Is the World Ever Safe? (Part 1)

by Megan Cheung 2 years ago in monster

Will she ever be safe?

Is the World Ever Safe? (Part 1)

Running through the forest making her way to the clearing that is only inches away. Heart racing, lungs short of breath, she whipped her head back to see if he was still following. Nothing, she started to slow down to a brisk walk, still worried about him hearing her. She stops to catching her breath so then she can be ready to run through the clearing.

Bang! She sprinted, not able to catch her breath. The clearing was the worst place to be right now. She got to the middle of the clearing and looked back. There he was, standing there with the gun by his side. He started raising the gun to aim at her.

Bang, bang, bang! I shot up in cold sweat in her bed. My mother banging on the door to make sure that I was up for school. As I was looking over to the night stand to see the time. 7:10. Getting out of bed, grouchy not wanting to go to school, I stood in front of my closet contemplating what to wear. I was confused about the dream. Who was chasing me? Why did they want to kill me? What were they doing in the forest?

After getting ready for school, I finally went downstairs to get a breakfast bar on the go.

Honk, honk. Kylie, my best friend, was picking me up for school. Rushing out the door, I kisses my mom bye on the cheek.

"I just had the weirdest dream last night," I told her, as I closed the door so that we can both can go to school. Kylie looked at me with the strangest look as we drove off.

20 minutes later, Kylie parked her car, in the school parking lot, and looked at with her mouth wide open in "ah."

"What in the hell!" screamed Kylie, walking our way to the front doors of the school. "What do you think it means?"

"I don't know! It's a mystery to me too," I replied.

Right when I grabbed my last book and closed the locker, I looked up. There he was. The strange man that was in my dream. Freaking out, I rushed to find Kylie, but couldn't find her. Stressing out more, questions started rushing through my brain. Does he have the gun now? How did he know I went to school here? Is he in any of my classes? Oh god I hope not! I thought. Sitting down in my first class in the back row, head down on at my phone before class started.

First bell rang and we all took our seats. I looked up from my phone and there he was.

"Crap!" I yelled. All eyes on me, panicking, I have to come up with something!

"Uh... uh... I have to grab this." Raising my phone in the air like I had an important phone call.

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Megan Cheung
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