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Lighthouse Jog (ghost story version)

by Raven Diamond 9 days ago in supernatural

A short slice-of-life ghost story

The salty wind, a calming fresh scent, blew across my face cooling me down from my routine morning run. It was crisp, fresh, and the break I needed from the world. A perfect start to the day and a wonderful beginning in a new town. It was as if I was all alone, not a soul for miles and yet I could see the first early morning beach goers setting up their spot for the day. My ears caught the symphony of gulls and the voices of the waves. They didn’t demand my attention, but they didn’t reject it.

As my eyes scanned the horizon I could feel the ocean's dormant power. It wasn’t frightening. It was more motherly a protector if you will. From what was it protecting us? I hadn’t the slightest clue. I took a deep breath and admired the salty perfume. I could truly see it all form this old white tower; which made me wonder how many souls had made the trek up its stone stairs to see this sight over the decades it stood here warning incoming ships during a foggy morning or moonless night.

My thoughts were egged on when the wind hit the weathers sides causing a harsh whistling sound. Perhaps the wind was voicing the long forgotten souls who lost their lives to the shores below or maybe a watcher still lingered to warn boats in the dead of night. A shiver ran down my spine and the sun seemed colder as I felt like I was being watched. Maybe my thoughts weren't far off from the truth.

A sudden bang brought my heartrate up higher than my jumping abilities, but a soft meow revealed the neighborhood cat getting comfortable on some wooden crates. Next to the crates lay an empty can of cat food that had fallen. I chuckled to myself and pet the well taken care of stray cat. How I had let my mind run away with me. I walked over to the fur ball to give it some love and settle my racing heart with the love of an animal.

"There's no ghosts here. Are there, little Miss Stray?" I smiled scratching behind the tabby's ears. The stray cat looked up at the lighthouse and let out a soft chattering noise of excitement. I looked up expecting to see a majestic gull or a portly bug, but my eyes locked with a beautiful translucent woman hiding in a window. Her deadly gaze sucked the heat from my body and made my mind go blank. The world stood still as she gave a hauntingly diaphanous grin. It was almost sinister. I blinked and she was gone. I couldn't quite comprehend what I just saw and felt or maybe I didn't want to comprehend it.

After all somethings are best left alone and all I wanted was a peaceful jogging spot for my morning runs. In order to keep that routine a happy one instead of a ominous one I probably should ignore what I've discovered...and never come here at night. Those old haunted stories might have more truth to them than I originally thought...and so might all those stories of "accidental" deaths around this bloody cove. The stories were the reason I was able to move here so cheaply...

I sighed annoyed with the world. Living in a colonial town gave so much charm, but it also came with it's fair share of ghost stories and curses. Too much history can haunt the living if they're not careful.

I turned my back to the ghostly window and to any thought of investigation. I was not going to go back down that trail. The paranormal ran me out of my last home I wasn't going to give in again. I stretched and decided it was time to rejoin the world and leave this old lighthouse to its secrets.


Raven Diamond

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Raven Diamond
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