Lights Out: It'll make you scared of the dark again.

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The horror flick is highly anticipated, coming from The Conjuring director, James Wan.

Lights Out: It'll make you scared of the dark again.

"Lights Out" is the next horror flick coming from the director of The Conjuring, James Wan. The full-length feature came about after a short film under the same title released in 2013, becoming a viral sensation. Now a full length feature has been developed and the trailer sets the film up to surpass expectations.

Synopsis for Lights Out:

Rebecca(Teresa Palmer) returns to her family home after a tragedy draws her back into her hometown. Upon arriving, Rebecca begins to see a dark figure when she turns out the lights, but the figure is gone after she turns on the lights. Soon after grieving with her family over the death of her father Paul(Billy Burke), Rebecca learns that her brother, Martin(Gabriel Bateman) can also see the figure in the dark. Soon Rebecca starts putting together the clues, discovering that more people could be seeing what she's saying than they lead on to believe. The matriarch of their family, Sophie(Maria Bello) is also hiding something dark from her family, and that secret may very well put them all in danger. Seeking out help for her and her brother's affliction, Rebecca seeks out others who have encountered the same spectre in the dark. After an incident that can't go unaddressed, Sophie(Bello) explains to her family of what the dark figure could be. Her childhood friend, Diana had been involved in a tragic death at a very young age, imminently after Diana's death, strange events began to occur all over town. Now the threat is back to make victims of Sophie's family as well. Rebecca and Martin are safe in the light, but how long will the lights stay on?

Trailer Reaction and Film Expectation.

After watching the trailer, I immediately felt the sense of dread this type of film will instill in me when I go see it; and that's what true fans of the horror genre look for in a great film. Most long time fans of the horror genre usually become desensitized to most of what they seen on-screen after a short period of time, but when a film like "Lights Out" can return an audience to feeling that nail-biting suspense while the film drives forward, leading inevitably to scenes depicting audience member's worst nightmares. As a fan and avid movie-goer, I can say this film is exactly what the horror genre of today needs. There have been a lackluster compilation of horror films in recent history. Apart from films such as The Conjuring, Insidious, The Gallows, The Green Inferno, and Tusk, there has been a lack of truly terrifying horror flicks. Producer, James Wan of the film should also be recognized for his other notable accomplishments in the horror genre as well. From producing duties behind the Saw franchise and Annabelle horror films, Wan has gone the ways of Wes Craven and Stephen King in developing horror films, specifically horror films made for the audience. There'll always be those typical horror films that are generic copies to original concepts conceived in their original forms from the 1900's. The basis for most horror films centers around a few basic premises that have expanded onto what we view as the entirety of the horror genre today.

Exactly what a Horror Film should be.

As moviegoers we view films proportionate to the genre they fit in, and for the horror genre, those films have to for a brief moment instill a sense of dread and despair in us as we watch those films. Whether the scenes are visually disturbing or filled to the brim with suspense of an inevitable reckoning coming to pass, horror films only succeed when we as an audience fear what we know to be fiction. Lights Out' accomplishes that feat easily. Not having seen the film yet, I expect it'll have a temporary effect on my psyche after seeing it. For being one not afraid of the dark, I can see how after viewing the film, my attitude might be a bit different. There's an absolute terror factor instilled in the film's undertone, no doubting it. And what's excellent about this film's trailer, is that none of the crucial information about the supernatural creature which the main protagonists will be faced with has been revealed in the trailer. The trailer succeeds in gaining my interest, as well as putting a fear of the dark back into me. It's too bad that this film will go overlooked by many as the premiere date is close at hand but information on the film is still scarce as it is. Marketing behind the film may pick up closer to its premiere, which should be a priority as Lights Out(2016) has the potential to be the next horror classic. It's based on the general concept of "fear of the dark" which has been a common theme in many horror films but the way the concept is explored in James Wan's "Lights Out" is definitely an original perception of the idea.

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