to eat them in front of the others to show them what she is capable of if they didn't mind her and kept being chaotic. Lila had her favorites of course and fed them more occasionally but all in all, she was a fair keeper of the creatures and wanted to ensure they all were happy and cared for. She spoiled them often and eventually when they had become strong enough, Lila helped them fly away to find food for the rest of her creature family. It was living as usual and Lila didn't know much of any other life. She would stay awake, feed the creatures, and then eat the monsters. She never looked further than the job she had always known. Until. One. Day.

Lila started to nod away as the last of her creatures dozed into had been crying for what seemed like a never ending time span because it had been nipped accidentally by another still whimpered even in its early sleep stages. Lila gathered the strength to cover her in a mystical blanket that would comfort the pain of sorrow. Lila was a TRUE MAGIC and OMEGA POWERFUL KEEPER, her creatures were lucky to have her, they wouldn't be alive if not for her help. Lila sank slowly into her slumber, hearing the last of the whimper as she faded away into resting..

SLAPPPPPPP! Lila heard the noise loudly at her door as she peered through the curtain to see sunlight and mocking birds laughing as she raised up in an uncomfortable fashion. Lila is a loving soul but sometimes she lets it fly on how it feels. Screaming to the top of her lungs, Lila rushes to see who has awakened her and why! She jerks open the door and it could have been anything in this world other than what she discovered. Perhaps a bag full of money, or a genie lamp, winning lotto DRUNKARDS! But not just any drunkards! DRUNKARDS WITH NO SPECIAL ABILITIES TRYING TO FIGHT EACH OTHER AT HER DOOR!

Lila had had enough. She already had so much to do and she was tired. Tired of it all. She wanted to be free and magical roaming the world and finding others that are like her. She did not want to deal with DRUNKARDS! So she invited them in and offered to help them resolve their issues and let them sober up with the agreement that they would help her with something she struggled with.

They sat down clumsily at her table, she offered some T to assist their consciousness to elevate as she listened to their story.

Todd was his name and he explained that he had mistaken her door for his and that he would apologize to the door if needed but his friend was the real jerk. He slapped him for being wrong and lost! After all he was just trying to find their house and he couldn't drink as much as he could in his youth.

Lila then gave her attention to his friend Brent. A cocky son of a bitch that had been given everything and never appreciated any of it. Brent expressed he needed self validation and hurting others that cant find their way home is what makes him feel most powerful.

Lila asked Brent," What makes you feel the least powerful..the opposite of hurting others? Being unable to drink with them before you hurt them?" Brent responded,"No HAHAHAHAHAHA! The only thing I don't like is having to take care of something all the time." Lila smiled because she knew what she had to do. She told Todd to go follow the sun and he would find his home and said good bye as she shut her door to him. She asked Brent to stay behind and she would give him something he had never received before and the guarantee that he would appreciate it. Brent agreed and was excited to see what Lila was going to give him. He sat eagerly at her table awaiting his gift she had promised him.

Lila looked in his eyes and asked what the most terrifying thing he had seen was. Brent said, "I've never scared easy but one time my dad threatened to cut off my allowance, that made me more angry instead of scared." Lila asked, "what love have you experienced then?" Brent said, "all the girls are hoes, I use and abuse them before they do it to me." Lila asked, "have you traveled much?" Brent said "all around the world and I served in the military." Lila said, "that is something dear..You will do just fine" as she glided across towards her 'KEEPING' room. She signaled for him to follow her to receive his surprise.

Brent almost tripped trying to get up to move toward Lila. When he entered her room his face turned white as snow and he gasped at the sight of Lila's creatures! He turned to run and would have made it if she didn't use her magic to slam the door shut and locked him in. He jumped to a trained fighting stance as Lila giggled and wrapped him in pretty white sheets from her bed making him a lovely cocoon in mid air. Gasping for air he screamed" WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" Lila smiled and replied, "you both agreed to give me one thing I am in need of if I helped you my dear." Brent said, "but you let Todd go, WHY AM I IN HERE!" Lila laughed saying "no silly, I TOLD HIM TO FOLLOW THE SUN UNTIL HE FOUND HIS HOME! You on the other hand will be my slave until you are dead." Lila sprayed cords of magic that hung down over her creatures just as the sun was setting. Brent, all wrapped like a caterpillar in his cocoon, levitated into the strings that attached them selves to his tightly encased body. Lila's creatures awoke and looked up to their incredibly large meal with their snarling teeth and screams of hunger. Lila screamed ,"FEED MY CREATURES! FEED THEM AND WE SHALL LIVE FOREVER HAHAHAHA! Brent screamed in terror as one started to chew at his neck.. Then he immediately stopped screaming and smiled with pleasure as he begged for more. Brent began screaming again when another latched on to him, followed by begging and pleasure.

Lila smiled with pleasure as she listened to the screams, then the begging, then the pleading for more biting.. all while she packed her bags and got dressed in her most beautiful and expensive clothing. As she kissed her creatures and promised she would be back one day, she began to reach the front door and stopped at her desk to grab her writing book before jolting into her own adventure and search for others that were like her. As she got into a taxi, she pressed her ink from her quill onto her writing parchment and wrote in all capital letters.




Kitty Bee
Kitty Bee
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