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Lake of Fire

by Reece A Kohn 8 months ago in fiction
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Some things, don't get a simple explanation...

Lake of Fire
Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash

It was June 1933; when John first put together the connection between his missing fiance and what his town called "Lake of fire". One would think with a name like that it would be hard to miss. Sadly, the town was very small. Less then 1,000 people, with more leaving everyday due to the fallout from the Great depression. On top of the economy failing; the top soil layer was ravished by a record number of storms that had only begun and wouldn't cease until 1934. John was a simple man. He was a lumberjack. Strong silent type, for this type of work isn't for those with less then above average aptitude for physical prowess. His fiance, was a petite gal. Standing at about 4' 11" and weighing no more then 90 pounds. Brown hair, blue eyes, though slender; she had held a very appealing physique. Especially, compared to John at 6' ft and about 200 pounds. They loved each other very much, and both of their families very much enjoyed the couple and their mutual presence at either, families functions. Actually using the laws of attraction correctly considering the glum of the status quo during this time. These two were rather popular in their small town.

The day that Ester went missing, June 15th. John will never forget. He got up that morning as normally did. Readying for work, Ester would get up to and make breakfast for him. He ate, while he did so. Ester told him with almost a frenzied exuberance; about hanging out with a friend. She hadn't seen for many years, and was eager to catch up on the happenings. She and her, were rather good friends a number of years ago. Now the couples house was only about ten miles from the lake. Turns out their place wasn't far from the infamous domicile for the Bonnie and Clyde. Anyway, John smiled after hearing the excitement in his ole ladies voice about the plans for today. He kissed her. Then said, if she needs a place to stay while she is in Louisiana. She is more then welcome to stay with the two of them. Ester squealed like a teenager at the prospect. Excitedly hugging John; before, handing him the lunch she made for him before he was out the door.

The friends name was Abigail. They were class mates together and use to be the best of friends before the Depression, and the Dust Bowl hit. Now these gals wanted to go walk around Black Lake. Despite having heard a section of the rather large area being labeled. "Lake of fire" by a friend of theirs. Now the gals found themselves armed well enough as it was swamp country and they were two gals of not very large size with a considerable amount of actual apex predators in the area. They felt comfortable doing this because they grew up here. They knew the land. Plus, wonder gripped their imaginations pertaining to the report's of this strange section of Black lake.

Now you maybe wondering, why this section was called the "Lake of fire". To tell you the truth, people rumored but never could settle on why. Various horror stories of people going missing was a regular occurrence one would think with such creature's and Alligator's and large snakes everywhere. People going into the swamp (Which was overhauled in 1970's and 1990's) ill-prepared then going missing one would think a common place thing. Yet, this name came about because so many went missing with so much mystery surrounding their disappearance's. Seems stupid but I've met some folks from LA. They a tough bunch. Especially the ladies, moving on and back in time and place.

Ester and Abigail meandered through this swamp. Just to go see this "Lake of Fire". Fancying themselves amateur adventurers perhaps. It took a few hours. However, the rather attractive but clearly capable damsels. Found themselves staring at an oddity any woods or swamp; if you're an outdoor type of person. As the ecosystem around them despite being rather far away from people. Was dead silent, as if even the insects were afraid of something. Again, if you are a woodsmen or woods women of any caliber. One would know the facts of the woods. When these sorts of dead silence happen. Something is generally around scaring everything. More times then not; it has nothing to do with the represented humans within that ecosystem. This suggests a fierce Apex predator type of creature. Now the gals having had some woodland experience. They were aware of this but for some reason. It only propelled their interests further. So the ladies started walking around before finding a rather large deceased gator. Half-floating, the other half completely missing. Viscera sprawled and smashed into a rather large depression that is slowly filling with water. Seems as if whatever transpired did happen recently. Now, the gals at this point. Started to become naturally a bit concerned. As any reasonable woodsmen would. Honestly, what can rip apart and eat half a gator? Leaving no trace of the tough armored scales.

So though it was mid afternoon; the gals decided it maybe best to leave in case whatever did this came back. Even though experienced they both were feeling the effects of terror and fear. Pituitary soup- pumping all amounts of various chemicals, internally that at the time. Even the brightest minds had trouble deciphering, more about or related, too physiology at that time. Now as the gals started to egress, along the path they had walked down to reach their current position. Abigail says to Ester: "I have to use the bathroom." So Ester had asked, if she could wait. So she could urinate. The fear they both held within the hearts; had been effectively masked from one another. Though, it is likely they sensed the increased senses and edginess present in one another. It also, had one devastating drawback. They were so focused on one another, they missed the rather large and blood impressed, tracks across their own previously made foot prints. Since, they came through the path. Then off into a cluster of trees to the north of their, east moving party.

Abigail is more alarmed. Then she was on the trail. Still she stepped into a patch of woods near what looks like a buck rub on a tree. She goes into the patch of woods. Finds a place to pop a squat, that actually wasn't water logged aside from the excretion of her bodily waste. When she is just about done. It was at this time, the spot that appeared to be buck rub on a tree. Actually, was a horrific creature camouflaged. The result of a type of holographic projection device. The creature wielding it was shockingly large despite the area seeming open and welcome. Abigail pulled her pants up slowly. Only to sense then see this towering creature. Fifteen feet tall, in it's natural form without any assistance from an unnerving level of technology. That would have no other explanation for the creatures form and level of intelligence then being alien. Stands there, translucent black smoke like body. Yet, very real as the creature clearly had solid form and was very strong as it snapped a tree like a twig. As it pushed over a tree to down it between Abigail's location and Esters. Snarling, letting out a ephemeral yet guttural growl. Pieces of the alligator scales wedged in it's teeth broken and cracked ones being launched near Abigail. Though she already urinated upon site of this monstrous solid, yet almost hazy creature. There is no shame of character to tell you. She felt another warm stream run down her legs.

She tried to run. But due to all that happened, the creature when it had broken the tree. Did so with the intent of also breaking off a large limb and throwing behind her in the process. So when, she turned to flee the opposite way. Tripped over and fell straight to the ground actually impaling her leg on a larger broken of section, of the already cracked up branch behind her. It passed through missing her spine. But was a few inches in diameter. Creating a hefty puncture trauma to her already terrified medium build frame. This creature, clearly having speed, strength, and intelligence that would make a savant jealous with respect to the technology, wielded. Which would seem contradictory; if observed from a different view. Based on how primal it was behaving. It snatched her up. Carrying her towards her friend Ester. Who stood there horrified... Unable to move. Fear paralysis had set it the moment this creature. Shut off it's holographic modulation device.

Now the creature, had appeared to take more solid form. While holding the struggling, Abigail who had about 80 pounds on her petite friend Ester. The creature with almost a toxic coloration of the deepest green. Elements of neon almost. As it opened it's mouth saliva pouring from it's 3 foot wide mouth. Eyes driven by tentacle optic nerve extensions; pushing out from it's dense skull. Looking at Ester with it's soul less, dark as space eyes. A tinge of a smile appeared on it's face and it seemed to enjoy it's superiority over it's prey. As it's teeth cut through Abigail's shrieking, flailing, body like a hot knife through butter. Then, without missing a beat. Threw the rest of her at the immobilized Ester. Knocking her to the ground. The creature standing at it's menacing 15 foot tall frame loomed over her. Blood of her friend dripping from it's mouth. Spoke in clear English. "She was good." Ester shaking violently tears from eyes. Snot pouring like an opened valve from her nose.

Cries, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The creature says: "You, I need experiment material." "Your species will suffice nicely for my work, plus I was hungry." Ester: "OH GOD, WHY!?!?" The Creature: "Wickedly laughs, We are your God. We created you and this planet just for the time we could call on your DNA for our purposes." Ester: "WHAT!?!?" The Creature: "Incompetent women" The creature then snags her up with one hand. With the other pulls; out a small, but very complicated looking device. Tosses it in a clear section free from trees. A controlled archway forms in which he tosses her into. Walks up, enters a sequences with fingers that manifested as a result of a metamorphosis in the creatures DNA from consuming ours. Looking back in the direction that the unsuspecting John. Will be taking before he even knows it himself. Eyes changing to an almost white with iris, and pupil's for the meal.

John during this time. Knew something was up because he had gotten off of work and seen that Ester hadn't been back. Everyday for years no matter what was happening. She was always back when he got off of work. So he went to the meeting point briefly mentioned in her excited ramblings. He had heard to stay away from this place. Lake of Fire, many people had gone missing and nothing found like usual in the swamps bogs. No personal effects or nothing. So John heads out to this location. Somehow he couldn't believe his good luck! As he was able to follow the two sets of foot prints heading out toward "Lake of Fire". He got to the spot where the gator was half-eaten mortified but terrified for his fiance. Pressed on, then shortly there after found the location all this horror took place. Finding Abigail's blood on the spot with the huge foot prints, left behind by the creature. John's face went pale white. Drudging up the memories of horror stories. He attributed to nothing more the wild speculation and boredom about this place. As he stood there the creature despite it's massive size and weight. Strolled right up behind him. Inhales deeply and says: "You were with the women I just sent back to my lab." John, holding onto his rifle spun around slowly. As every word the creature said, sent shivers into the molecules comprising him. Shouldered and fired. The creature didn't even flinch. Nor did the bullet even phase it.

The Creature roared, then laughed and said: "Your technology is as pathetic and feeble as your existence on this earth we created to house you. Now, my species needs your DNA. It is time for you to serve your purpose." John shoots until the lever action rifle holds no more rounds. The creature calmly walks to the left of John. Pulls out the same device in puts a sequence of buttons or numbers. Then tosses the device to the right of John. He starts to run. But with one swift lunge, the creature catches up and cuts off Johns retreat only to back hand him into the portal to his dimension not so hard as to kill. Firm enough to send John flying in tact. To a reality that would make hell seem like home...


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Reece A Kohn

I'd rather let my work speak for me.

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