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Let's Talk Paranormal (Pt. 4)

Spiritual Attachments and How to Prevent Them

By M. TomaschPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

In light of the most recent episode of Ghost Adventures, I have decided to shift gears. In a previous article, I addressed the attachments of host Zak Bagans in America’s Most Haunted, and during the most recent episode—on Saturday, November 24—that point was driven home.

The episode showed some of the crew’s best audio evidence to date; it is surrounding this audio evidence that I will explain attachments and how you can prevent them.

Briefly, the audio I am referring to is NOT the mechanical, demonic scream recorded by the crew, but rather the response that came before it. Zak asked what name it was associated with and the entity clearly says Zak’s full name. This harkens back to my article regarding his attachments.

There are several times in various lockdowns where someone has mentioned that there is something attached to Zak that they don’t like or that they suddenly have the urge to get violent towards him. This was because of the attachment that Zak has.

In the most recently aired lockdown, the owner of the property asks Zak who he is and what did he bring into her home. In that moment, she was not asking who Zak was, but rather, she was asking the entity attached to him that question. She recognized that the person before her was not alone and she had failed to see the attachment or it was able to hide itself from her previously.

Entities have the ability to do this to anyone. An attachment can become an oppression that can develop even into a possession, it just depends on the endgame of the entity. Some feed strictly on the misery, pain, and fear of their host, and some feed off of the harm they can cause through their host.

An attachment can happen to anyone at any time under specific conditions. A strong enough entity can latch itself onto someone when they leave an opening for it, whether intentional or not. Entities that grow stronger with fear will prod your mind and find what scares you most to use that against you.

Very recently I had an entity try to do this to me, but I had the edge on it and its attempt to scare me fell flat.

I have always been afraid of the dark (who hasn’t at least once in their life). Although it still frightens me, I have found myself drawn to uncover the mystery it holds. It is the unknown that scares and excites me.

I currently live in a very old town in southern Nebraska. The cobblestone streets and historical downtown have an old west charm that had enchanted me since the first day I drove down its streets. The buildings are old and in fairly good use. I work in a newer building than the historic downtown, but not too far from them.

One night, a few weeks ago, I was at the office alone with the lights off (didn’t want anyone coming in after hours) when I felt like I was being watched. This was not the first time I was alone at night in the building, but it was the first time I felt something not so nice with me.

It started with tapping on the window. This is Nebraska so I first assumed it was the wind blowing up a leaf, but it then became rhythmic and seemed to be moving along the window closer and closer. I dismissed it until I noticed there was shadow standing in the corner of the room.

We were coming off of Halloween and previously there was a decoration in that corner. At first, I assumed that the shadow was the decoration until I remembered that I personally carried it to the back the day before.

I swept my light across the room and it dissipated in the light. That was when I was sure I was not dealing with the living. When it showed itself again, the shadow had shrunk to the size of young child. Over the course of two hours, I then watched as this thing moved from across the room to the corner of my desk.

All the while, it was telling me things in the form of flashing images in my mind. It told me it was as old as the land. It crawled out of the basement of the building where there were hundreds of things just like it waiting.

This is where I had my edge over it.

Like I said, I have been alone in the building before, my coworkers have been in the basement before, and never have I ever felt anything paranormal in this location. Through its lies, it defeated itself. It could not get a hold in me strong enough to attach itself.

It could not get a strong hold on me through its lies, but the way it presented itself did shake me. Being the size of a child, where its chin would have been could come to the edge of my desk, and although it was just a black mass to the naked eye, it showed me a different image in my mind. In my mind it showed itself as a gremlin or gargoyle-like creature, complete with wild hair and a wide ear-to-ear grin.

It was sinister, but not completely evil. The thing was a creature of mischief, a trickster of sorts that delighted in the misfortune of others and causer of havoc. It was attracted to me for some reason and must have come from somewhere or someone else.

I don’t know what I am, but I have always felt like a beacon for the paranormal to be attracted to. A guiding light in the storm, burning bright, but never knowing why.

I reached my breaking point and left, but it was still following me. It had a hook in me. Wherever or whoever it jumped from had enough substance to stay with me all the way home. Once I got home I was able to do something I couldn’t do anywhere else.

I was able to banish it back to where it came from.

Banishment is a subject all in its own and I will not get into that here.

Like in my case, most attachments can be stopped. Most of the time all that is needed to do so is a strong will and sense of power. Most entities will back down once you show them they have no power over you. By allowing the fear they cause to seep into you, you allow for an attachment to be stronger and getting rid of them will become more difficult.

A lot of the time an entity will resort to telling lies when they are trying to get a hook into someone. The key is to know the difference between what is real and what you know is not. Don’t doubt yourself, because they will use that against you.

If you have an experience you need help with or explained, or if there is a topic on the paranormal you would like me to discuss, feel free to message me on my Instagram @the_mntomasch and I will get back to you.

Stay scary my friends and I’ll see you next time.


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