Laws of Nature

by Harlee Newkirk 2 years ago in fiction

This isn’t how they work.

Laws of Nature

If all you do is babysit a little kid, no one can blame you for anything, right? Well, apparently not. That is, not if they run away. Or drink some bleach when they said they were going to the bathroom. Why would you put bleach in a two liter of Sprite? I thought this would be easy. I mean, I’ve done it before and everything went just fine then. I don’t want to have to tell her parents, but which is better? That or finding her laying in a cornfield poisoned by bleach, near an inevitable death if left without care? I’m going to call them, then set out to look for her.

I’ve been looking for her for about an hour now, and it seems that she chugged about three cups of bleach; hopefully she was thinking it was sprite, and then climbed out the bathroom window. There is a trail of bleach droplets and drool leading from the window to a small hut in the backyard. It was kind of like an opposite treehouse. A small house, but instead of in a tree, built into the ground. Inside, where I expect to see the little kid, I see a... a... wolf. All I can think is, wait, what?

I start to panic. What if this thing hurt her or dragged her away to some hole in the ground? What if? That was all I could think of. I remember taking some weird emergency class in my junior year of high school. When something bad happens, don’t ask the what if’s. Ask how you can solve your problem. I don’t know how to solve my problem. I hope I can find a way very, very soon.

I gathered some sticks and leaves to make something to hide behind. I also went to get a large piece of meat from the fridge. I️ managed to lure the wolf out, but after realizing it would have to fight for it, it went back in the playhouse. Then I realized something.

The little girl had been curled up behind the wolf! She was soundly asleep next to it. I went to wake her, not thinking about my idiotic decision. As soon as I reach down, the wolf lunges and snarls as it gets a large, inevitable grip on my hand. I scream, waiting for something to happen. My scream apparently wakes up the little girl, because she gets up and starts talking in a very calm voice. It somehow calms the wolf, causing it to release my hand.

I never found out what let that girl control that wolf. It haunts my dreams, the most prevalent being when everything will melt away. The only thing left will be the wolf and I. As well as that, there is a knife and a lamb. The only way to get out of the darkness is to either kill the wolf, or kill the lamb to feed it.

After the wolf bit me and she calmed it down, she cared for my hand. Those people never came back. They immediately moved, and I never babysat again after that. I’m not sure I will ever figure it out. I occasionally saw the girl peeking at me through her window. If they ever came out of their house, I never saw it. I don’t even remember them coming outside to move. They just disappeared one day.

This is the craziest story of babysitting I have, and thus why I never babysat again. I also never told anyone about it. Except of course, you. I had to get this off my chest, and to vent to a stranger is the easiest possible way. In my opinion at least.

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