Just Another Ghost Story

by Daphne Fava about a year ago in paranormal

A True Story for the Believers Out There

Just Another Ghost Story

There is quite a large percentage of the world's population who don’t believe in the super natural. Ghosts, demons, spirits, these are fictional to that percentage. Things you only see in movies or hear in campfire stories. To the rest of the world, to the believers, ghosts and paranormal activity are a complete reality. I grew up with a mother who ensured that I spent my childhood believing in fairies and magic, so as a child, ghost stories seemed normal to me. As I began to grow older, I no longer only believed the stories I heard from my mom due to my crazy imagination and beliefs, but because I myself started to experience paranormal activity in front of my very own eyes.

This story takes me back to when I was around the age of 8 or 9, my first very own paranormal experience. I was living with my mom and my older sister Destiny in a one bedroom apartment located in London, ON. Due to financial reasonings, my sister and I shared a room majority of the time through out our child hood, and my mom would sleep in the living room. Since I became so accustomed to sharing a space, sleeping alone became a struggle of mine for quite some time. One night, my sister Destiny had arranged to go on a sleepover at her friend Kiana’s house. Since I knew she would be gone all night, I had asked my mom if she could sleep in bed with me that night. Of course, without hesitation she agreed. As it became later and later it was finally time to go to sleep, so off to the room we went. My bed was a twin size mattress located in the left hand corner of my room, my sister's was in the opposite corner on the right hand side. I felt most comfortable sleeping against the wall, with my mother on the outside, this felt the safest. My mother and I got into bed, turned off the bedroom light, and shut the bedroom door almost fully but not quite all the way. After I fell asleep, I woke up suddenly, to then see the bedroom door open slightly and then close back shut. I noticed because the light in the hallway was left on, so as the door opened, a gleam of light shined directly in my face and then my room slowly faded back to black as the door closed softly. Seeing this frightened me, so to calm myself down, I did my very best to not let my imagination get the best of me. As I stayed in bed with my eyes shut tightly, I tried to think of every possible reasoning as to how the door opened and closed by itself. The first initial thought I had was that it could have been my sister and her friend, but I quickly remembered they were sleeping at Kianas, so my next thought was maybe my hamster escaped from his cage, or my bearded dragon, but I realized how impossible it would be for something so small to open and close a door. After thinking so hard, I fell back asleep. A couple hours must have gone by, and suddenly I found myself woken up abruptly. My blanket was half off of my body, and my face was inches away from the wall. I felt a strong presence of fear and coldness surrounding my entire body. For an unknown reason, I was frozen in fear, unable to speak or move or open my eyes. I could still feel my mother lying down beside me, so after what felt like eternity, I gathered the courage to ask my mother to put the blanket back on me. Next thing I felt was the warmth and safety from the blanket being pulled over my frozen body, followed by a hug, I then fell back asleep. The next morning, I went to the living room and brought to my mothers attention that I had experienced something strange that night, to see if she maybe experienced anything herself. I began to explain what had occurred. My mother’s face went from interested to concerned and scared within a matter of seconds. Noticing her reaction, I questioned her facial expression. She began to tell me her experience that night, she also woke up to witness the bedroom door open and close slowly. After seeing this occur, she felt a great amount of fear and could not manage to fall back asleep. She then went to the living room, called a friend, and spent the entire night with every light on in the house besides my bedroom, talking on the phone. This is when I came to the realization, that although my mother left the room that night, I was not alone. Somebody had pulled the blanket up over my body, and gave me a chilling hug that night. Every door and window in my apartment was locked. To this day, we will never know if that spirit who hugged me was a good or bad presence, but every now and then it brings chills up my spine and I will always wonder who I shared the bed with that night.

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