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It was a normal Friday night, the parents were up, and the kids were tucked into bed, all asleep. Well, except for me. I was tossing, and turning trying to get the terrible feeling in my gut to go away. I finally convinced myself it was nothing, and went to sleep. Later in the night, I woke up to shouting coming from downstairs. I slowly climbed out of bed, not making a single sound.

As I climbed out of bed, I felt a cold, fresh breeze brush against my shoulder. Noticing my window is open, I go to close it, and at the same time I look outside to see a strange car parked in front of the driveway. I think for a moment, asking myself, who could that possibly be. But I stop as I hear more shouting downstairs. I decide to find out whats going on downstairs, so I open my door, and head down.

I’m halfway down the stairs when I hear my mom say, “There’s a man in our garage”.

I immediately get goosebumps and start asking myself a lot of questions. Like, is he dangerous, should we call the police, or do we confront him? Not even acknowledging my parents, I run to the window that views the garage, I see that the garage open with the light switched on. I slightly open the window, just to hear the sound of rustling coming from the garage. I turn to my parents, asking what to do.

They tell me “I’m sure he’s gonna leave after he steals some screwdrivers.” I turn to the window, realizing the garage is now closed. I start to panic, not knowing where this person is. Then all of a sudden the downstairs doorbell is rung. My hands begin to shake, telling my parents to stay, and not open the door. Thinking of all the possible things that can happen at this time, I feel my eyes watering.

I tell my parents not to go one last time, but they insist to go check what the person wants. As they are leaving to open the back door I quickly run to the kitchen table, and grab the phone, in case of an emergency. I run back to the window realizing I have a full view of the person. As I take a close look, I realize its a man. I look at him from head to toe, but my eyes are glued to his hands. At first, I wasn't sure, but when I looked closely I then realized, there was a gun in his hand.

I’m about to scream, to warn my parents, but it's too late. The back door is open, and the monster is inside. Instantly I sprint upstairs, waking up my siblings, and telling them to hide deep in the closet not daring to make a sound. I then run to the front door unlocking it, making sure the police have full access. As I’m dialing 911, I hide behind the staircase near the entrance, hoping he won't find me.

As I’m explaining whats happening I hear bloody screams coming from downstairs. Not even daring to think about what has happened down there. I’m trembling in fear telling the dispatcher to send help faster. The hot, salty tears are coming down my face, when they suddenly stop. I hold my breath as I hear loud thumps coming up the stairs. I could smell the fresh blood, and hear him playing with his gun.

The footsteps were getting close, as I was waiting for him to find me. I just hoped he didn't walk up another set of stairs.

Finally, the thumps stopped, but I still didn't move. In my head I’m convincing myself that the police are going to come, and save the day. But in reality, I don't know when they’re coming. Anything can happen in a short amount of time. I’m about to take a peak at the front door, when all of a sudden the floor beneath me squeaks. I swore under my breath, hoping he didn't hear. But all of a sudden a hand grabs me and pulls me into the main entrance.

The phone falls out of my hand, and falls to the ground. My eyes are closed, not daring to open. But they suddenly open when a raspy voice demands me to. I am now facing to face with a monster.

As he's restocking his gun with bullets, I hear sirens in the distance. I immediately gain confidence, from just hearing that help is on the way. I make a little plan, and decide to go with it. With the gun not pointed at me, I decide to make a run to the door. As I’m halfway to the door, a shot is fired at me, it misses and hits the window, shattering it. Glass falls to the floor, as little shards make cuts in my feet.

As I succeed in opening the door, I run into a police officer. Thinking I’m safe, a second shot is fired, and then another. My body becomes weak, as I feel unbearable pain in my stomach. I fall to the ground, lying on my back. I decide to peak, and all I see is my white nightgown, filling with fresh red blood.

In the distance, I hear the man in pain, since the officer shot him in the leg. Right now I don't care what the officer is saying, all I care about is that monster being locked up far, far away.

I watch him get handcuffed, and dragged into the police car. But I will never forget the emotionless look he gave me. The officers bring out my siblings, and all I could see was fear in their eyes. Next, they bring out my parents. I don't dare to look at their lifeless bodies. My vision starts to blur as I’m being transported to an ambulance. The only thing I’m thinking about is whether I’ll survive or not. As I’m thinking about all the happy things in my life, I feel my eyes close, entering the complete darkness.


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