Japanese Ghosts and Legends

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Part One

Japanese Ghosts and Legends

Kashima Reiko

Kashima Reiko was a woman who lived in Hokkaido, Japan. She was out late one night when she was attacked by a group of men who beat her and left her for dead. After no one heard Kashima's cry for help, she tried to crawl to safety until she collapsed on a train track and was cut in two by a passing train. Her body was severed at the waist.

Ever since her death, Kashima wanders the world in search of her missing lower half. She often appears in school toilets, but may sometimes appear in the bathroom of a private home during the night time.

Kashima will ask anyone who enters the bathroom a question, and if you answer wrong, she will kill you.

One question she may ask is: "Where are my legs?" and the correct answer would be "on the Meishin expressway." When she then asks, "Who told you that?" respond with: "Kashima Reiko told me that."

Sometimes Kashima will ask a trick question: "Do you know my name?" The correct answer is not Kashima. Instead, respond with: "Mask Death Demon"—as Ka-Shi-Ma stands for Kamen (mask), Shinin (dead person), and Ma (demon).

It is said that once you have heard her story, she will appear to you within the month.


Okamuro is a Japanese ghost who a week after you hear his name supposedly appears outside of your house. Nobody knows what Okamuro looks like, since nobody who has seen him has ever survived.

A week after you hear Okamuro's name, he will appear outside your room and begin to pound on the doors and windows. Nobody else can hear the knocking, except for the victim. The only way to survive is to not look at him—so when Okamuro appears, close your eyes tightly and chant his name repeatedly until he goes away. He may disappear within minutes, but sometimes, it takes hours. Those who do not do this will have their head cut off by the spirit.

If you survive the visit, Okamuro will not appear to you again.


Tomino is a Japanese legend about a poem that will kill anyone who recites it out loud. The poem, named "Tomino's Hell," will cause disaster to strike the lives of anyone who will read this poem. It can cause illness or the reader to harm themselves, or even worse, it could potentially cause death.

The poem is extremely disturbing, starting with: "Elder sister vomits blood / younger sister’s breathing fire / while sweet little Tomino / just spits up the jewels," and then goes on to describe Tomino going to hell. It may be safe to read the English translations out loud, since many are not completely accurate, however, many would agree that it is not worth the risk.

The full poem can be found online.

Fall-and-Die Village

This legend is about a dream that many Japanese people have claimed to experience. The dream begins in a rural village where the sun is setting and dead bodies are scattered all across the ground.

After some time, a group of girls dressed in kimonos will approach you, and explain that you are in the village where if you fall, you die. Following the explanation, one of the girls trips over a corpse, as if to demonstrate, and dies.

Then it's your turn. Some say that the remaining girls will chase you until you wake up, and others say the girls will give you stilts to walk on, or use other strategies to try and make you fall over.

So far, no one has reported falling. It is said that people who die in their sleep are all people who have experienced this dream, but unfortunately could not stay on their feet.

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