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Isolating with a Ghost

A story much scarier than Covid

I have been isolating at my sisters house for seven days now - until I know that my covid test has come back negative, and I am almost certain that I am living with a ghost.

The first couple of nights held no indication. There were no strange noises , and I had settled in quite nicely to her cute "cottage style"

abode. I had made myself all to at home when the first strange thing occurred. I had gone into one of the two bedrooms to grab a towel so I could take a bath.

As I grabbed the towel and returned to the main kitchen/ living room area, I noticed the bathroom door was now closed. I was almost certain that it hadn't been before .

"My mind is playing tricks I suppose" I told myself, shrugged, and started running the bath.

A few nights later on, I was in the kitchen baking some salmon. I was scooting around the kitchen , making a little arugula salad with some homemade dressing as a side, when I felt a change in the atmosphere. I turned to find the pantry light was on. "That's kind of strange...I have never gone into the pantry."

At this point, as much as I could hear the accusations of too much wine, I decided to ask my sister and see if maybe there was something she was not telling me.

"I think there is a ghost in your house" I sent her a text as I sat in the kitchen, sipping my coffee. "Really? Hmmm, what makes you think that .?" She replied, already suspicious. "Well,..." I began to recount the subtle but strange events to her. Once I was finished telling her my spooky stories she gave me some advice / observation.

"Have you ever tried talking with the ghost ? Maybe you just need to get to know them, they were there before you after all." This is the point where I thought, "So, is there a ghost ? Is my sister screwing with me ...?" I left the conversation more confused than ever.

Two nights more passed. I was started to think I'd imagined the entire situation at this point when another strange occurrence happened.

The first incident was once again, in the kitchen (I think the ghost liked to laugh at my feeble attempts at cooking when I thought I was alone and free of judgement ). The entire home had wooden floors, and a basement below. My sister had set the basement so that there was an automatic timer for the light to turn on on the stairs as you walked down. That particular night , I looked between the floor boards and noticed the light peering through even though I had not gone anywhere near the stairs. "It must be that the timer is sensitive " I thought. A few hours later, I dozed off in bed reading a book.

That's when I woke to a large "crash!!!" in the living room. What the heck...I thought. "Hello?!" I called out, the one thing you probably SHOULDN'T do if there's a robber. No answer.... I tiptoed into the living room, and an entire , giant, floor plant had tipped completely over. This was the last straw, I needed to reason with this ghost. I thought for a moment, and decided that yelling at it may further upset the ghost, so instead, I got out a pen and paper and wrote it a note . "Ghost, please stop scaring me. I am already on edge due to worrying I may have Covid, as well as still not knowing the election results. I know this is not ideal for either of us having to "isolate" but - we are all in this together right?" - April.

The next morning I woke and the note I had left was no where to be seen. Ok, this is PROOF there is a ghost. But where did the note go? I started my morning routine and made some coffee. I then opened the compost bin to dump the grinds from the filter, and low and behold, there was my note.

Just then, my cell rang . It was the local health department. " April? " "yes , this is she.." " I am just calling to let you know that you have come up negative for covid." "Oh that's such great news! The house I'm staying in is haunted." I replied "what?!" The health care worker on the other end replied. Okay, now she's making notes saying I am crazy - I thought. "Nothing...never mind." I hung up the phone and excitedly began packing, when it got down to the last sock, I bid my company a due. "Ok friend, you win.!! I know you were just worried I would give you covid, but I don't know if you heard - I'm all clear !!!" Just then the front door creaked open.

Both myself, and the ghost, were finally free.

April Anne Coral
April Anne Coral
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